Amazon Moontlower by Margaret Mee

Margaret Mee tell into her extraordinary life almost by default. In 1952, when she was already 43 years old, she went out to Brazil to be with her dying sister, leil under the South American spell, and stayed.

Combining her fascination for Brazil's kaleidoscopic vegetation with a flair for painting, Mee set herself up as a treelance botanical artist-cum-environmental-crusader. At the age at 78, she was still pounding through the Amazon, painting tirelessly.

Her work is oddly enchanting. It resembles the backdrop of a science

liction iilm or a comic strip: meticulous and creepy as well peacelul and engaging. What is most remarkable about Mee is her near-tyrannical precision. She was not a trained botanist and yet her work is so accurate as to be ol great value to botanical science. At the exhibition at 30 watercolours, I felt compelled to do something I have never done in a botanical garden: retrace my steps to puzzle out why each painting seemed so diiierent from the next.

Pamela Robertson is in charge oi the exhibition and she feels that Mee’s work is as close to the real thing as any hothouse plant in Scotland. ‘Botanical gardens are as much removed lrom natural life as her paintings,’ she says. But what drew me in was not simply Mee's astoundineg carelul eye; rather, it was the knowledge that woven into the aesthetic achievement there is a well of scientific intuition and the story of a remarkable woman.

Just belore her death in 1988, Mee sat down in the Amazon and sketched something that no one else had ever sketched before in the wild. Flowering only once a year, the Moonllower is impossibly elusive. On this night, however, the jungle delivered itself into Mee’s hands.

Her biographer aptly described the coup as the ‘moment ol a liletime’. Shortly afterwards, while promoting her work iorthe first time in Britain, Mee died in a car accident. (Carl Honoré)

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March 2nd - 23rd 1991

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