LUNCH Monday-Saturday Noon-2. 30pm

DINNER Monday-Thursday S. 30- I l pm

Friday-Saturday 5.30-Midnight

Sunday 6. 30- l 0.00pm


APPETISERS l2 noon-8pm Daily

i9 BLAIR T ED'NBLJR‘JH 03' 2200' 25

64 The S— 21 Mareh1991


I The Franchise Attair (Channel 4)

2.30—4. 10pm. A tense atmospheric thriller starring Dulcie Gray and Marjorie Fielding as a mother'and daughter who are accused of kidnapping a 15 year-old girl and forcing her to become their servant. An unusual and intriguing mystery.

I Sumo (Channel 4) 5.30—6pm. Moderately large chaps throwing around the salt and trying to shove each other out of the ring. Vaguer reminiscent ofa chip shop after midnight on a Friday.

I Intemalional Athletics ( BBCZ) 6—6.50pm. Canadian Ben Johnson has been forgiven his pharmaceutical indiscretions and he is back to take on Linford Christie in the 60m sprint. from the Indoor Championships in Seville.

I Travelog (Channel 4) 8.30-9pm. Susan Marling is in Zimbabwe this week. Lucky her. We‘re stuck at home with yukky presenter Robert Elms.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Sam falls out with Frasier after a prank by Cliffand Norm (one of the all-time great double-acts) goes wrong.

I The Boys From The Bush: Multi Culture (BBCl ) 9.30—l().2()pm. Reg and Dennisof the Melbourne Confidential Agency have the tricky task ofensuring a Greek heiress marries the man she is supposed to.

I Arena: Keith Walerhouse (BBC2) 9.3()—10.3()pm. The novelist/Renaissance man is followed by the cameras as he covers the party conferences. and attends the first night of his new play. See panel. I Roseanne (Channel 4) 1()—1().3()pm. Everyone‘s nightmare mother Roseanne causes trouble when she gets a job at the diner where daughters Becky and the wonderful Darlene hang out.

I Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Channel4) 10.30-11pm. Clive Anderson is joined by would-be comic improvise rs Mike McShane, Tony Slattery. Sandi Toksvig and Greg Proops.

I Generation 90: Heroes (Channel 4) 11pm—midnight. That master ofdodgy diction. Antoine de Cauncs introduces a show that looks at the transience of heroes. and how they can all too easily turn into villains. One interesting corollary raised by the programme is how all villains seem to have facial hair. from Rasputin. through Hitler to Saddam Hussein. Guests include the noticeably clean-shaven Sting.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish) 11.15-11.45. Guest comic is brash American Dana Gould. with support from Lewis MacLeod. the Comedy Store Players. and the Humpff Family.

I The Blue Angel (Scottish) 3. l()—4.4Sam. An enthralling camp classic shown criminally late. Marlene Dietrich plays the unashamedly erotic Lola who marries. and ultimately destroys a repressed professor. Made in 1930. but has aged well.


I Bergerac: The Lohans (BBC 1 )

7—7.55pm. Very possibly the last you‘ll

ever see of the loveable Jersey detective.

as there are no plans for any furtherseries. Tonight Jim trespasses on Lovejoy

territory when he is hired to guard some priceless Chinese porcelain.

I Clue (BBCI ) 7.55—9.25pm. The distinctly unhinged Christopher Lloyd

stars as Professor Plum in this faintly ludicrous whodunnit based on the boardgame Cluedo. It's written and directed by Jonathan Lynn of Yes Minister fame so there‘s some nice lines in there.

but overall. it‘s rather flimsy.

I Columbo: Grand Deceptions (Scottish) 7.40—9.3(lpm. Sam Wanamaker directs

this special. in which the long-macked one I investigates the death of a sergeant-major at a mercenary training camp.

I The Vanishing Bridegroom (BBC?!) l 9—10.3(lpm. Three Gaelic folk tales were I woven together for the libretto ofthis opera by composer Judith Weir. A woman is forced into an arranged marriage with a rich man. after she has been forbidden to marry her sweetheart. The work was commissioned by Scottish Opera for last year‘s City ofCuIture itinerary.

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I 4-Play: Work! (Channel 4) 10—1 1 .(l5pm. Another in the innovative drama series stars Jim Broadbent as estate agent Steven Parrish who gets drawn into crime after being made redundant.

ITwin Peaks (BBC‘Z) 10.30—1 1.20pm. Repeated from last Tuesday. Catherine has Ben Home at her mercy and the wonderfully sensitive Andy finds learning French has unexpected benefits.

I Push The Boat Out ( BBCI)

11.10—1 1.50pm. More folk-related sounds recorded on the Renfrew Ferry at last year's Mayfest. this week featuring Irish traditional music from Donegal. and the Tara Dancers.

I A Short Film About Killing ( BB(‘2) 11.20pm—12.50am. Krzysztof Kieslowski‘s exploration of man's instinct to kill won huge critical plaudits on its release. picking up two major prizes at Cannes and the first European Film Award. Shot through a yellow filter to heighten the sinister atmosphere. it depicts the brutal murder ofa taxi-driver. and the capital punishment carried out against the killer.

IAlter Darlt (Channel 4) 11.40pmtill finish. More topical open-ended debate with six guests sipping the Bulgarian red and supermarket lager and trying not to be too rude to each other.


I Monte Carlo 0r Bust (BBCZ) 3—5pm. One of those brilliant 60s epics. featuring every British comedy actor under the sun. Terry—Thomas takes on Tony Curtis in the Monte Carlo Rally. with several spanners thrown into the works by the likes of Hattie Jacques. Eric Sykes. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. and Susan Hampshire.