Whisky, vodka, rum and coke, gin, er tequila, that’s one, mezcal? . . . brandy, slivovitz, schnapps, is that enough? Oh dear, it looks like the Short List writer has got the wrong end ofthe stick . . .

PEACE IN the Gulfcan't come too nipping into local residents' gardens soon for some of the more indirect to relieve themselves. The local --~""""*iiiiiiz- ' . victims of Saddam and George's police, alerted by the large number 5355:. war. Dundee United fans have, for ofwilting rhododendron bushes ' ' ' some reason dating back eons, or at along the race route, have warned least since they last won a trophy, that ifthe problem persists then been referring to themselves as permission for the race will be ‘Arabs‘. Indeed quite a few of them withdrawn. The Scottish Cross have been driving around the streets Country Union wishes to make it of that fair, ifdull, East Coast city known that such behaviour is a .................. H with the slogan ‘Proud to be an Arab' chargeable offence, and it will not """""""""""""""" " emblazoned allovertheir vehicles. stand idly by and ignore the Unfortunately. recent hostilities problem. Other magazines might be . induced footbal|~ignorant citizens to tempted to take the piss, but we at l Nigel Kennedy has his misinterpret the message . . . with The List can contain ourselves. WW"! and "‘3' 50". 0m" sad results. The excellent Dundee "We" "99" "W" "W9 United fanzine ‘The Final Hurdle‘ ANYONE who doesn‘t believe that 2 fgrrggfhggamfighfingfuy tells oflegions oferstwhile ‘Arabs‘ stand-up comedy can be a scary Magical cm“, appearing shredding their fingernails trying to business should have a word With am“, Assam“, Rooms, ged rid of the accursed stickers. They Jobbing Edinburgh comic Arnold, of Edinburgh 33 pan onhelmh should have learnt theirlesson from the Salamander Club. At a recentgig Edinburgh Peace Festival. the tragic case of the Albion Rovers at an Edinburgh pub, Arnold was $88 Thaalre PreVlBW. 9808 Intifada . . . proffered several rounds of live 3 42' shotgun ammunition by members of l‘ SADLY overlooked in the Oscar the audience with the suggestion that nominations department: while all he put them in his mouth and set light i about him in Dances With Wolves to them. ‘Some Scottish audiences were getting mentioned for such seem to think thatstand-up comedy trivial things as Best Actor or Best means being prepared to do very Director. for many of us the most dangerous acts‘ complains Arnold, \ stunning performance was criminally who is prepared to give his humour a Y ignored. Mammoth is the buffalo bit of a dangerous edge, but draws 3:35;“ that keeps falling over, a cameo role the line at potential suicide. Possible perhaps, but one that added greatly motivation for such antisocial ,’ I to the cinematic experience. and behaviour by Arnold‘s audiences a, K well-deserving of recognition from could be suggested by our review in w} his peers. Mammoth is the pet of this issue’s Theatre section. ' l Canadian hippy-rocker Neil Young. _ 3 and indeed it is rumoured that he IT'S NICE TO see a few names from I ‘Ii were neverlilietliisin played bass on some live dates in the the Scottish Media nominated for 33'0"!“ mill“. sunday late 80s. Isn't it about time he had his the BP Arts Journalism Awards. The Nomingt' Winks “be” own showcase? After all. with BBC‘s Bruce Young is among the Finmy'wmembfimgi'ess Bouncerthreateningto leave I radio nominees. Simon Forrest of anxwfimifiégin; ; Neighbours. we need all the new 5 Scottish Television is nominated in Joel and Ethan Coents ; four-legged talent we can get. : the leleVision section, and Ajay acclaimed gangster movie. : Close of Scotland On Sunday in the See Film Preview, page 17. E APPARENTLY. the noble and Press category. It‘s heartening to see and win loads oiMiller's I healthy pursuit of cross-country t that the London-bascd organisers , Crossing goodies. 3 running is beginning to attract an 'e are aufail with what‘s going on north c°mP°""°"st 939° 79- T unsavoury element. A news story in ofthe Border. Unfortunately they the current Scottish Athletics i seem to be under the erroneous l l Newsletter informs us gravely that . impression that Ms Close is male. ; ‘thc problem of runners urinating in Should she win. she can look forward 1 public arose again at the Allan Scally to receiving her award from that g Road Race‘. Apparently runnersarc | well-known Edinburgh scrum-half l being taken unawares by pre-race - Hannah Gordon. l nerves and wintry weather, and l

The List 8— 21 March l99l 3