Theatre is listed by city first. then by venue. running in alphabetical order. Touring shows are listed separately under the relevant heading. Prices in brackets are the concessionary price. Long-running shows. unless specilied otherwise. do not run on Sundays.


Access: I’ ; l’arking l-‘acilities. l’l’A I’arking to be I’re-.-\rranged. I. l.ey cl Access. R Rarnped Access. S'l Steps to negotiate. '

Facilities: We Adapted 'l’oilcti s). \VS Wheelchair Spaces. AS Adjacent Seats. Ii Induction l.oop System. (i (iuide Dogs Allowed. R Restaurant Accessible. B 7 Bar Accessible. I Adapted 'I‘clephone.

Help: A Assistance Ayailable. AA Ady'ise Venue in Ads ancc.


Tickets for major ycriues in ( ilasgoyy are available from the Ticket (critic. (‘andleriggs .‘slon Sat lii..‘~liani until (i.3ilprii in person or until tipiii by phone on (H1227 55] 1. Sunday openingis

noon 5pm. Any Iicket link boxottice can sell tickets forotheryenues.


I ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM Kely'ingroy'e. 357 392‘). Poems In The Animal Court Sun 2~1.\lar. 2pm and 3pm. free. The lyyo .‘ylooscs perform a selection of poems by led Hughes. I 4.5 Alliioli Street. Merchant (‘ityg 552 5924. The Comic Club See ( 'abar‘et. I CITIZENS' THEATRE ( ior'bals Str‘ect.~12‘) ()022. Box Office .‘ylori Sat lliam 'fipiii (lilam »‘)pm on pcrtorriiance day s). Bar: [Access: I’. 1.. Facilities: WC. \VS. l:.(i. R. Help: AA] The Rivals l‘ntil Sat 23 Mar. “afiiipni. 15 (ii I‘iree). Robert Day'id MacDonald directs Richard Brinsley Sheridan‘s 1225 society comedy of manners in all its original 7 and Very funny crudity. A beautiful set. sortie entertaining performances and the full quota of rnalapropisrns. I CLYDE THEATRE Boquhariran Road. ('lydebank.‘)51 l2iili, Box()ffice Mon—Sat lilarii (ipm. The Cheviot. The Stag And The Black. Black Oil lintil Sat 23 Mar (not Hi 22 Mar). 7.3(ipm, £5 (£3.5lil, Sat .‘ylats 2pm. £4 (£2). Remarkably. .loliriNlc(iraIli\ legendary play about the Scottish Highlands from the time of the clearances to the oil boorii ot the l‘i2ils. hasriey er been staged professionally since the original 7:.S4 production in iii-'3. John Bctt. who appeared in the first tour. directs Wildcat's y ersion. retaining the air ofcelebratiori and political challenge in a hugely enjoyable production I CRAWFURDTHEATREJordarihill (‘ollcge. 7o Soutlibrac l)riye. i)5” 3437 3-138. [Access: I’. R. I‘aeililics: We. WS. Ii. (3. R. B. Help: A.AA]. Asian Arts Sun 24 March. "..‘iiiprii. Performance from (ilasgoyy's Asian community I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE ('uriibernauld ()236 732887. Box Office Mon I'ri lilamwopm;Sat iliam .‘sprnLh Spmperf. cygs Bar (life. [Access: l’I’A. S'l'. Facilities: We. WS. (i. B. Help: A. AA]. No Mean Company Iiy'ery \Vcd. 7..‘~iipm. Weekly meeting for (‘umbernauld Theatre's oyer le amateur drama group. Onions Sat 23 Mar. 7.45pm. £4.5li(£2.25 ). First visit to Scotland for Northern Ireland’s Big 'I‘clly 'I'heatre (‘onipany who take a look at the religious diy'idc via two tramps. Bridget and Iimily. Bugsy Malone ’I‘hurs 2SrSat 2n .‘y‘lar.

Ellen Sheean as Mrs Malaprop in The Rivals

2.»15prii, 3.3 i L l .5lii. ('uslard pies all round ast‘unibcrnauld .lunior \‘outli lheatre performs Alan Parker’s liyely gangster comedy musical


.‘ylasyy ell l)riye. “35.52 isms).

MacBurgers '1 tie 3r» Wed 3” \fat'. “.fslipm. L2. lzls' l- \I. last ls'ilbride'syouth theatre. perform a musical about the rise and fall of a hamburger chain.

The Key Youth Theatre Drama Challenge 'l'hurs 2S Sat 5il.\lat12..illprii,{2.5” (£1.5lll. I hrce days til litiii-sltipyotllli theatre in this competitiy etestiyal.

I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4.520. ]Aeccss: I’l’.-\. R. l'acilities, \\'( ‘. R. (i Help: A. AA].

The Man Without A Name and Who Is Bobby Valentine l'ntil l‘1122 .‘ylar. ".Silpniifi tL2 l. A double bill performed by the centre's Young lheatre learn and directed by Julie Austin. The first play is by Day id Shellan and looks at the introduction of ( 'onimunism and capitalism onto a desert island inhabited by two people. 'l'hc second play is by Ken 'I ay lor yy ho explores a teenager's identity

I KILMARDINNY HDUSE5liKilmardinny Aycriue. Beasden, ‘i»i.‘~ii.il2.

Witness ForThe Prosecution i 'niil Sat :3 Mar. 2 .‘iiipm 'lhe ( ileriburri Players in an AgatliaHir'istic thriller.

I KINGS THEATRE Bath Street. Box Office. .‘slori Sat noon opni. 4 bars. I’litiiie booking“. ilickct ( ‘critrc. (andleriggs. see 'l'icket link details

alioy e. [Access: I). I .I'Ltelllliesi “(I R. (i. Help: A. AA].

Bittersweet i 'nul Sat :3 Mar "34mm. Ilie [.yr’ic ( 'lub perform another musical in the King’s 'l'heatre's amateur season.

Fiddler On The ROOI Mon 2.5 Sat 3ll.\lar. 2..‘~iiprii. l’aisley .‘ylusical and()peratic Society sing their heartsout,

Gang Show .‘yfon l Sat (i Apr. ".Sliprii. Baden l’oyy ell's lolloyy ers strut their stuff. I McLELLAN GALLERIES 22H Saucliieliall Strcetfifil is54.

Good Times and Bad Times Sat 23 .‘yfar'at 2pm and 3pm. l'rec (adriiisssron togallcry L2 l. l’ennc Herriian-Smith and l-‘lloyd Kennedy use poetry . prose and riiusic to celebrate the li\'e\ of yyomen. .‘ylade specially for the Scotland ( retires exhibition and lntcrnatiorial Women‘s Week.

IMITCHELL THEATRE(irariyilleStreet. 22131iis.BoxUtiiecSlon Sat noon Hpm.

Bar. (ale. [Accessz l’I’A. S’l l'acilitics; \Vt'. \VS. (1. R. B. Help: A. AA]. Festival Of One Act Plays i 'nril Sat :3 .\far. 2.15pm. 'l'he\\'esterri l)iyision l’inalot the Scottish (‘oniniunity l)r'ania Association‘s play coriipctitiori.

Nois'es DII Mon 1 Sat (i Apr. 7._‘\iiprii. After the (i/usgoii' Hera/(1 ran a review recently of lonesco's l'lic' ( hair. the Mitchell "lheatrc's press release suggests similar economy by referring to Michael l~ray n‘s backstage comedy as some ()fi’. All noises will be present. lioyyey'er. in this professional touring production ot’lirayn‘s send-up of the farce genre.

I MDTHERWELL THEATRE ( ‘iyic ( ‘cntre. Mother“ ell. UNIS 67.5 l .5.

Little Shop OI Horrors i'ntii Sat 23 Mar. T..‘\liprii, £3 (£2.50). The musical about an eriorriioiis man-eating plant is performed by Motheryyell District Youlh'l'lteatre. I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. l’aisley . SS7 llllll. Box Office open

’l'ue Sun noon H.3iiptii. Bartoperi noon llprii'l‘uc Sat; 12.3” 2.30pm and

(will llpm Sun. .‘yfcals seryed). (‘afe

(open noon llpm ), [Acccssz l’l’A. SI.

l'acilities: \V('. \VS. Ii. ( i. R. I). Help: A. AA]

Paisley Players i‘nril iii 22 Mar, Tislipm. L25“ ( L l .5ii). l.ocal amateur drama. Onions l'ri 2‘) Mar. Spin. See(‘uriibernauld lheatre aboy e.

I RDYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC AND lllll Rerifrcyy Street. 332 .5ll57. [Accessz l’l’A. l.. liacilities: \H ‘. \VS. AS. R. B. 'l'. (i. Help: A. AA].

Mary Barnes iiri 22 Mar. 7.15pm. {2(1‘1 ). An intense study of the nature of madness as second year students perform Day id l-dgar‘splay.

DougalGraham'l‘uelo I’ri2‘).\lar, "Cilipm. I’ableyisiori performs the Scottiin



Tommy Cannon as Dougal Graham


premiere of a play by Tom l.annon based

on the true story of a poet who joined the

. Jacobite army on its yyay to( ulloden.

Balearies Ayenue. ls'elyiridale. .i3‘lfi1b'5. Ihe centre is open Al‘uc Sat 10am-5pm

.‘slusic. drama. comedy and pathos. Sec prey‘ieyy.


and Sun 2 5pm. A fill-minute talk and tour

roundthe centre costsil (75p). Workshops and information are ayailable

by appointment (the centre'slibrary


ITHEATREROYALilo;wStreet.331 1234, Bo\()lfice.\lon Sat lliarn oprii.(”.3lipm

on pcrt eygsi. Bar. Bullet. ].-\ccess: l’.

l’l’A. R. I'.ieilllies1 \Ve. \\'S. It. (i. R. B.

Help: my].

Abigail's Party I hid Sat 23 .\1ar . 2.Biipm.

Sat Mat 2. ilipm. L.‘~,5ll(tlii.5iii.

(‘anibridge lheattet'ompany performs

.‘ylike leigh'selassicblack suburban comedy as laurence and Bey er'ly liiVllL‘ their ricighl‘vours round for :i drink.

Long Day's Journey Into Night Mon 25 Sat 3|! .‘ylar. 2..‘~iipni, Sat \fat 2.2iilpm.

L35“ i.l2,5ii. l’runella Scalesand 'l’imothy \Vest star in the Royal National 'l'heatr'e and Bristol ( )ld Vic production of l'ugenc ( )‘Neill‘sautobiographicalstudy of a tarnin at breaking point. Sec prey'ieyy‘. I THIRD EYE CENTRE 35“ Saucliiehall Street. 332 H522. ( 'atc open 1 larii 2.30pm 'l ue I‘ll and during eyeriing performances. [Access: l’l’A. l., lacilitics: \H '. “S. It. (i. R. B. l lelp: AA].

Poets Without Pockets i ‘ntil Sat 33 Mar. 2..‘\iipiii. 1-1 i L3 ). See Dance listings. ITRDN THEATREoR'lrorigate. 552-12o7. BoxUtlrce’lue Sat Noon .S‘pni;Sun 12.,‘iii llprii. (‘losed Mondays. ] R. S’l‘. l‘acilities: \VS. It. (i. R. B. l lelp: AA].

The leski Variations l "ntil Sun 2~1.‘\far. 2.3iipni. L5 (125”). .‘ylareella Iiyaristi brings back her much praised .‘slayfcst

63 Trongate Glasgow

G1 SHB Box Office :

041 552 4267

Two Theatre Presents Marcella Evaristi in

THE OFFSKI VARIATIONS “Beautifully fashioned with

some one-liners which ring with crystal purity.“ The Scotsman Until Sun 24 Mar at 7.30pm


A Cabaret Evening Of Glasgow Poems, Songs 8. Sketches 'A Glorious Experience' The Scotsman Tues 26 Mar - Sun 31 Mar

as as 'Z a 4:

at 7.30pm

Mandela Theatre Company INFERNO, DIARY OF A SURVIVOR

By Lance Flynn

OI The Dorm - “Fresh and Stylish, this is an exciting piece at physical theatre."

The' Independent

Tue 2 Apr c Sun 7 Apr at 7.30pm

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