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CELLAR BAR Rutland Place, Edinburgh ()31 229 3402


Sunday 24 March Muckle Ado

Monday 25 March Kitchen Devils

Tuesday 26 March Eat The Seats

Wednesday 27 March Zydeco

Thursday 28 March Just The Very Donkeys

Sunday 31 March To be announced

9.30p.m. - 12.00p.m.

Admission Free

42 The List 22 March —~ 4 April 1091

(‘hamhers Street l'nion. SSilpm» midnight. £2.5il (£1.5ii). .‘slusic trom the Assembly l’laye rs. Scottish and linglish dances. with guest performances from Jenny Geddes Clog and the Dunedin Dancers.

I Festival Cabaret l’ark Room. lli.3iipni~ lam. £4 (£3.50). Demon hoyy‘nian from [airport ('ony'ention Dave Swarbrick is still a fair fiddler and hack in a duo with his old mucker Martin Carthy. who remains the best ot‘ the linglish folk song reyiy'alists.


I The Clarsach Goes Pop—The Versatile Harpist l’lcasance Theatre Lounge. (ill l’lcasanec. 1.45pm, £2. Louise Trotter trom 'l'exas yyinningly demonstrates syy'ing. blues. country and jazz. Also modern harmony and rhythm. improy'isation. repertoire. stage presentation. microphone technique and diction. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I La Rotta l’leasancc 'I‘hcatrc [.ounge. (ill l’lcasance. 4.15pm. £3i£2 non participants). For clarsacli players and other instrumentalists. a workshop on medicy'al. Renaissance and tolk music with the (ierman hand. Edinburgh Harp Feshval

I Song Workshop l’leasance Theatre Lounge. (iii l’leasanec. 5pm. £2. (iaelic and Scots Song demonstrated and disctissed by Mary Ann Kennedy and Isobel Mieras. Song sheets ayailalile. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Caiedonian Brewery Happy Hour iliey'iol Bar. 5.3lL-(i..‘~llpiii. l’ree. (ilasgoyy' hand Iron Horse have some ex-‘l‘annahil Weavers in their midst,

I Clarsach Recital l’leasance Theatre Lounge. (it) l’leasance. 77Ats‘pm. l‘rcc tickets. l-‘iy‘e young Scottish clarsacli players. Ingrid Henderson. Morag Easson. Eilldh McRae, Catriona Aird and Rhona MacLeod. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Clarsach Open Platform Pleasance Theatre Lounge. bl) Pleasance. 8—1ilpm. Admission by free ticket. Anyone who has a harp. gets to play. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I New Celeste. Meg Davis. Amos and Books Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 3-156. LlsmorConcert. Scottish record label sponsorsthisey'ent. presentingone ofthc 7ils folk rock ey'olutionsin Scottish music. now in its latest incarnation. Neys alhuni (‘eltic(‘onnection troiii the hand ys hich has had Run Rig. Wet Wet Wet and l inc and (‘ry

Straightforward iolksongs. albeit mainly written by one otthe group. are the bread

and butteroiYorkshire‘s Cockersdale. pertorming on

the lastatternoon otthe Festival. Fine traditional



Cockersdale singing can also be heard anywherethe Gaugerswill be playing. and at the Sat23 concert oiLizzie Higgins. Louis Killen. Norman Kennedy and others.

memliers in its ranks. and is mm a sey'en piece guitars bass drums line up with uillcan pipes and y‘iolin, Some atorementioiied ex-meniliers guesting tonight. .‘yieg Dayis isa tine Scottish-based singer yy ho tcatures some traditional material in her repertoire. Amos and Rocks are a contemporary songyy riting duo.

l:dinliui‘gh-liascd. yy ho lor

years tray'elled the clulis and festivals at home and abroad. gaining a yy ide following.

I Dance Ballroom. (‘haiiilicrs Street l 'nion. 9pm lam. £2.5ll(£l fill). \ltisie lrom the International l‘olk Dance


I Festival Cabaret l’ark Room. lli..‘~iipiii lam. £4 M35“). Very popular Scottish tiddler. singer. guitarist.didgeridoo player and songysriter Dougie MacLean in asolo sttiii.


I Syncopaiing Secrets l’lcasaiicc 'I'hcalre lounge. oil l’lcasaiice. 1.45pm. £2. Mary and PaiSYoi Silcas demonstrate rhythm and liL‘L'tiiilpliilllilelli using the clarsacli in Scottish dance music. Edinburgh Harp Feshval

I La Rotta l’leasaiicc 'l'lieati‘e lounge. oil

Just back irom Ireland where she's been recording an album. songwriter Lorraine Jordan will be pertorming inthe Celebration DiWomen concert in Tevioi How with


N £49

LorraineJordan theiamousiestival toursome irom down South. Sisters Unlimited. a collective oi great vocal talentthat includes one-time Edinburgh


l’lcasancc,4.15pm. {3({2 non participants). lior clarsacli playersaiid other iiisti'uiiicntalists. a ysorkshop on medley al. Renaissance and tolk music yy itli the (icrmaii hand. Edinburgh Harp Feshval

I Song Workshop l’leasancc Theatre Lounge. oil l’lcasancc. 5pm. £2. (iaclic and Scots Song demonstrated and discussed by Mary Ann Kennedy and Isobel Mieras. Song sheets ayailalilc, Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Caiedonian Brewery Happy Hour'l'ex-ioi liar. 5.7m (ifsiipm. l'rec. Alan Johnstone Band Izilmhurgh soiigys riter and guitarist ysith traditional instruments in an acoustic electric rock tinged outtit.

I McCalmans. Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp. Ceolbeg ()uccn's l lall. (‘lerk Street. riots 34%. Spin. £o. L5 (£3.5lll. Allstars Concert teaturing the chcertul local threesome \s iiose tireless harmonies hay c lieamed out round the ysorld tor oy er quarter ota century With the Macs. Steclcy c Span‘s singer Maddy l’rior in a duo. and a Scots tolk hand teaturing pipes. clarsacli. key boards and Day cy Steele on yocals.

I Farewell Ceilidh i’iezisaiiee‘i'heKllre lounge. (iii l’leasaiice. “.311 lli..‘~i|piii..-\itists. guests. tricnds and students. Dancing. l'ood and drink. Edinburgh Harp Feshval

I Chinese Concert Ballroom. (liaiiiiicis Street l'iiioii. S litiliprii £.i.5lll£2,5iil. Stunning musical aliilities on slioys here. lrom ( ‘hina's premier groupot traditional insti'umentalists. 'I‘he tyso yyomen and three men of lieiiing‘sGDDdWili Music Group are trom y'arious regions ot China. as is their music. played ysith

y irtiiosity on the crhu. hinyedilkeiihtkne;

ghu 1hcng. a horizontal harp; the sheng. a sortot mouth organ yyith pipes; and hammer dulciniers'. fretted instruments and flutes.

I Festival Cabaret Park Room. lll.3iipm~lam. £4 (£3.50). Melanie Harroid and Ollie Blanchllower. douhle hass and vocals yyith guitar. syyingfolk. jazz country. alyy'ay's entertaining.


I Caiedonian Brewery Happy HOUfTey'iot Bar. 5.31Lo.3(lpiii. l‘ree. Raggletaggle songwriter lain MacDonald.

I A Celebration at Woman l’ark Room. 7 ‘Ipni. £3. SistersUnlimited thatis