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Portraits de Chef at The French institute, Edinburgh. Until 15 Mar. Six oi the finest chefs from Burgundy— Franee‘s most famous gastronomic province - are presenting eighteen of their most exquisite dishes at the French Institute. Embeurrée d'escargots, Foie gras de canard aux lentilles and an exceptional Crepe parmentiere au saumon et au caviar are just some of the dishes you will have a chance to feast on. But this is only a least tor the eyes: all the dishes are behind glass, the work of French photographer and epicure Jean-Marc Tingaud.

The photographs are presented in six groups, in each case a black and white portrait of one of the chefs presides over still-lites oi the three dishes he has created. Splendid in their kitchen whites, they look you squarely in the eye, vividly framed by a border of colour photographs, which hint at a regional or an historical context.

The still-lites are bold, colourful and humorous, and it is the setting at the dish as much as the decorative qualities of the food which makes the picture. Jean-Michel Lorain’s ‘Gaspacho de Iangoustlnes a la creme de courgettes’, for example, is set on a bed of startlingly red tomatoes. In other pictures, utensils, a heavy bread board


l ora roll of silverioil complete the picture.

The underlying theme of the exhibition and the subject of a debate held on the opening night is a challenge can gastronomy be regarded as a tine art? It is curious to suggest that it cannot- food has traditionally been the subject of works by most artists, from the heaving banquets of 18th century artists to the square fruits of cubists and Warhol’s Campbell’s soup cans.

ButTingaud does not depict food so much as celebrate the creation of a dish - inevitably a French one -which is both delectable and pleasing to the eye. His approach might be described as near-religious, certainly it is I celebrating the kind of cuisine that you admire, ratherthan one which is familiar or evocative. The pictures do not particularly appeal to the taste-buds not at least to my taste buds because you can only begin to imagine what they might taste like but, yes, they do very much appeal to the eye. Perhaps Tlngaud should be commissioned to photograph some British haute cuisine stovies and haggis could only prolit from the experience. (Miranda France)

Turn to the Food page for a closer look at the question of gastronomy as art.

lilam-5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now home to archive material on education in Scotland from 1872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of Victorian. Edwardian. Second World War and 1960s schooldays.

The Wind Across the Andes L'ntil 7 Apr. An exhibition ofceramics. textiles.

photographs. slides and jewellery from Andean cultures. Those cultures represented include the Incas and Nazcas as well as the little-known Mapuche people who were never defeated by the Incas or the Spaniards and whose dwindling numbers still live in Chile.

I SPRINGBURN MUSEUM Ayr Street. 557 1405. Mon—Fri lll.3()am—5pm; Sat

I mam—4.30pm: Sun 2—5pm.

I Winner of the 1989 Award for Social and

' Industrial History and described as the first real community museum in Britain. Through the Eyes of Culture Until 4 Mar. A debut exhibition for Kevin McMillan and George Wright. both of whom seek to redress the balance of Culture year by looking at the other side of Glasgow.the side that has always been there. Springburn 2000 Throughout Feb. Local residents and artists join forces to give artistic expression to their hopes for the Springburn of the future,

I STREET LEVEL 279—281 High Street. 552 2151. Wed—Sat 11am—6pm; Sun 2—4pm. Ray Moore: The Last Ten Years Until 3 Mar. I A retrospective exhibition ofthis internationallyadmiredlandscape photographer who was instrumental in getting photography recognised as a suitable subject for inclusion in Fine Art courses. Much of this work is being shown for the first time.

I THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchichall Street. 332 7521.Tue-<Sat “lam—5.30pm; Sun 2—5.3l)pm.

At the forefront of new art in Britain. Roberts and Wood create installations which. through their lack ofirony, encourage ‘an accumulation ofmeanings and associations‘.

Attitude Until 24 Mar. Bold and colourful works. created by Project Ability. which challenge our attitudes towards disability.

552 4813. Mon—Sat noon—6pm. Silence Exile Cunning: New Work by Alan Johnston 25 Feb—23 Mar.

I WASPS 26 King Street. 5520564. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm: Sat 1(l.3()am-5pm.

A shop. exhibition space and resource centre. with information on work by all WASI’S artists, slide library and detailsof how to commission work.

No exhibitions until March.

I WILLIAM HARDIE LTD 141 West Regent Street. 221 6781). Mon—Fri 1(1am—5pm. George Leslie Hunter: Watercolours and Drawings Until 1 Mar.


I THE ASH GALLERY 156 Canongate. 556 2161). Mon—Sat 10am-6pm. ...Ali Wealth Alchemy Until 28 Feb. Subtitled‘. . . l have found somethinglike a heart. but colours it and cornershad'. Love and poetry abound in these mixed media works by Brigid Collins, Melanie Williams. Emily Grant. Diane Lumley and Carol Robertson. I BARNES & FITZGERALD 47b George Street.22()1305.Mon—Sat 1(1.3(lam~5.3()pm. Contemporary glass gaHery. Siddy Langley: Birthday Exhibition Until 23 Feb. A birthday hash of Siddy‘s latest work. Contemporary British Studio Glass 24 Feb—7 Mar. I LA BELLE ANGELE Hasties Close. Cowgate (next to 369 Gallery), 225 2774. Tue—Sat 8am—5pm. Cafe now open during gallery hours. Mixed works on show in February. I CANONGATE TOLBOOTH Royal Mile. 225 2424. Mon—Sat lOam—6pm. The People’s Story The museum relates the story ofthe people of Edinburgh, told in their own words and through photographs and re-created tableaux. I CENTRAL LIBRARY George IV Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—Fri 9am—8pm; Sat 9am—1pm. 100 Years of Women in Medicine, in Edinburgh Until 9 Mar. Capital Environment Until 28 Feb. A photographic display in the Edinburgh Room. 20th Century Scottish Dramatists 4 Mar—27

Apr. I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 166 High Street.

2201260. Wed—Sat 12.30—5.3l)pm;Sun


Perry Roberts and Craig Wood Until 24 Mar

58 The List 22 February ~ 7 March 1991