I Cabaret Voltaire: What Is Real (Les Disques Du Crepuscule) While last year‘s heavily Chicago-influenced Groovy. Laidback and Nasty album showed the - Cabs charting new territories. What Is Realis the sound of water being trod. Worse still. it‘sone ofthe most influential electronic bands of the past fifteen years is following trends rather than setting them. with what amounts to a fairly standard techno track. Disappointing.

I Meat Beat Manifesto: Version Galore (Play It Again Sam)/T he Alooi: Never Get Out The Boat (ttrr) I understand that Meat Beat‘s live shows are impressive. and this techno workout sounds like a segment ofthe soundtrack to one. Whatever action is going on is going on elsewhere. Aloofoutstay their welcome too. They sample Martin Sheen from Apocalypse No w, but halfway through he climbs overboard and leaves them to it. Got fed up of waiting for something to happen. I'd say. (AM)

I The Orchids: Penetration EP (Sarah) A slight misnomer here penetrate is precisely what this Eil’ fails to do. The Orchids continue to walk the thin line between average and not-too-bad straightforward indie pop. this time only skimming the surface oftheir potential. James llackett's voice sounds as glorioust pained as ever. but he's fighting a tide of mediocrin and he‘s not winning. Altogether now: “This is my song I! aim very hard and i! aim very long' (repeat to fade or lethargy. whichever comes first ). (VS)

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Scouse tunesmiths The La‘s

cuts sharperthan their dance-prone i don‘t bother about the papers orthe and want to put it (mos-lots and an neighbours The Farm ever could. 5 business shite. Some of the lads went that, we just keep it Simple James |

The La's formed in 1987. Their ; away for a month or two to get that , Browm Chuck Berry and us _ we like now record-fair standard first demo 2 crap out of ‘em. They've come back . it straightforward, We don‘t rate I landed them a quick deal with Go! I now and we‘re all fresh as fuck. Tight i nothing that's in thc charts nowadays Discs. who perhaps knew a good a as fuck as well. We‘re boss! The anyway] 2 thing whenthey hearditor perhaps. j single‘s doing shit-all. but we‘re _ Best'Ncw Band nomination in the i as Pete now suspects ‘just looking for : alright. la . . . We‘re doing this tour. Brits Awards. (30m album Named 1 a new Housemartins‘. Whatever. then recording with this guy who did : as ~hcst of 1990' he Mark E. smith : C0m61990tThe La‘s had only two SW” for Tim Wh0~ “kc- HC‘5 and Shaun Ryder’. Imminent tours of l snappy but unsuccessful singles to t supposed to be recording us. Sound. Europe and the states, [an Bettie : their name. Phrases like ‘missed the : It‘s sound.‘ looks. Has {amc Changed vour life at . boat' followed the foursome around It should be _ the clever money‘s a“? '

. . _ I . t g I ' _ t t I Womack and Womacir:

until. With the hype laden arrival of on you as the New Beatles— or was ‘Yeah My wife 5 pregnant. l Upmwn (Mm) Cecil last year's Northern’n'Baggy that last year's news? ' Hmm In my old dictionary, 3 ‘La‘ l docm teem m ting much fixation. the MerseySlders finally ‘Naa- - -th€ "CW SIUff‘S harder than is defined as the chemical symbol for l on this. .\'o doubt he'll he took flight via the re-release of a 4 before. I wouldn't say we were like . Lanthanum‘ abbreviated Louisiana, bobbing around looking thirty-month-old song. the j The Beatles. Other 605 Liverpool or the Sixth tonic note in the major heatific as his brood plaintiver jangling ‘classic‘ (Janice i bands maybe, but not The Beatles. scale. wrong again. ]a_ ' cluster around his ankles. and a thousand Iatecomers) ‘There I‘d say we were more like The Who - i “'5' 'hi” kind 0f“ *0"th A She Goes‘. Andthen.ofcourse. that not taking from them or nothin‘. but hr'gm‘l”.‘""-‘“m° ‘shite' album that went gold . . . we just admire them more than The .1 The La's. along with (he Mil/(own nglfibcrfinfufhh “hf 0'

‘Well, we‘re past all that now, Beatles. 1 think The Beatles were f Brothers, play the Plaza Ballroom, :h: :(niiLrhglri‘l‘tm?: aren‘t we. like?‘ Pete cackles. ‘We pretty boring myself. We just play 3 Glasgow on Tue 12 andthe Network. . foddei ll eeriuinlv i: . knew we were sound all along; we music other people categorise us Edinburgh on Wed [3. | (A M) ' I .J

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