iEASSICAL CONTD John Street. Tickets at door. 1.15pm. 1pm. Admission free by ticket. Pianist TU ES DAY 1 9 i £1.25. In: Apollo Saxgli‘hojnethartet,“ Philip Jenkins plays Bach/Busoni. ""0118 t c auspice-(>0 t c 0 '1 Unne Schumann and Prokofiev. 5025117. Trus“ play miles by GePSthn and Abs". I Song Recital Milngavie Town Hall. I Lunchtime come" H t ,h . H, n 2 ' l - « ' - . r. - 85 W0“ 35 the theme mUS|C Of The Milngavie. Tickets: at door. 7.30pm. £5. .‘ , _' u L ‘50" S d not sofam1|1arw1th Handel s Musrcforthe Dmu hmmmk Comma M I. . A _ . Id . I I . . JOhn Strut. Tnkcts at dmm 115me Royal Fireworks. Ravel‘s Mother Goose g ' c dmc _ rimmed (Soprano) deJUltUS £125. Peter Sievcwrigm in a solo piano Suite Love the Magician bv Falla and ' Dr?“ (piano) pcrform.songs by SChchn' Programme "f BaCh Niel‘cn and McnaClSS()hn'S WON" Co'tt‘ermi 50l0i$l macn‘ .WOlf al‘d TCha'kOVSky for Rachmaninov‘s Variations~ on a Theme of Geoffrey Allan. I Nelson Hall Coolie: MljcaorllilcéRoad Mllngavle Mu51c Club. Comm nado Or an Recital Art Galler & Public Library. 0f Cit a - We at ' . Kelvilggrove. 2.30pm. Free.y . ((1)0013 7-45PmaTgc :POHO 53x931honc larSundav afternoon informal "amt mu" 0 l c 59350" W‘ I R N Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 , , w n i somethinglUSl 3 b" diflcrcm- concert 1155. 7.30pm. Extra date: Saturday 16. I l‘jy22;;;?t7dtlré‘ E ' IAcademla Wind auintetotPrague i organised in association with Sichhudi Glasgow. £3_£15 (£3). Rachmaninov‘s d“; F‘ri 22 £356 ( g; ; gl; m“ Westbourne Church. Westbournc 3 MCNUhin‘S Live MUSlC NOW! SChcmc- The Bells with the SNO Chorus and S‘Cmiish O ' r‘a 0 ‘n 83:3?de ‘2' k Gardens. Tickets: 227 5511(Ticket soloists Helen Field. Robert Tear and p“ 5' 5 '" “'15 w“

Centre. Candleriggs). 3pm. £6 (£4.50). Music for wind quintet by Jirovec. Danzi. Focrster and Arnold.

I Concert Band at RSAMD Henry Wood Hall. Claremont Street. Tickets: 227 5511

N 13 ; Malcolm Donne”y Weber.s overture to with David Walsh's revival of Elijah I Oberon to open and Shostakovich‘s MOSh'mky 5 “flamed pr‘xmcuon 0f

, _‘ ' Puccini tear-jerker. Anne Williams-King Glasgow Symphony N0 5 m m“ Mon“ “a” sings Mimi and Rodolfo is Richard

I sec 880 City Hall, Candleriggs. 227 SATU R DAY 15 Gtcgcar-

(Ticket Centre.Candleriggs). 7.30pm. 55.11- 12~30Pm- £3 (£241) .S'rA'cxandcr £3.50 (£2). Joint forces ofRSAMD. 1 GM“ conun‘S llam'l‘o" SA“""“~ - Strathclyde University and Milngavie t vaughan w'u'amj“ Londo" Symphony I I RSNO Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 2 Young Singers in a performance ofmusic and the symphome Espag’id" by Lalot Sauchiehall Street. 332 3123. 7.30pm. I Fidel“) Playhouse Theatre Grccmidc by Grainger. Gershwin. Richard Rodney 50'0 V'Olm' Q'a“ Zhou' 53.50415 (‘3)- 500 Fri 15‘ Edinburgh. place $57 2590 7 15pm Ex;ra dale: Sat Bennett and Orff. glmcewetmpvmggfl cygfgzc%?1:cn Hal" 23. £345.30 (cone available). Beethoven‘s Ed Ac‘zlsdgfrm’ Cngafnbcztriscmbl'c gives the only opera is the second of Scottish

first performance of the 1990 McEwcn I scouts" Chaim" Clio" Old 5! Pat” 8 Opera‘s current season‘s productions to I Friends of Scottish Opera Queen‘s Hall. Commission under the direction onhc Church. Jeffrey Street. Tickets at door. . be seen in Edinburgh this week. Roderick Clerk Street. 668 2019. 3pm. £2. Learn composer Peter “mess 8pm £4 (£3~50‘)- MUSIC by Byrd and lel Brydon conducts and Leonora is sung by about life as a repititeur with Scottish . ' mClUdmg the 1'01" Pa” Ma” and 60d ’3 Gudrun Volkert with Ian Caley as Opera from Neil Metcalfe who reveals all GO"? UP- Florestan. about his ex eriences durin the I Nabucco Kin t‘s Theatre. Leven Street. production (El Puccini's La goheme. . Anemoon I“ come" Queen 5 “ant s U N 17 229 1201. 7.30ribm. Extra dates: Thurs 21. I Organ Recital Greyfriars Tolbooth and Clerk Stthtt 963 2019- 3W,"- 53-50 “‘0 G|asgow Fri 22. Sat 23. £3—£9. Edinburgh Grand Highland Church. Candlemaker Row. [feda Tno S plain'St Kathcnnc Thompson Opera perform one of Verdi‘s more rarely Tickets: at door. 4.30pm. £3 (£2). Herrick 3”“ a 50") rec'tal Of Mount Chopmt I City oi Glasgow Philharmonic OrthBSlfa seen operas. known chieflv for its (‘hortts' Bunney of St Giles‘ Cathedral plays JanaCCk 39d Gcwhwm to the _ Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 2 oft/re Hebrew Slaves, Musical director is Prelude and Fugue in Eminor— The accompammcf“ 0f aftcfnoon “33 ' 'l 5 Sauchiehall Street. 332 3123. 7.30pm. Christopher Ben and producer iSJOhn Wedge by Bach. plus works by Howells. CVC" '"CIUdCd '" lhc Pncc- £7—£ 1 4. A Little Bit ofHeaven is the name Robertson. Two alternating casts. Sung in Franck and Leighton. I Edinburgh seconds” sumo" omnesua given to this St Patrick‘s Night English. I Mostly Mozart St Andrew‘s and St and “SW” Low” sumo" wind Band celebration. which moves from the truly I Stockbridge House Youth Recital George‘s Church. George Street. Tickets: Brunton Hal" MusselPurgh- T'Ckmsfl‘“ traditional to arrangements by Leroy stuckbridgc nougc‘ (‘hct-nc street. 315 at door. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). Trio Concordia door; 7909’" M023" 5 (“Slime t9 7}“, Anderson and PCI'C)’ Graingcr- ltiSh tent" I 2236. 7.30pm. £2.50 (£1 ): Talented young in the last of this series celebrating the Mag“ Hm" and the cello C0"“”"”" by Louis Brown is soloist and lain Sutherland f musicians from Currie High School ' Mozart bicentenary play music for voice. Pkaf'cv‘ C(tnductS. I perform in aid of Stockbridge House day

piano and'clarinet/sax. IJohn Currie Singers St Bride's Church. centre ft)rthcc|dcrly_ I Meadows Chamber Orchestra Queen‘s Hyndland Road. Tickets: 227 5511 (Ticket 8 Hall.Clerk Street.6682019.7.45pm. Centre.CandlcriggS)- 7.30Pm-f7-50 D

£350 (£250) Cums! Moray welsh‘ born (£5.50/£3). Seven Last Wordsfrom Christ

in Edinburgh but now boasting an . Merchams "as" Mel-Chants “ant 7 on the Cross by Schulz and Kodaly's Missa 9

international reputation. is soloist in the W?“ GCE’TBC Sim"- T'Cl‘c“: 227 55” Brevis conducted by Christopher Bcll. I Merchants Music Merchants Hall. 7 West

specially commissioned Sequence Light (T'Ckm ('cmm' Cftttdlcttggsl- {2°45pm- I Bach at the Burrell Burrell Collection. George Street. Tickets: 227551] (Ticket

Divided by Neil Mackay. Peter Evans £250 “2)- Thc Nielsen Wind consort Pollok Park. Pollokshaws Road. Tickets (mire, Cundleriggs), 12.45pm, [2,50

conducts the orchestra. whose programme play works by Haydn' dc 0mm at door. 3pm. £4 (£3). First concert in ([2). Lunchtime masicfrom the Morlev

opens with Wagner’s Siegfried Idylland GCYthllnl. Margin. Pachclbel and Poulenc return of popular series. SIN-"g Quane, “mp/a}. (warms by '

also includes Mozart‘s Prague Symphony. m 3 “’9 3’ “nc .lmc Programmc- . - Mozartand.S‘hosrakmvich,

M 0 N D 11 l “C 330 SEW“),Onc~'3'0§‘if8$‘_‘“8 H ' "burg h I International Celebrity Recital Stevenson

House.Quccn Margaret Drtvc.Tlckets. .smphen Bishowxovacevich Owe!” Hal" RSAMD‘ 100 chfrcw Strcc1‘332

Room 209~ Br"adca§l'"g “"“SC' BBC' “an‘ Clerk Street 668 2019 7‘45pm, 5057. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£5). Divertissement Queen Marga’c‘ Dr'vc‘ 0’2 890 (Phase £5.50/£8.50 (£450.17). Piano recital to from The Wallace Collection with

I Moscow State Symphony Orchestra Cndosc Sacl 7~30Pm- F’cc- “mam” mark the 30th anniversary (“Amneng director ’trumpet John Wallace. French

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 2 Concert being recorded for lu‘urc mmrnmmnai 50m”as ct; by Mozart : brass music for eleven players from Lully

Sauchiehall Street. 332 3123. 7.30pm. br‘mdcasl‘ 5" Alexander. G‘bs‘m Cunduas Beethoven Chopin and augmk'g (),,,(,f and Charpentier to Potllenc and lbert.

£5—£25. The highly successful series of the Kare“? Sum by S'bcm‘s and 0mm- Sum: -

overseas orchestras mum“, in 1990 Rachmaninov‘s Piano Concerto No3. I Me‘mhismh Casfle school Come" l 11

{Onttnucs With a t'tstt by the MOSCQW State 5°10“ Dm'm A'Ex?“f' . , Greyfriars Tolbooth and Highland Kirk. I The Cunning Little Vixen Playhouse

Symphony celebrating the Prokofiev . Choral come" Suwm‘m ““IL (nmdlcmakcr R0“. Free 1! duo; 8pm Th .. . C . . .~ . > . . . -§' 5 -

.. . . . .- . . . .. a. ,- RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street 3325057. .. ' .‘ . ' .‘ “W “'“m'd‘ * '““~~‘~7-~‘9‘"

“mum” "h 4 PL rmmldn“ "l h'5 I “"10 . . T . Parts 2 and 3 of [he Messtah wrth soloists 7. 15pm. £3—£30 (cone available).

Concerto No l.sol0ist Derek “an. ThC all 713mm" £4 (£2)' Bald] SMM‘. m Emma, Kathleen Patrick. Elizabeth llarlev. Janacek‘s delightful storv of the Forester.

Russian programme Opens with w."th A‘f’dcmy 5"""”‘“1( “amber Graham Bruce and Peter Hall. Retiring the Vixen and her lot-er {he Fox in award

Stravinskys ,.-,-n,bI-,dand concludes with (how and Chamber Orchestra conducted common w. . S‘ .110 . I . O by George Mcphcc. . lnnlng cottls pcra produetton. nc

Edinburgh performance only.

I Nahucco King's Theatre. Leven Street. on o . . . .. ' 7 e.

_..9 1-01. 7.30pm. Extra dates. Fri 2...Sdt

Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. Pavel Koganis conductor.

I Glasgow Festival Strings Art Gallery &

Museum. Kelvingrove. 8pm. £6 (£3.50). I Lunchtime Concert Scottish National 33_ £349 Sec wed 21. Pollsth young string ensemble in Gallery of Modern Art. Belford‘Road. . Leningrad Enhance Come“ Stevenson I Edinburgh secondary schoo's o'chestm “’"Cm' T'Ckc‘s‘ a.‘ do“ l'15.Pm.‘sz-‘3(5”Pl- Hall. RSAMD. 10(1 Renfrew Street. 332 and Wind Band Central Hall. rot/cross. 229 Ed i n bu rgh Outstandtng yttung ptamst Steven 5057. 7.30pm. Admission free by ticket. A 793 7. 7. 30pm. £2 (£1 ). Excerpts from . 05mm“: Plays SChUhc" and Ravel" programme given by music students at the Phantom ofthe Opera and the adagio from I Auriol String Quartet Queen's l lall. Clerk ! . EdluPumh P'lma” selloo's Que?" S l lall‘ RSAMD prior to their exchange visit to .S‘partacus. better known as The ()nedin Street.6682019. 7.45pm.£3.50—£8.75 l C'stk51tcctr6682019- 7-30Pm- 120:” the Leningrad Conservatoire. Linelhemetune. (£2.50). The prizewinning Auriol is one of ' Sim?» "'Chcs"‘" “Font” and Pr?“ b h I George Heriot's School Concert Britain's most interesting youngquartcts 21'9",” underlhc d'rccuonufcohn Grcyfriars Tolboothand Highland Kirk. at the moment and comes to Edinburgh 0 R'mda” Play “ummdt Handel and . ECAT Contemporary Music Quccn'S } ta". (‘andlcmaker Row. Tickets: School Music under the auspices of the New Town R‘Mlcy' ' _ (‘lcrk Street 668 3019 3pm. £5 (£2). Dept orat door. 7.30pm. £1.50. ('onccrls Society to play Mozart s lllt' - snhogl concert [’5th Hal" l'mm‘m Young musicians from St Man-'5 Music Orchestral and choral music performed in Hunt. 'I'wo Pieces by (‘opland and Rf’w‘ “28 l 155'723Upm' Pup'ls fwm scrum] and Bmughmn High‘g'gpcciangt historic church by pupils from next door. , Beethoven‘s ()p 59No1. 00‘" ’6 wumm S m cnd "f term come” Music Unit join together in a unique I Scottish Early Music Consort Queen's i collaboration to perform Prokofiev‘s Peter “ant Clerk Street) (’68 2019- 745W“. I 12 and the Wolf— narrated by Arnold Brown 5618-5” («t-‘4)- MONCVCle Songs “ll-(WC i , nu, (‘mnnmk ()nwhan byJamcs and War. including [1 C'ombattimentodi , I Midday Concert Stevenson Hall. MacMillan and chamber works by “We!” 6 Clori'tda staged and sung in I LttttCM'me com" “utchwm “811.3 RSAMI). 100 chfrew Street. 332 5057. Janacck and Leighton. costume-

40 The List a —’ 2'1 nails 1991