Kids aims toprovide information about events in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow tor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days before publication.


Activities and fun I COLLINS GALLERY l'nivcrsity of

Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 553 4145.

Children's Design Workshops Saturday workshops for 7—12-year-olds led by final-yeararchitecture students. Youngsters will be shown round the exhibition offurniture and objects by Rietvcld. the Dutch designer. There‘salso a short film to give further inspiration and the students will help with the practical side of design. £3.50 for one session; £6 for two: £10 for four. l0am—noon0f 1.30—3.30pm. Booking essential. Contact Laura Hamilton at the Gallery, 9am—5pm. 23 MarMobilcs.

13 ApI’Kites.

I CRAWFURDTHEATREJordanhill College, 76 Southbrae Drive 9503437. EasterWorkshops Tue 2-Fri 5 Apr. 0n Cedbury's Tree Three days ofcraft and drama with an Easter-chocolatey theme. Performance on final day. 1—4pm. £10 for the four days.

I HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrews Drive. Pollokshields. 427 2725.

EasterActletles Very popular. must be booked. One activity per child, free. Age range in brackets. (Cagoules and wellics for nature trails). Two sessions daily Mon—Sat, 10.15am and 2.15pm; Sundays 1pm and 3pm.

23 Mar Listen to a story and make an Easter card (4—7).

24 Mar Make an Easter bonnet (6—9). 25 Mar Haggs Garden nature trail (4—7). 25 Mar Heraldry: design your own coat of arms(t~‘—12). 27 Mar Make an Easter bunny puppet (4—7).

28 Mar Make an Easter stained-glass

window from paper (H- 12).

29 Mar Decorate an egg for Easter ( Bring your own hard-boiled egg) (5—b‘).

'| 30 Mar Make an Easter bunny puppet


31 Mar Decorate an egg for liastertBring

your own hard-boiled egg) (5--ts’).

1 Apr Make an Easter bonnet ((+3)). 2 Apt Make a collage picture (+7).

3 Apr Fun and games with N'ictorian pastimes (7—12). 4 Apr Make ati Easter chick puppet (+7).

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY I'niversity of Glasgow.330~122l,ext5517or3305431.

Margaret Mee's Amazon Activity sessions for children aged 7 upwards. Follow in the footsteps of the botanical artist and find out about survival in the Amazonian rainforest. Tue 2—Sat 6 Apr 9.31%1 1 .30am or 1.30—3.30pm. Free, but booking advised. Contact Anne Tynan or Roslyn Purss at Gallery.


Steps Out Easter Dance Event hosted by

The Scottish Ballet. Two-day workshops for 9—13 yrs. Choice ofdance or

mask costume making. 29 and 30 Mar 10.30am—3.30pm; 10.30am—2.30pm. £5

for two days. Places limited. Booking

details from the Events Office at the Gallery.

The 7th Edinburgh Puppet Festival gets


oft to a busy start on Mon 25 March at

the Netherbow Arts Centre, with a two-day workshop on drama and puppet making. Four main bases, the

Netherbow, Portobello Town Hall,

Thomas Morton Hall and Hosebery Hall

s‘ as”

Fl .4.

pen Hand Theatre Company in Humpty

umpfy, Quite Contrary

South 0 overtwo dozen events, guaranteed to cater for all ages from three years to adults. Edinburgh Puppet Festival, Mon 1—Sat 27 Apr, details on 031556 9579.


ueenslerry, offera selection of

I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street Paisley, 887 1010.

Easter Craft Sessions For 8—12 yrs, 50p. 2—4pm.Book in advance.

26 Mar Drawing and painting still life. 28 MerStilI life sculpture. IAprCompetitive painting. 3AprMasks.

5Apl’Sensc drawing and building.

I SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 225 Scotland Street. 429 1202. EasterActIvltles Peruvian Paper Hat Making Workshops. Daily Mar 23—Sun 7 Apr (excl. 2‘) Mar and 1 Apr) 1.30~2.30pm or 3—4pm. Suitable for primary4 5 children upwards. Free. Limited places. book in advance.


I CLYDE THEATRE Boquhanran Road. (‘1ydebank.05l 1200.

The Singing Kettle Join (‘illa. Artie and Gary in their Street Party. New show with games and rhymes plus yourfavouritc Kettle tunes. 27. 2S. 2‘) Mar 1 1am and 2.30pm. Kids £2.50; adults £3.50. Tickets available front Box Office.

I CUMBERNAULD THEATRE023o732HH". Advance booking for children's show s recommended to avoid disappointment. Kids' SIUII Saturday fun. magic and song for fort 11 yrs. 1.15pm. Kids£l .25; adults£1.75.

25 Mar I'nclc Mike.


I NATIONAL MUSEUMS OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 225 753-1.

Mystery tourthrough Ancient Egypt 1 luiit around the museum for objects and hicrogly‘phs from over 2000 years ago. For children aged 7 upwards. No booking necessary: bring your own crayons. Admission free.


Easter Egg Rolling Eggstravaganza on Easter Sunday (31 Mar). Egg rolling (hard-boiled eggs supplied) and free entertainments includinga magician and puppet show. Noon—2.30pm.


Row .552 7171.e.\'t454. } Living In A Ralntorest Book now for family workshops. i 2, 3. 4Apr 10am—noon. Llfe Above The I Jungle Floor Tw o consecutive mornings spent at the Botanics and the Zoo. Kids £4.50; adults £‘lll3amily ticket£20). Atall events children must be accompanied by ; an adult and vice v crsa! Children must be seven yearsandovcrtotake partin workshops. For advance booking call at the Plant House Foyer or phone Marisa Main. 552 7171, ext-154.


25 Mar b Apr. Tickets available at The Netherbow . 43 45 I {igh Street. 55o‘957‘) (NIUIIA Fri 10am 4piiiitor all four main venues as well at ticket olliccs listed below. On dav of performance. tickets available from v cnues only . Telephone

booking at \ctherbow only. Tickets for all

performances. except :1 lite New Adventures. kids £1.50;adults £2. Alice. kids £2: adttlts £3. \Norksliops. all venues £1.

THE NETHERBOW 43 ~15HighStreet.

25 and 26 Mar10am—4pm'l‘lte [)ragonant/ the Sun Two-day workshop for 7 12 y rs. (ireeii-theiiic project w itfi music. drama.

mask and piippet-iiiaking. culminating in a

short performance. Bring packed lunch and wear old clothes. I’laccslitiiitcd.

27 and 28 Mar 10am NoWhtrule/ron .Strt’t’!(3 7 yrs).

27 and 28 Mar 1 1.45am (‘anvou keepa .S¢'(Tt’1:)(4 L) yrs).

27 and 28 Mar 2.30pm The ( gly Hacking (3-7 yrs).

29 and 30 Mar 1 lam arid 2.30pm Quat'kum.»fouls his I'()l(‘t’ (3-5 y rs).

29 and 30 Mar 10. 30am Sat only; 2.30pm Fri and Sillml Tlt't’ .Neii Adventures. (Not suitable for under osl.

1,2 and 3 Apr 10am The Gingerbread .Ilun (3-5 yrs).

1,2 and 3 Apr 11.45am The King's liars (ages5 upwards).

tend 2 Apr 2.30pm The Coloured Land (ages-1 upwards).

3 Apr2.30pm The [)reamer(7 upwards).


4. 5 and 6 Apt 10.30am Hutnptv Uumpty.

Quite ( ‘ontrary (3 5 \‘I's ).

4, 5 and 6 Apr 2.31 lpiii The Three Bully

(mitts (frat-til ages 5 upvv .ii'ds ).

i PoeierL'L'o TOWN HALL 1 liin slit-ct.


Tickets from Sibbald I'ravcl. 135 l’ortobello l liin Street.

25 and 27 Mar 10 30am and 2 30pm .‘I/H't’r New .‘ltTI entures t.\'ot suitable for tinder (is).

30 Mar 10.30am The ( 'g/y [lurk/trig


30 Mar 2- 4pm l’uppet making workshop Make your own puppets then perform

wifhthcm. Bring along usable‘junk‘.

Places litiiitcd (8 ~12 yrs).

2 Apr 1 lam and 2.30pm Humpty Dumpty. Quite (‘ontrary (3—5 yrs).

4Apr 10.30am The Three Bully (iouts’ (iruffl ages 5 upwards).

ROSEDERY HALL South Oucensfcrry. Tickets from Something Special. High Street, South Oucensferry attd Edinburgh District Council Office. High Street: South Oueensferi'y.

28 Mar 2.30pm Alice New Adventures (Not suitable for underos).

29 Mar 10.30am The L’g/y Dut‘ktnm} 7 yrs).

29 Mar 2—4pm Puppet .lfaktng Workshop Make your ow n puppets then perfortn withthem. Bring along usable ‘junk'. Places limited (8—12 yrs).

3 Apr 11am and 2.30pm Humpty Dumpty. Quite ( ‘ontrarv (.37 5 vis).

THOMAS MORTON HALL 28 Ferry Road. Tickets from Goldenacre Post ()tticc and Kara Bot Great Junction Street.

25 Mar 10.30am The (finger/veal!Man

(.5 5y‘t‘s).

25 Mar230piii [he [sings Izarv tagcs5 upwards). 1Apr 1 1am and 2.30pm Hutnptv lluinptv.

Quite ( 'ontrarv (3 5 v rs) TOURING The Dragon and the Sun See 'I lie

Nethcrbow . 25 and 2b Mar. also touring

round the follow trig community centres. Sec iiidiv idual centres for pi‘icesaiid tickets

27 and 28 Mar l-‘ort (‘ommunity \N'ing. l5ort Primary School. 553 1074. 10am 4pm.

29 and 30 Mar 'l'riangle .\i is ( ‘entre. \Nesl l’ilton Batik. 332 05"“. 10am ~1pm.

1 and 2 Apr('orstorphiiie Youth ( ‘entrc. l2 Kirk Loan. 33‘) 5275;. 10am 4pm.

3 and 4 Aprlack Katie ( 'entrc. 2015' Niddrie Mains Road. (ili‘HlIllJ. 10am 4pm, Humptv [lion/av, Quite ( ~ontrarv Nursery rhyme show for 3 5yi's.

4Apr(’aiiieroii l louse ( ~ommuriity (critic. ('aineron llsc .-\v c. oti" Vol. 2.30pm.

I KING'S THEATRE l.ev en Street. 22‘) 1201 The Jungle Book Parasol Productions recreate the magic of the Jungle with masks and giant puppets in the adventures of Mow gli and his annual friends. Suitable former (is. 25 30 Mar.


The Singing Kettle Join ( 'illa. Artie and Gary in their Street Party. New show with rhymes and games plus your favourite Kettle tunes. 23 Mar 11am and 2.30pm. Kids £2; adults £3. Contact The Edinburgh Folk Festival Office. 2200464 for tickets.

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