I Enjoying plenty 01 success in the States atthe moment are Jane's Addiction, despite their eclectic dress sense. Fronted by the distinctly weird Perry Farrell, they will bring their blend ot reggae-tinged heavy rock to Glasgow Barrowland on 8 March. See Music listings section, page 31.


I One date only tor

' Toronto's rappers Dream 1 Warriors, at Glasgow's Tunnel on 8 March. Great

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What a fortnight: I‘Cd F things are expected olthem ' 1 altertheirhits Wash Your noses’ St Patrick 5 Day’ ' 5 Face In My Sink, and My J06 Mange! 15 mOVlng OUta Delinition OlABoombastic ' Jazz Style. See Music and all you have to gurdc WW, me 30. you through it all 15 The List. ~ I-

I ‘I look an idiot so why don’tyou?’ asks Rowan Atkinson signalling that Comic Reliellime olyear again. They're making 10 million red noses, 3 million car noses, 75,000truck noses and 1000 building noses this time around, all 01 which can be recycled, thankiully. See Open section. page 56. Sport section, page 55, TV listings, page 64.

, I Would you buy a new i Scottish Sunday newspaper lromthis man? " i Designer-stubbledJack

; Irvine and his Sunday Scot take on the Scottish media ' establishment trom March . 5 10. He talks a good paperin ; . ; Backlist, page 71. '

~ I ‘Lislen lady, we otler

very attractive policies, low premiums. and great pension plans. . .'Selling insurance the hard way, as

demonstrated in new

horror/thriller Fear. See

Film section page 20.

I ‘Will you look atthe quality 01 those trousers. Shiny and crease-tree in the most demanding circumstances.‘ John Hurt’s garments don't let him down in Frankenstein Unbound,RogerCorman's : lun horror release. See Film section, page 18.

I ‘Scots demand the rights to continue to eat white-pudding suppers and potato scones ' suggests Kenny Ireland in Channel

, 4‘s new political thriller Ball 0n Ihe Slates. written

by Brian Elsley. See TV

' preview, page 62.

I Former Bronski Beater and Communard Jimmy Somerville returns to his

native land this month lora couple ol gigs. Jimmy will be bringing his music (and rather a lot 01 other people's

. as well) to the Glasgow

Ii Barrowland on 11 and 12

March. See Music Section, page 30.

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