austere narrativ e is giv en some spice and interest hy an overw helming eroticism. a heautiiully judged evocation otl’ragiie and gorgeous photography ( )thervv ise vastlyov'ei'long and iiiiinvolviiig Iidinhurgh: (‘ameo I Viridianat1R1111ns11unue1. Spain MeXico. 19111 1 Silvia I’inal. I-i'ancisco Rahal. I‘ernando Rey. Margarita I.ozano. Ict'esa Rahal. 91 mins. A masterpiece ot darkly comic hrutality trom the Spanish master ot the surreal. I’inal stars as a Viridiana. a golden-hearted nun who otters sticcotii‘ to a community 111 heggai's. hut is ridiculed and cheated. With a siiperh v isual elan. Buniiel satirises the ingratitude and harharity ol humanity ; otten vergingon hlasphemy'. with the result that the him was immediately haiiried in his home country. Izdinhurgh: I'lllll ( iIlllII. I The Warotthe Roses 1 151 1 Danny l)e Vito. IS. 19891 Michael Douglas. Kathleen Turner. I)anny l)e Vito. Marianne Sagehrecht. 1111 mins. I)e\'ito's second movie is a searineg hleak. anti—divorce comedy . in which hisold collaborators Douglas and 'I'iirner play ()liver and Barhara Rose. an idyllic happy couple who turn v icioiis vv hen their marriage turns sour. It shares with De Vito's earlier 'l'liron Momma from the Train a delight in nastiness and a Ilitehcoekian control oi image and tension. The wee man himselt takes an unusually straight cameo role as the lawyer trying to prevent disaster. A truckload ofuncomtortahle laughs. (ilasgow: (irosvenoi'. I We Three .\'()i 171' 1 I ’1 1 I’iipi .»\v ati. Italy. (S311 HR mins. At the age oi totirteen. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart vv as studying three-part counterpoint in I’allav ieini near Bologna. At the same age. Av ati holiday'ed nearhy . and later he developed an ohsession with the teenage experiences Mozart must have had in this i‘ai'itied atmosphere. This is his speculativ e account of the young composer's relationships with his two tellow students. Iidinhurgh: l‘ilttthotisc. I When Harry MetSallyt1511R1111Rcmer. IS. 19891 Billy'I‘rystal. Meg Ryan. ( ‘arrie Iiisher. 95mins. 'I'houghtt'ulsex comedy hasI‘rystal (Harry). Ryan (Sally 1and Reineron top lorm. with highly entertaining results Nora Izphron‘svvitty screenplay intelligently ponders the possihility oi male temale triendshipw itli or without romance. and guess which side wins. .xI/mie Hull for the late I91S'11s, with now-tamous iaked orgasm. Iidinhuigh: Cameo. I Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 1 1’( 11 (Rohert Zemcckis. I’S. 19881131111 IIoskiris.Ji1aiiiia('assidy . (‘hristophei' Lloyd. 93mins. In 1949 I A. the humans live alongside the ’l'oons. cartoon characters working iit movies Animated star Roger Rahhit hires priv ate dick Iloskins to keep tahs on his wife. hut he uncovers a conspiracy that threatensthe future of'l’oontovv n itselt. An amazing technical achievement tor the interaction of cartoons and live action. this hox ottice winner spoofs the film noir genre while milking the Te); Avery-ster cartoon violence tor all it‘s vvorth. Strathelyde: Paisley Arts Centre. I Wild At Heart 1 181 1 David I.y iich. I 'S. 19901 Nicholas(‘age. Iaura I)ern. I)iane I.add. Willem I)atoe. 137 mins. I.yneh's much-hyped (‘annesprize-winner turns out to he weird and wondrous in itsow n way. if not quite as cohesive as the earlier Blue Velvet. (‘age and Dern are the energetic young lov ers on the run. pursued hy ultrastrange hitman I)atoe on a sometimes comic. sometimes disturbing. trail towards the ultimate t'c‘ltIIe/v‘otts with Iilvis and the Wizard of ( )2. Aside troni lovingly detailing the pernicious influence of pop kitsch upon our very consciousness however. the movie isn't really ahout anything. even if it is a helluv a trip. (ilas‘gow: (ii-'1‘.




Friday 22—Thursday 28

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [D] indicates that wheelchair access is available. though prior notilication is advisable. [E] indicatesthe availability otan induction loop. torthe convenience 01 hearing aid users.


I CANNON ( 'lai'kston Road. .‘vluiicnd. 11.31“ 31141 133.511 1 I 1111111 I).-\I’L l .5111.

1. Look Who's Talking T001 13 1 3.311111111111111 Sun). 5.3llpm. Shipm.

2. Green Card113311111111111511111511111. Rpm.

I CANNON 'l’he l‘oige. I’aikhead. 5511 43153 43-131 1)]. II‘ 1 (screens 1. 5;111t15l. Shows commencing hetoi'e 11pm L3 ; alter 11pm £31.3111(‘hildi31.

Look Who's Talking T001 121 1 5pm. ~15pm.11. 15pm. SA5pm.

Three Men and a Little Lady11’(iit.115pm. .‘15pm.11.115i1iit.h.35[1iii.

.Jetsons: The Movie 11') 13.55pm. 3.5111m.

The Godlatherl|l11514.45piii.spm.

4. DuckTale51t'1 151111111.

Dances With Wolves1 1214.5111111152511111.

5.Awakenings11211.11111111.3.411piii. 11.11511iit.S.411i1iii.

6. Green Card1121 1.111pni..‘1.411pm. 11.115pm.1S.45pm

7. Kindergarten Cop11211.151111134511111. 11.111pm.1S.»111pm.

See also ( ilasgovv I.ates.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 31.13 1593. £31311 1( ‘hild L3; ( )Al’ [hetore 11pm] L3 1. All tickets torshowscommencing

4pm 11pm L3 1 not Sat. Sun 1. 'l'wo hais open 11 9._‘111piii1.‘vlon Satl;t1..‘111 9,.‘111pm (Sun).

1. The Godlather III 1 151 1511an 3.115i1m. 2. Dances With Wolves1121 131111111. (1.55pm.

3. American Friends1l’(111.1111111152511111. 5.41111iri.1S’.35pm.

4. Kindergarten Cop 1 121 1.5511111451111111. H.111pm.

5. Jetsons: The Movie 11') 1111an 311511111. The Russia Houset1515,11111111.s115pi11.

I CITY CENTRE ODEON Rentield Street. .3133 S7111. licensed har. 11)] screens 3. 5 and— ().-\1’ £3.35 [£3.5lllast show I; Student I'11411L3511 lavailahle as advertised] 1. luxury seats alsoavailahle in screen 1 L355. All tickets Ioi'shovvs commencing hetore l..‘111pmi3.35.

.-\dv ance hooking av‘ailahle Irom hox ottice1 11am ".311pm 1 or 11y Visa Access hotline13133955l1.

LookWho‘s Talking T001131 lpm..‘1.311pm. (1pm. 9pm. DuckTales1t'11.15pm.5.3111111154511111. Postcards From The Edge 1 151s45pm. Three Men and a Little Lady 1 15 1 13511an .‘1pm. 5.45pm.1\411pm. Green Card1 121 1231111111.: 5.411pm.1\'.411pm.

Home Alone 1 Hi) 1:. 11111111.: 45pm. 5.45pm.

Pacitic Heights1151s45pm. Awakeningst 121 12.151111124511111. 5.311pm. 8.311111m.


I GROSVENOR Ashtonl anc. l lillhead. 3394398 "814.133.5111Student I‘11411L3; (‘hild ().-\I’ £15111 Seats can now he hooked toi‘last eveningandlate

:\11 seats toi mid—ev ening shovst .\Ion l'l'l. 1. Dances With Wolves1121311111.".15pm.

2. The Godfather Ill 1 l5 1 3. 15pm. ".35pm. screenings; tlic' hos unity is open 2 “pm 3. JBISORSI The MOVIE (I i 1 l . 1.511111. 511511111. 1.TheGodiather|ll115113511111.".3511111. .. 1

2. Green Card 1 1:1 1.1111111154511111. 8.35pm.

See also ( ilasgovv I.ates.

I SALON Vinicoiiihe Street. 313913511. I'it'cle L355". Stalls L35ll1Sliident I 11-111 L3;I‘hild ().-\1’ L1 .5111.

LookWho‘s Talking Too1 1313111115 1511111. " 45pm

Rose Sllc'c‘l. .3153 115.55 I die 11.11 11pc'11511

\ . .

The Russia ouse1 1515pni.1Spm. I \L‘vyl‘altlc‘ Ieri‘aceAJT

3111111 Restaurant Illain .‘1piii.5 11pm 1.\Ion1. 111am 111..‘~11pm1lite-I‘ii1.

Illani noon. 3 11pm (Sat 1. liar

noon .‘1pii1.11 lllpni1.\lon l'i‘i1L1v lllpm 1Sat 1; 11.311 s311pm 1Siin1. [1)], 'I'ickets

Ll "lltorlatematineeshowscommencing 5 11pm. L311111I‘hild Student I‘IHIILIOII‘. I).>\l’ LI .511; no concessions last evening shows III and Satoi any evening showsin t'iiic‘iii;1.11.

1. Look Who‘s Talking T001 131 3..‘111pm1not Stini.~1..511pm.11..11111iii.S311pin 2. The Godfather 111 1 l5 1 3. lllpm 1 not Sun). 5111‘111. 3. Three Men and a Little Lady11’1112.15pm 1notSunl.5.15pin.Sl5pm. I ODEON I ilc‘l k Stieet. 1111“ ".3151 11118 31111. IIai 5.311 9pm [1)] screens 1 . 3 and}. I)oll‘\Sleteoallsct'cc‘tts.:\111111sL5.i35 lcettlt’c'se111\1111'{5.35 (sitlc‘scatsl.

1(‘liild Student ().i\1’ Iii-111L335 L335); no concessions on liiial shows.

1. Look Who's Talking Tout 131 1.35pm. A55piii. 11pm. S55pm.

2. DuckTales11'1 141111111.

Green Card112111511111.5.5511111.s..'111;1111. 3. Home Alone 1 Mil 1pm.

Three Men and a Little Lady 1 1’1 '1 1311511111. S.‘1511111.1\.3511111.

4. Awakenin931 121 1111111111. 2. 5..‘111}1ii1.S.15i1iii.

5. American Friends11’(111.55111114115an 11.15pni.1\.315pm,

I UCI I 1.111; l’ai k. lsinnaii'd Road.11119 11"“. [1)]. Box otlice open tiom Illam.

mins piioi toeveningshovvs; closes9pni. [1)]. 11‘ .\I.1tinees \Ion 111:3

1(‘hild ().-\1’ Student I'IHIILI 1. l-vening and Satuiday shows L3.11111Stiitlc'iit 111111 1.1 .1111; I ihild ( ).-\1’ L1 .3111


To Kill a Mockingbird 1 1’1’1111pm

The Nasty Girl 11’(i1 .31..‘111piii.iS ~15pni SATURDAY 23


The Nasty Girl 1I’(i111..‘1llpni.1\ 45pm SUNDAY 24


The Garden 1 151S 45pm


WildAtHeart1 1S1? 15pm

Rosa Luxemburgi 1511111111.

The Garden 1 1515-1511111.


WiIdAI Hearti lMtvpiii.

The Garden 1 1511s 45pm


The PediCabdriverS11511mm WildAtHeam1513.1511111.s31111ii1. THURSDAY28

The Pedi Cabdrivers1 151131111111.

Blue Steel 1 lsitvrwiii. WiIdAtHeart11s1s.311piii


Fri 22/Sat 23:

I CANNON I'lie I'oi‘ge. I’ai'khead 1. LookWho's Talking T001 131 1 131111111. 2. Three Men and a Little Lady11’1‘11 11.3111pm.

3. The Godlatherlll115111.25pm. 4.Awakenings11211131111111.

5. Green Card11311145pm

6. Kindergarten C0p1131 1141111111. I GROSVENOR .-\shton lane 1.Warotthe Rose3115111pm. 2.8adlnfluence11s111pnr


l'ickets toi shows commencing het'ore 11pm L I .95; shows commencing atte r 11pm £3.95 II 'IllIII I ).-\l’sL1 .951. Access \‘isa 111111k11111s1111‘) "99“ daily tiom 11am. LookWho‘s Talking T001 131 1 1 .311am.

l lllpm. 31.115pni. 5.115pm. ".115pm. 9pm. Dances With Wolves 1 121 11..‘»11ain..‘~pni. 1 11.35pm.111.111pin. Awakeningm1212.1iipni.»t.45pm.“ 9.55pm.

Green Card 1 1:1 1:. 11111111.:


I I 111111c' Street. 33h 41-11. [1)] 11.11 open Mon Sat 11 11.511pm; Sun 11 llpiii. I’ertormances commencing hetoie 11pm £35111“.“51Lattei'11pmL51no

concessions). I ates 13311135111.

.35pm. -1_-111pm.(1.55pm.9.l5pm. TheGodtatherlll11511331111111.331111111. 11g1511111.1l111111.

Three Men and a Little Lady11’(1113.15pm, 3..5.§11111.~1.5511111.H.1511lll.‘)..55[1111.

Jetsons: The Movie 11 '1 1 1.35am. 1.35pm. 3.35pm. 5 ‘15pin.

Cyrano de Bergerac 1 I ' 1 THKIIPIII. 111.311pm. Kindergarten Cop1 13111111111111111 11151111. 3.~111piii. 5pm. 3 311pm. 9.»111pni.

Pacilic Heights 1 151 3.35pm. 5.45pm. T.55[1111.1Il.115plll. Ghost1131121111111411111111.“.1tlpm.

Home Alone 1 I’( 11 1pm. 3. 15pm. 5.35pm. ‘15pin.9.45pni,

The Russia House1 15134511111. 111.15pm. DuckTales1t'11145am.1 ~15pni. 3.411pin 5.55pm

GoodFeIlaS11H19 51111111.

See also l'dinhiiigh lates.


I othian Road. 33s‘1mS. 11;1r1.‘v1on Sat. nooii llpiii. Sun 11 11 llpni1 Restaurant 1.\Ion Sat. noon ‘ipzii1 .‘vlatinees

Ll 5111(111111 ();\1’ Student I'IHHLI 1; \1111\\\ commencing hetore “pm £3 1('111111(1\l’1'11»lllil 51111shovvs commencing .ittci “pm and douhle hills £3 1no concessions1. hookahle in advance.

Miller's Crossing 1 IS) 3pm 1 not Sun 1. 4.311pm 1 not Sun 1. t1 illpni. 9pm Irma La Douce 1 1’( '1 1 and The Apartment 11’( i 1 Sun 3-1 only 3pm.

See also Izdinhui'gh I.ates.

I CANNON I otliian Road. 33931113111. Bar: 1 lam 3.311an 5 Illpni1.\1on 1'11 1. l lam lllpm (Sat). 11.3111 lllpiii 1 Sun 1. [1)] cinemas 3 II 31. I’iillman seats1cinema I

only 1 L41; all other seats L5. I‘hildi3 511 (l’iillmanLL: ().-\I’Ll,tvll(l1c‘t111c‘11pittl. 1 \11concesslivnstinSdts

'l‘he List—2: March ~1April 19111 25