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‘OK. reader. you have just 14 days to find an entertaining event. After that. you‘re off the case. you‘re getting too personally involved. Oh. and take this List with you. the kid seems to know its stut‘f.‘

I ‘I'mtelling you. I usedto be huge. The Bee Gees boughtme drinks. Olivia Newton John sentme Christmas cards. lwasa star. . .‘ John Travoltatails to convince usthat Greasemania is on its way back. He stars in Look Who‘s Talking Too. See Film section. page 19.

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I Only in America: Big Dan ConneroutotRoseanne gets made King. John Goodman stars in King Ralph, a slightly preposterous new comedy aboutan easy-going tatguy who suddenlylindshimselt royalty. Soundsa bitlike Edward VII. See Film section. page 20.

I Muriel clings on tordear lite to a large lump otrock. and halt wishes she were backinthe Tube studio. llirting with Sting. Hernew climbing programme, The Munro Show. starts on Scottish Television on March 26. and has already attracted some controversy. See TV preview. page 66.

I You don‘t get many of those sexist captions to the pound. Post-feminism. don'tyou just love it? You can printanything nowadays. Nick Nolte is Mike Brennan. questioning one olhisless shy inlormants in the newlilm. 0 & A. See Film section. pagetB.

I (Adopts codWestCountry accent) "00 bethese strangelolkthen. me dears?'Actually it'sthose national treasuresthe Archers. the subject ola spototinvestigative digging in ourradio special. See Backlist. page 75. I Forget sex and drugs and rock ‘n‘ roll. this is strictly beards and beerandthe Edinburgh FolkFestival. Yes. it'sthat time otyear again. and wacky combo Cockersdale. a Yorkshire a cappella group. arejustone olthe attractions on otter. See Music previewlorlull details. page 41.

I ‘AndtonightMandyis modellingan ott-the-nipple numberolmy owndevising ...' The comic world may have opened upto more serious endeavoursinthe lastlive years. butthere's still nothing likeabitol tleshtopullthepunters. The Glasgow Comic Art Convention promises more than this. though. See Book

Events IMickey Rourke setsthe razorto ‘Stubble Mark 2' for his newrole as Michael Bosworth. a brilliantand manipulative criminalwho escapeslrom custody inthe suspensethrillerDesperate Hours. See Film preview. page 17.