post-Bunuel caper in the best Blier (fils) style. which should be eagerly sought out by those who know him only forthe arthouse smash Trop Belle Pour Toi. Glasgow: GFT. I Cat People ( 18) (Paul Schrader. US. 1982) Nastassja Kinski. Malcolm McDowell. John Heard. 118 mins. Visceral. obsessive and occasionally rather stylish remake of the Val Lewton classic. with Kinski and McDowell brother and sister from an ancient caste whoturn into felines when sexually aroused. Edinburgh: Cameo. I C'Esl La Vie ( 12) (Diane Kurys. France. 1990) Nathalie Baye. Richard Berry. Zabou. Vincent Lindon. Julie Bataille. Candice LeFranc. 100 mins. Kurys‘latest movie is another instalment in her serialised semi-autobiography. which also includes Diabolu Menthe and ( 'oup [)e Foudre. Set in the summer of 1958 at the holiday resort of La Baule-les-Pins. the story explores the effects on two children (Bataille 13 and LeFranc - 6) oftheir parents' deteriorating relationship. Sensitive. sometimes harrowing. but not without humour. this is a stirring and affecting movie. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Cinema Paradiso (PG) (Giuseppe Tornatore. Italy/France. 1988) Phillipe Noiret. Jacques Perrin. Salvatore Cascio. 123 mins. Tornatore‘s vision of his movie-mad childhood is a wonderful love letter to the cinema itself. Told largely in flashback. it traces the young Salvatore's infatuation with his village cinema. and his growing friendship with its projectionist (played to perfection by Noiret ). Essentially. it‘s Tornatore's lament forthe joyous movie-going experience ofhis youth and a recognition of the price we pay for our maturity. 1990 Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film. Strathclyde: Haldane Film Society. I Cold Justice ( 15) (Terry Green. US. 1990) Dennis Waterman. Roger Daltrey. Ron Dean. Ralph Foddy. Bridget O‘Connell. 106 mins. An English priest (Waterman) arrives in Chicago and immediately becomes the centre of friendly attention for the local lowlife community. which includes retired prizefighter Keith the Thief([)altrey) and pregnant teenager Debbie (O‘Connell). But when their lives begin to go awry. suspicion falls on the newcomer. Based on a true story. and written by director Green. this an absorbing. ifsomewhat melodramatic. character drama. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. I Coming Attractions (PG) (Jenni Olson. US. 1990) Those who enjoyed Heavy Petting should get a kick out ofthis compilation of enjoyably silly film trailers and promos. All centring on a gay theme. they include such classics as The Killing ()f Sister George. Can't Stop The Music and Boys In The Band. Fifth Lesbian And Gay Film Festival On Tour. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Crimes and Misdemeanours (15) (Woody Allen. US. 1989) Martin Landau. Anjelica Huston. Woody Allen. Alan Alda. 104 mins. Two stories are interwoven in this accomplished Allen offering which effortlessly blends the Big Questions side of his art with the one-line wit we‘ve taken for granted from him. In the first strand. opthalmologist Martin Landau has a hit man bump offhis unsettled mistress lest she alert his wife of their affair. while the second thread has worthy documentary filmmaker Allen clashing with smug media tycoon Alda. The two narratives work towards a wise affirmation of life's impenetrable moral complexities. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre. I Criminal Law (18) (Martin Campbell. US. 1989) Gary Oldman. Kevin Bacon. Karen Young. Joe Don Baker. Tess Harper. 118 mins. ()ldman’s lawyerfaccs a dilemma when he discovers that the sickenineg wealthy client (Baker) he‘s just got acquitted of rape and murder isin


Fear (18) (Rockne S. O'Bannon, 1990. US) Ally Sheedy, Lauren Hutton, Michael O’Keefe. 95 mins. The main problem with Fear is its lack of a sense of humour, though it also fails to score with a plot which treads water on the murder and suspense angles while allowing Ally Sheedy’s heroine to fall in love with a fireman (O'Keefe) and talk a lot to her literary agent (Hutton). What we’re asked to believe is that she has such strong psychic powers that she can detect the activities of various murderers and thus provide clues for the police to capture them. Strangely, the detail with which she's able to do this is presented with a straight face and absolutely no indication of the difficulties of plugging into the murder wave band in a city (Los Angeles) where the telepathic frequencies must be very pushed for space.

The film begins back in 1985 when Sheedy manages a psychic intercept

which leads to a killer being caught at

' ,3. 's"

the scene of the crime. That success allows herto establish herself as a writer, but fouryears later she’s got big problems when LA’s latest serial killer proves to be a psychic broadcaster too. Not only can he block out her murder detection system, but he can also transmit his voice messages into her head.

lnevitably, in the usual crazy fashion, he falls in love with her, kills her agent and proves very difficult to track down - that is until he does his laundry. The movie drags on like a tumble dryer with lots of deep-voiced threats (‘Stay awake, stay awake, fear me!’) and words painted in blood on walls, but it never shakes off the fundamental fact that it should have been played for laughs- or not at all. (Tom Tunney)

From Fr18 Mar. Edinburgh: UCl.

fact guilty. Campbell. who directed [gage ()f1)arkness (also starring Baker) forthe BBC. maintains the tension throughout. though despite some first rate acting the intended analysis of greed and justice is somewhat simplistic. Glasgow: GFT.

I Cyrano De Bergerac (U) (Jean-Paul Rappeneau. France. 1990) Gerard Depardieu. Jacques Weber. Anne Brochet. Vincent Perez. 135 mins. The most-tipped movie for the European Film Awards. Rappeneau‘s stirring. poetic adaptation of Rostand‘s romantic tragi-comcdy came out with a disappointing single Felix for Ezio Frigerio and Franca Squarciapino‘s production design. Nonetheless. Depardieu is superb as the large-nosed hero. and the film'sdramaticand cinematic qualities are outstanding. Glasgow: Salon. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Dances With Wolves ( 12) (Kevin Costner. US. 1990) Kevin Costner. Mary McDonnell. Graham Greene. Rodney Grant. 179 mins. Costner's debutas director and co-producer. in which he also stars. has already been widely praised for its liberal depiction of Red Indian culture in the 1860s. and is shaping up well fora handful of Oscars. with no less than twelve nominations. Set during a period of

outright war between pioneer Yankees and Sioux Indians. it offers a sensitive and intense analysis of both factions. and ofa man caught between two different forms of decency. See feature. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. UCl. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank. UCl East Kilbride.

I DarkAngel ( 18) (Craig Baxley. US. 1990) Dolph Lundgren. Brian Benben. Betsy Brantley. 92 mins. Dolph stars as all-action Houston cop Jack Caine on the trail of drug pushers from space who remove their enemies by use of killer compact discs. doutless featuring K-tel's tribute to Sydney Devine. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

I Diabolo Menthe Peppermint Soda ( 15) (Diane Kurys. France. 1977) Eleonore Klarwein. ()dile Michel. Anouk Ferjac. 101 mins. Beautifully performed and highly unsentimental autobiographical look at the experiences of two teenage sisters growing up in the social and political turmoil of the 1960s. Kurys' superb debut feature is a textbook demonstration in bringing life to an overworked genre. Glasgow: French Cine Club.

I Die Hard 2:018 Harder( 18)(Renny Harlin. US. 1990) Bruce Willis. Bonnie

Bedelia. William Atherton. 122 mins. Detective John MeClane (Bruce Willis) is spending Christmas in Washington. but as he waits at the airport for his wife's flight to get in the whole place is taken overby terrorists. Needless to say action man Bruce jumps in there to sort them out. but he‘d better be quick because the baddies are refusing to let his missus‘s plane land. Usual patterned sequel that‘s like the original. only more so with much moolah spent on the explosions and superhero Willis battling a screenplay oftowering mediocrity. Edinburgh University Film Society.

I Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World ( U) (Walter Shenson. UK. 1973) Jim Dale. Spike Milligan. Angela Douglas. 88min. Regularly wheeled out to keep the kids quiet at Christmas. this concerns an Old English Sheepdog who accidentally eats a super-fertiliser designed to grow extra large vegetables. Instead of dying a horrible death. like Alice he grows and grows. leading to all sorts of adventures. Pleasant. old-fashioned family entertainment. though how much interest it holds for today’s turtle-fixated youth is questionable. Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride.

I Dragon Forever ( 15) (Sammo 1 lung. Hong Kong. 1988) Jackie Chan. Denise 1p. Sammo Hung. Pauline Yeung. 95 mins. The season of 1 long Kong movies continues with another adventure starring Chan. this time as a lawyer unwittingly representing the Mafia against a hard-nosed businesswoman. After all his attempts have failed. he meetsthe beautiful key defence witness (Yeung). and is caught up in a struggle for both justice and true love. Ain‘t that cute? Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp (U) (Bob Halchcock. US. 1990) With the voices of Alan Young. Terence McGovern. Russi Taylor. Christopher Lloyd. 90mins. The first release on Disney's ‘Movietoons' subsidiary is a feature-length development ofthe

Duck Tales cartoon series seen on US television. It stars Scrooge McDuck. who. with his nephews Huey. Dewey and Louie. foils the evil Merlock and gains the long-lost booty of Collie Baba. One for the kiddies. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCl. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. UCl Clydebank. UCl East Kilbride

I Easy Money ( 15) (Kee-Yin Sin. Hong Kong. 1987) George Lam. Kent Cheng. Michelle Khan. 98 mins. Last ofthe Hong Kong movies season stars George Lam as Lam. an insurance company rep who has to collaborate with the police (led by Cheng as the Senior Inspector) after Khan‘s slickly mounted heist in a traffic jam relieves the Royal Hong KongJockey Club ofseveral billion dollars. Light. frothy and slightly familiar comedy action fare for those who have followed the series. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Exorcist (18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. 110mins. Earnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little obsessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. Edinburgh: UCl. Strathclyde10deon Ayr.

I Exorcist 3 ( 18) (William Peter Blatly. US. 1990) George C. Scott. Jason Miller. Brad Dourif. 110 mins. The ‘official' sequel to the first film. written and directed by its screenwriter. isa superfluous and disappointing effort with nothing new to offer and far too much long-winded dialogue. The events are discussed rather than shown forth. and as a result the terror factor is pretty least until the climactic exorcism itself. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Fatal Attraction ( 18) (Adrian Lyne. US. 1987) Glenn Close. Michael Douglas. Anne Archer. 119 mins. Happily married

20 The List 8—21 March 1991