AOMINTON Sahuday23-Sunday24

I SCOfllSl'l Masters ( ‘rrekhur rr ( ‘eritre. (ila\L‘rm ‘l._‘\ll;irri. Slime (ll Scotland's more pmtrerent “HITCH of the \lttlttleeuek gather trir llll\ tun-day tournament.

EDIE— Glasgow

I Race Days ‘l'iresdat . 'l'hurxdat and Saturday . Shautield Stadium. Rutherulen Ritad. ( ilaxutm There are ten raeex in eaeh meeting. starting: at ".IIFpm. L2.


I Race Days luexda} . 'l'hur'xdat and Satur'da} , l’rmder hall Stadium. llemerhall Road. lzdrrrhuruh. Izaeh meeting.y ineludes ten r‘aeex. \tartingat "fillprrr. £35” Stand; Ll Siltirnurrd, Raee prugramme tt'ee \\ rtlr admrxsrtrn.

FOOTBALL Sahuday23


I Dundee UnitedvAberdeen’l‘armatlree Stadium. Dundee. 3pm. ltur \ltlc\ hoping tr» rmprm e their eharreex ill I urirpearr qualitieatrrrn tr_\ tn \eupper‘ eaeh tither'x hrrpex. \\ rtlr the home \lth pr'trhahl} ruxt hawngtheedge.

I Dunfermline v St Johnstone Izast l~ Iltl Park. l)unter‘rrrlrne 3pm. l)trnter'mlrne are aluau grind trrr a laugh. it nrithrnr: else. and llillllll u ell get the hetter‘ til the Perth team. \\ hme ear I} pr‘trmrxe xeemx tn

he flagging

I HeartsvHibernian'l trieeaxtleStadium. Iidrnlruruh. 3pm. llattle (II the I'drnhur'rzh nIL‘LlltILTlllL‘\. littering the iriter'extrnu idea of“ hat kind Ul team \xtruld lrax e Ireen created if \Vallaee .\ler‘eer Irad managed Ill merge the eluhx 'l he mind Imuule»

I Motherwell V SI Mirren l'ir' l’ar'k. Mnthemell. 3pm, .'\l‘tllllLl\lllL‘illllliI1llll;t game as the a\ erage Sunday atternmrn kiekalmut. and. \\ ith a text exeeptrnnx. featuring.y mueh the same ealihr‘e til player. FIRST DIVISION

I Clyde V Dundee l‘ll'lllll l’ar'k‘. ( ilaxgtm'. 3pm.

I Hamilton V Airdrie l)tltlt_',lil\ l’ar'k. llamrltnn. 3pm.

I Kilmarnock v Falkirk Rugby l’ar‘k. Kilrriar‘ntrek, 3pm. IMeadowbanUhistlev Raith Rovers Meadim hank Stadium. l'dinhur'uh. 3pm. The mmt litterexliriu side in the eapital. albeit \xrretull} inerrrrxistent. take on the talented Kir'keald} team in a potentially \‘CT_\'L‘IllL‘I'lilllIllltl mateh.



ST INB 6136



The use of drugs in sport had their most notorious and headline-catching moment atthe Seoul Olympics in 1988 when Canadian Ben Johnson‘s 100 metres world record was discredited when he was found to have been using drugs. ltwas an eventthatthrew the athletics world into a turmoil, and increased public suspicion of increasingly astonishing sporting feats.

Since then, the issue has slipped from public attention, and Johnson is back in international competition, albeit with a rather less impressive physique. Recent newspaperstories,

however, look like reviving the debate,

with suggestions that the use of drugs could be more widespread than hitherto imagined. Coaches, administrators and doctors are combining in an attempt to rid sport of drug abuse, and highlight the damage to personal health that can be incurred by drug misuse.

Weightlifters and bodybuilders are

the most frequent users of steroids. which are supplied illegally, and available by word ofmouth through gyms and fitness centres, but the muscle-building properties of steroids can be an asset in other sports. Although the authorities are keen to eliminate cheating in competition, they are also careful to emphasise the physical dangers of steroid abuse. Potential side-effects include mental disorders, risk of infertility, damaged liver and kidneys, and heart disease. With athletes often taking much more thanthe recommended dosage ofthe drugs, these risks can be exacerbated.

The issue is discussed in four seminars at the Edinburgh Science Festival. Dr David Cowan investigates the process of drug detection after a sporting event, Dr Michael Lambert explains how chemists and administrators can crack down on drug abuse, Dr Elizabeth McSwan looks at the problem of the accidental use of banned substances, and Professor Peter Radford explains why anti-doping legislation is going to become important. The last message is echoed by Lawrie Randak of the Scottish Sports Council, the officer responsible for the Doping Control Programme. ‘The keyto solving the problem is through education,‘ he says. Sportspeople must be made aware of the alternatives to, and the risks involved in drug abuse.‘ The SSC have produced a free advisory booklet, ‘Drugs, Doping And Sport‘, which answers some of the most frequent questions asked about doping control. (Tom Lappin)

Drugs In Sport 2pm; The Sporting Chemist2.35pm; Drug Abuse: The Athlete‘s Doctor‘s View 3.10pm; Doping Control And Education In Sport 3.45pm. All at Edinburgh Science Festival Symposium Hall on Wed 3 Apr.

50 The List 23 March 4 April I WI

I Morton v Partick Thistle ( hippie-lint l’ark. (ireennek. 3pm.


I Dumbarton v Berwick Rangers Buglreatl l’ar‘k. Dumbarton. 3pm.

I East Stirling v Cowdenbeath l‘ir‘x Park. l'alkir'k. 3pm,

I Queen‘s Park v East Fife l lamptlen l’ark. (ll;l\L'tT\\ 3pm.


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(ilaxgt Ha

I Slenhousemuirv Queen Of The South ()ehilx re“ l’ark. lairhert. 3pm

I Stirling AlbionvAlbion Rovers .'\lllllle‘ltl l’ar’k. Stirling. 3pm.


ICelticvRangerst'e-lrre l’;lll\.(il.r\utr\\_ .'\IltllllL'l elaxhul the ( )ld l-rrrrr \ttle\ alter their ( uperretrunter ( 'eltie \xrll he limping tn L’ttllllllllL' their uselrrll eauue ltlllIl and lrelp .-\Iterdeen\ title lltipt.‘\ In deleattngthe leader»


EUROPEAN UNDER 21 CHAMPIONSHIPS I Scotland V Bulgaria Rugby l’ark. Kilmarnrrek. 7.3llpm. Serrtland‘x

tirirrrxter'x. ie Dundee l 'nited u itlr a

smattering of tithers \\ lltl don‘t er} nil \\ rtli

litmus injuries. take «in the Balkan hots.


EUROPEAN NATIONS CHAMPIONSHIP .SCOllandVBUlgaflallalrit‘tlettl’alk. (ilaxguu " zIlprrr llle‘l‘ltllz.‘tle\ \rrrrrethrrrj;Irkethrx plue'm lllelall‘.el\ tlll\l\lllL‘tl Strrtx \KII‘L‘ the lltwr urthtrrekx ()lklt‘

l’axterrrl llltll‘e'alh urll‘. rim aware

llie\ '\ee pr e\ reu



ICelticvMotherwellt e-lrr, l’ark.

1pm .\nr»thez eharree turt eltre lwrrrtreaxe their eharreex ~l a plate Ill

Itirwpe rre\t \e.i\t'll. rllllr‘IlL'l‘. \ltllllel\\e ll

are nut .rlxxat \ a puth er

I Dundee United v StJohnstone lannatlreeTl

l’ark. I )rrrrdee ‘pm lrm \lel ean\ awrrtmerit mt \rruth\ and eheappirieha\e\ \lrurrld ehalk upannther l'\\tll‘t‘lIIl\ill hurrie til the \urpr i\rrrel\ high-ll) lllt: St lrrlrrrxttrrre

I Dunfermline v Rangers l'axl l'nd l’ark. l)urrtermlrrre 1pm lxtxariktrxrrrarxrrI e\aell\ a rrarrre tliat tr l[‘\ Ull the turreue. Iirrt he adds a muelr needed elementh \lau\ ar llair tw the lite \ide. and erruldl‘e the rrrarrr threat in the ehampurn~eleet. alreadx \lrrm me. \runx wt etrrrrplaeerie}

I Hibernianvaerdeenl .ixter Rrrad. ldrni‘uruh “put (an llll‘\llll.lll\ puta \tuptu .-\I\e:deen\tlurrrdlrrr:titlehupe\ I )un't make rrre Iauuh IStMirreaneartsl rr\e Sire-er. l’arxle}

lpnr \le.illlll:!le\\ l-r\ture Mrrdrnme rearx‘.

rt\ llL‘l\ tread rrrree .ltl.llll. altliriuehlleaih arextrllrrurturrriehupexutal'urnpean plaee llrearrtrtti

FIRST DIVISION .Alrdl’leVFalklrklllruillllleltl.:\lltlllL‘ ~prri IClydebankVOUlldeel\rllumrel’atk.

( Inlelrarrk lpnr

I Kilmarnockv Hamilton Rule l’ar k. lxrlniarrrrrek 3pm

I Mortoanaith Roverst .lt‘l‘leltm l’ark. (ireenrrek 1pm

I Partick ThistlevAyrUnitedl rrlrrll l’ark. (il.i\_\;r~\\ 1pm


I Dumbarton v Montrose litiglteatl l’ai k. l)tlllll‘allrrll 1pm

I E88! FilevSlranraerHattie-xx l’atk, \lellril lprrr IOueen‘sParkvAlbionRoversllamptlen l’ark.(il.i\}_'.r‘\\ ‘pm

IStirling AlblORVAlloa.\llllllt‘ltll’.lll\. Stirling .‘prrr

NETBALL Sunday24

I Scottish Cup Semi-Finals lirxlrtipl‘r ruux

Sprrrht entre.(rla\e<r\\ llarrr \rruthand

l rider Itruarnexuarrnuptheerrmdlrrr the semi llll.ll\ ('axtlernilktakerin (ilerlrrrllle\ in the lrrxt \etttielrtial and \hrruldpruurexxtrrthelrrialulrerelhet laee ertlrer \etrtstrrun Hr lll\llttl‘l‘ll}_IL'\


IScottish Open \l (‘t (rlavgriu ;\ht_uhl_\ errtrrpetrtrxetwirrrranrerit. leattrrrrrL'

\e‘. eltleeltril the \kritltl\lrtt‘l\\ettl\ p|a\er\ laururrtexxxrllirrelude,lalranuir khan. \tl\ll.tll.lll\( llll\l)llllll.ll and Rudrrew \lartrn and I rrulrxlrrrrerr l’ete

\l.ir\lr.rll and l )el l lat r |\ \e'ritltiritl'xlrtrrwe-x

errtrlrl rext with Mark \lel earLeurrerrllt rated rrurrrlrer rrrrre III the \xurld rankrrrux. llre linal l\ plaxedmrr \trnda\ Fl at ‘lprrr.


I Edinburgh International Swim Meaerrtal (trrrrrrrtrnuealth l’rwl. l )alkerth Rnad

ldirrlrtiruh \.rttte\alleatl\ euntrrrrredtrrr thr\ [‘le‘\ll;1lttll\ rrieet irielude \rl\ Rtidttll.

the wit Idk la\le\l m irrrrirer . l'urrrpean eharriprrrrr \rek ( rtllltltillarrt. ( )ltmpieand

\\trrldeharriprtrir lx'rhtrna leer/eurand Seutlarrd'umrr.lean llrlI




I Glasgow Powerhouse v Elliott’s Sports Jets \leaduulrarrk Stadium. l'tlirrlrirrglr, 3pm I he unmerh lirral \llrlllltl \ee laxt \eal \ rurrrrerx up. ( rlaxumt l’imer litrrrxe,

take the trrrpht. rirdurrre In theirxuperrirr

league IHIIII

I Krystal Klearv Kinleith Plant

\Ieadtm Irank Stadium. l‘dinlruruh

1 illprrr erxtal Kleat lta\ e win the men\ trnaI tur the la\l three years. hut erriild lrnd their rrrrr halted In Kinleith l’lanchrr trnrxhed \eerrrrd III the league thruear.