I Viv On Sunday (Scottish) 3-4pm. Viv Lumsden presents another in the chatshow programme with a difference. I Craig's Wile (Channel 4). 3.35—5pm. Rosalind Russell stars in this powerful social drama as a woman whose domestic i obsessions alienate her husband and friends. Butterflies it ain't.

I Scottish Eye: Making History Pay (Channel4) 5—5.30pm. An analysisofthe heritage industry in Scotland. that questions whether the public are getting value for money. : I Naked Hollywood: Funny For Money ‘5 (BBC2)8.()5—8.55pm.Thedocumentary series examines the role of highly-paid film screenwriters and why they have so little control over their scripts. As one writer puts it ‘They ruin your stories. They trample on your pride. They massacre your ideas. And what do you get for it'.’ Three million dollars.‘

I Butterflies (BBCI ) 8.35—9. lopm. Seventies fashions and jokes with Wendy Craig. Geoffrey Palmer ctul.

IZelig (Channel 4) 945—1 1 . 15pm. ()neof Woody Allen's strangest films. but one of his best. He plays Leonard Zelig. a chameleon-like figure who is able to blend into most of the momentous events ofthe Ztls and 30s. A hilarious and wonderfully inventive documentary pastiche. shot in black and white.

I Screen Two: Morphine And Oolly Mixtures (BBCZ) lit—11.35pm. A powerful story of a young girl's traumaticchildhood. lileven-year-old Caroline witnesses the death of her mother. and has to contend with bringing up four younger children and coping with her alcoholic and violent father.

I Paging David Murray (BBCI)

11.1)5—1 1 .35pm. As the first editions ofthe l Sunday Scot hit the streets. this documentary asks whether the new venture will enhance David Murray‘s formidable business reputation. or whether it will prove a costly mistake.

I Oil The Page (Scottish) 1 1.15-1 1.45pm. Morag Stewart interviews Gaelic poet Sorley MacLean. recently awarded the Queen‘s Gold Medal for poetry.


I The Cosby Show (Channel 4) 6—6. 30pm. A repeat showing for the frighteningly popular sitcom about a nauseating. wealthy American family. There is the occasional sharp one-liner though.

I Family Matters: Marriage Contracts (BBCl ) 7.3(1—8pm. Maggie Philbin presents a documentary on couples who want pre-nuptial contracts to be made legally binding. to give them added security within marriage. and asks whether it takes the romance out of relationships.

I Horizon: Cashing in On Paradise ( BBCZ) S. Ill-9pm. Ecotourism generates income for the preservation offragilc environments. and has been hailed as the saviour of rainforests and coral reefs. llorizon travels to Belize to find out how it works and the problems that have tobe

I Shrinks (Scottish) 9- lllpm. Magda treats an elderly film star. while Leo confronts a young man suffering from the Casanova Complex. aka putting it about a bit.

I Cutting Edge: Eton Class or '91

(Channel 4) 9— lllpm. This film goes behind the scenes at the world's most famous school. to see how it has changed with the times. and to see if there isa potential nineteenth litonian Prime Minister.

IThe Manageress (Channel 4) ill—11pm. The future of the club looks uncertain. and morale is in danger of collapsing. Sounds a bit like Liverpool. doesn't it'.’

I Sport in Question (Scottish)

1045—1 1 .45pm. More topical sporting debate hosted by Archie MacPherson. llis guests are Ian St John. former SFA secretary lirnie Walker. journalist Jimmy Reid. and Sunday Sm! sportswriter Ken Gallachcr.


I Same Difference (Channel 4) 5.3o—opm. The programme which takes a topical look at life for Britain's 5 million disabled people presented by Libby Cross.

I The Black Bag: Ma'am Comes To Town (Channel 4) S—8.3()pin. Last autumn.a national teacher shortage resulted in 23 American women arriving to teach in Tower 1 lamlets. This film shows how they fared.

I Focal Point ( BBCl ) 8—8.3(lpm. [Every year around liltlilchildrcn are illegally abducted by one of their parents aftera fatnin split. Focal Point examinesthe traumas and legal implications of‘stolen' children.

I Twin Peaks (BBCZ) 9—9.5(lpm. Agent Cooper is just about to leave town and sample some coffee elsewhere. when another agent arrives with unpleasant news. Meanwhile Audrey is talking about her ice-cream fetishes. Give the girl some bromide somebody. please.

I Play For One: Bohbin' And Weavin' (BBCl)9.3l)—1(lpm. Donna Franceschild's battle of the sexes comedy stars Katy Murphy as the hard-boiled Sophie. living with one violent boyfriend and planning a clandestine meeting with her secret lover. Things are even further complicated when she discovers she is pregnant.

I Return To Tutanlthamun (BBC 1 ) l(}—l().50pm. Margaret Orr is the last surviving person to have seen the tombof Tutankhamun still stuffed with treasures. As the ten-year-old daughter of Egyptologist Arthur Mace she witnessed the excavation of the tomb. Sixty-seven years later she returns to Egypt for this film. retracing the route she and her mother took in 1923 to visit her father at the Valley ofthe Kings.


I Excess (BBCl ) 7.35—8pm. The arts programme tonight features a specially-filmed profile of the new star of the Scottish Ballet. 38-year-old Galina Mezentseva. who left the Leningrad Kirov Ballet last year after nineteen years with the company.

I Inspector Morse: Who Killed Harry Field? (Scottish) 8—10pm. More red herrings and


real ale from Thames Valley's busiest copper. this week investigating the death of. you‘ve guessed it. llarry Field.

I Screenplay: The Land Of Dreams (BBCz) 9—10.30pm. Antony Sher plays a flamboyant lawyer taking up the case ofa black South African seeking political asylum. Rudi Davies is Laura. an eccentric neighbour who takes up the challenge ofsupporting the refugee.

I Short And Curlies: Ouclt (Channel 4) 9.15—9.3(lpm. Ten-year-old Charlotte worries about her parents they appearto be behaving like children.

I OED: Smoking (BBCl ) 9.30—10pm. Hide the ashtrays. it's National No Smoking Day. OfiD‘s film interweaves the personal stories of lifelong smokers with astonishing pictures following a puffof tobacco smoke through the respiratory system. Definitely enough to put you off the Marlboro for a while.

I The Golden Girls (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. Classic reruns from the first series. Tonight. dippy Rose becomes paranoid after a break-in.

I Sportscene(BBC1) lllpm—midnight. Featuring coverage of the Scottish Cup quarter-final between Dundee United and Dundee.

I Vic Reeves' Big Night Out (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1pm. Return ofthe white-suited weirdo with the Usual assembly ofsurreal novelty acts and the ever-efficient assistant Les. Tonight Judge Nutmeg returns. llooray.

I The Pointer And Setter Championship Stake (Scottish) 12. 15-12.35am. 1 kid you not. Scottish‘s latest venture in the ratings war is the premier field event for. er pointers and setters. What they actually do is not made clear.


I Scottish Questions (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. Colin Mackay and Louise Tait question the politicians and policy-makers. while David Whitton reports from Westminster. I City Lights (BBCZ) 8—8.3(lpm. A repeat showing for the last series. starring Gerard Kelly as the frustrated novelist workingin a bank. In this episode a gossip columnist starts dropping juicy gossip into the staff magazine.

I The Orchid House (Channel 4) 8.30—9.35pm. Final episode ofthe dreary Dominican drama. Natalie. the young and glamorous one. tries to save her family ' from further ruin.

I Bed Owar1(BBC2) 9—9.30pm. More interstellar comedy from Chris Barrie. Craig Charles and Robert Llewellyn as the android Kryten. this week facing up to the horrors of two Arnold Rimmers. as ifone weren‘t enough.

I 40 Minutes: Our Brilliant Careers (BBCZ) 9.30—10. 10pm. A gifted childhood can be something of a mixed blessing it seems. Six-year-old chess prodigies and nine—year-old maths geniuses are the subject of this documentary looking at how our society treats gifted children. One former child prodigy is now apparently driving a delivery van around Preston. because he couldn't stand the frustrations of formal education.

I NB (Scottish) 10.45-1 1.15pm. Bryan Burnett. Allan Campbell and Janice Forsyth go out and about. keeping you up to date on the Scottish arts and entertainment scene.


I A Night 01 Comic Heliel(BBCl) 7.25pm—1 .3llam. Whatever your opinions on showbizzy types operating an appeal/emotional blackmail via the airwaves. there should be something to keep you amused amidst the welter of material. Lenny Henry. Jonathan Ross. Griff Rhstones. Dawn French.Jennifer Saunders and Julian Clary are the hosts. Promised guests include such luminaries as Ben Elton. Frank Carson. Fry and Laurie. Vic Reeves. Victoria Wood. Clive Anderson and Jimmy Nail. Alsoincluded are an A—'/'. of comedy gems from the movie. sit-com and sketch-show archives. Thankfully the red noses are recycleable this year. so make sure you get rid of yours pronto on Saturday morning. For those of you requiring a brief injection ofsanity. there's a break for the news at 9pm.

I Rory Bremner (BBC: ) «Lajopm. Impressionists. love 'em or hate 'em. you have to admit that Bretnncr is one ofthe more convincing. In his new series he will be hoping to do a realistic portrayal ofthe Prime Minister. Interesting to see ifit's any better than John Major‘s.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.3Upm. Frasier gets even with those who ridicule his plan to have his head frozen when he dies. Now you don't get plots like that in City Lights. I Arena: Three Irish Writers ( BBCZ)

9.30— 10.30pm. St Patrick's Day starts here. with a celebration of the lives and worksofthree writers: Patrick Kavanagh. Flann O'Brien and Brendan Behan. Presenter Anthony Cronin knew all three and talks about their problems. often self-created. ‘I didn't turn to drink.‘ says Brendan Behan. ‘lt turned to me.‘

I Roseanne (Channel 4) io-it).3t)ptii. Sister Jackie has boyfriend trouble. after getting injured at work once again.

I Whose Line is It Anyway (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1pm. A compilation ofhighlights from the series. most of which have been vulgarities from Tony Slattery.

I Jonathan Ross Presents For One Week Only: Alti Kaurlsmakl (Channel 4)

11—1 1.45pm. The lisping one profilesthc eccentric Finnish film director whose latest oeuvre is the ‘Ealing-style comedy" I Hired A Contract Killer.

I The Funny Farm (Scottish)

11.15—1 1 .45pm. The last in the present series features English stand-up Nick Revell as special guest. plus Stuart MacDonald. the Comedy Store Players and the Humpff Family.

The List 8— 21 March 199165