I Yes. it‘s BillyConnolly donning his old trichological appendages (hairto you) to appearas thetigmentotsomeone's imagination (wasn‘t he always?) in Dreaming. a new BBC Scotland productiontorthe Screen Two series. SeeTV preview. page 65.

I Timothy West putts up a smoke-screen inALong Day‘s Journey Into Night. a Royal National Theatre/ Bristol Old Vic co-production. coming to Glasgow‘s Theatre Royal. See Theatre preview, page 46.

snonr “81

It‘s Scotland‘s fayourite. Scottish and proud of it. all the news and more. it‘s the column that wishes it had a jingle all of its own...

\Vli ALWAYS thought the art of tabloid journalism was to get oyer punchy stories in an accessible way using plain language. ’l‘he new Sunday Scot. already cutting a swathe through the industry. or not. depending on the gullibility of the person you speak to. has seemingly inyested a great deal ot‘care to use a rather more esoteric yocabulary than its riyals. ‘Stoatir' seems reasonable enough to describe a film (although we don't expect to see the quote ‘A Stoatir Sunday Sun on many posters). but ‘wadoofahs‘ (to describe the Pet Shop Boys) and ‘bimmler' (Goodbye Mr McKenzie's new album) are outside the reach of our dictionaries. if not our imaginations. The following sentence. howeyer. from ‘controyersial columnist' Fiona MacDonald Hull. proyed completely beyond our comprehension: ‘Winnie Mandela has inflicted more damage to the blacks and their road to freedom. than even Hitler did to the Jews.‘ Eh'.’ Incidentally. one ofthe letters of congratulation to the Sunday Scot. scattered liberally around their second issue. came from one Dayid M. Bennie. Now where haye we heard that name before . . .'.’

AAARUH. EEEK. and all those other comic—hook expostulations are well in order. when you clap eyes on what those DC. Thomson bigwigs are planning to do to a national icon. Stung by accusations that they are

out of touch with the leth century. they haye decided to change the image ofthat national hero Dennis The Menace (see illustration). liyeryone's fayourite anarchist will

be seen in a trendy tracksuit and high-top trainers instead ofthe familiar striped jersey and shorts. Surely the whole point of Dennis was that he was timeless'.’ Whateyer next. Beryl 'l‘he Peril in a .lean Muir frock.

, . . , , or Walter the Softy playing bass for

it s yery difficult to think of a song “311;”th Muhcwpcnplumup that eyen mentions lidinburgh. let thch m Dundcca

alone celebrates the city. A welcome remedy to this sad state ofaffairs is 'H “‘1 st NDAY 5(1 H~ Night imminentin the form of [:‘dinburg/z rum”). ()m “Hm mum

“’f‘” a mummy (mt-V to thc Amcm entertaining aspects of the new rag is 9‘ Kim Ninth panCd by Mark I." the joyial football cartoon strip 51mm “1 mc “1" h “ppm!” “n m“ Hacker. an amusing little tale of a i group‘s forthgottting album. and pswhwmtmcdct‘uidcr and his ; “mum” ‘1 “pr-V 1”th 1””9‘ “lm UN penchant for lashing out at friend i usually morose .‘yla‘ncunian Smith and {Hg “mug. In HR: fin! Cpiwdc of “',‘“".””‘~L’ ‘1 puum 0‘ mm“ m mt . this riycting serial he was sent off for

chorus ‘I am an Edinburgh man‘ the mm? \tmn‘uc gmmldgmy Sim sound is distinctly more l-ancashire mmhsmr Din-1d Mil-rm" mum”?

- ot Rangers l~( . w as in the directors than [‘(nhmn‘ but “is [he thuugm box at i’arkhead last week to see his that counts 1in t it‘.’ Mind you. he Cluhgg ddcndcr Tun. Hurka dues “all N “u “in kSCl)..“mr lmViltc distnissed (amongst others) for, er. “with and the Pcstlml ‘50 . elbowing an opponent in the face. Obviously h” rcccm ml‘mm m 1h“ llacker . . llurlock. perhaps they city wasn tall sweetness and light. an. by mmc Chm“. rclutcd' WC I

t think we should be told . .. «J

GLASGOW has been generously endowed with people keen to immortalise the place in song. from I Belong To (i/asgow right through to the recent 'I‘lu’ 'I‘reexlnd The Bird

And The Bell And The l'lS/l Supper compilation. but Scotland’s (’apital has not been so well-scryed. In fact

The List zz’mia 4 April 71991 3