I Madisons Rock Night ‘)pm~3am. £1 before lllpm £2 after. DJ l)ay'e

Doubledeeks partying on down with glarii.

thrash and The Silly Session. ()h. and a bit Ulroek as w ell.

I Millies lllpm tiam. £2 before 2.3llam; £3 alter.


I XS Wilkie House. 10.30pm 3.30am. See ‘I‘alking loud for details.

I Messenger Hi-Fi Sound System. Moray House. 9pm4am. 23 March. Ragga, roots. lovers and heavyweight dub—that's quality reggae to you and me. plus a BIG sound system and cultural MC. Notthe only club ol its kind in Edinburgh. but undoubtedlythe most uplront. Check it out.

I Galaxy ‘le \'ietoria Street. 1 lpni 73am. £3.5llwith tieket. ’I‘he inimitable Bootsy'. plusone or twootliers. play you what seems like eyery soul reeord ey'er pressed


/ > .’°

1’55 DS


from the likes ol Kenny 'l'homas (purleease)through to Motown and Northern stull, Surely something to keep eyeryone happy 1’ I Wildlile 23 Mareh and may lortnight. A elub run by Fred. Amanda and Neil ol 'l'hiinderball lariie. play ing r‘etrospeetiy e soul and liiiik in a eentral loeation; it‘s small. intimate and more like a party than any usual eyent; and it you don‘t know w here it's at then you shouldn't be there anyway. ()kay '.’ I Chillun Club \Vee Red liar. lllpm 3am. £2. 23 Mareh otily 'l‘he Rhythm ( ‘hillun erew spin a few ol their lay otirite reeords. with liy e musie pt'oy'idetl by the ( 'ltimsy l.oy'ers. The w liat‘.’ I Bedrock Club The Venue. llpm 4am. l.iy'e bands plus a diseo riiake this a popular night. See roek listings lordetails, I Boom Boom Club ( ‘alton Studios. llprii 4am. lnereasingly popular uplront

7. 7! T 0 71 S

r \ .- “of; j. H.ng Qiia tyla'ae prooleri an -'-:'..'.a;., Japanese sly eCottor‘ Mattresses 1.9;. lorexanoe ' Frye-pay Daub»: £83. Cart tiaeé‘ri : also cotter loan .yasra'a tract:- -‘:-.,;;_.:’;3'.;__-;j_‘__'s’.. V tutors tiasesetc . 3;? .t Free brocl‘taeor regeest f. ¢ ' f / .rl‘w' 6 N I ' W

‘I ‘\ 6 (.5 -. .' ' I l‘~\

13 Hyde Park Corner, Leeds L86 lAF. Telephone (05321743753.

Open 9.30—5.30 Monday—Saturday and until 7.00 on ThurSans



(lllll) Saiitiiiio profit go to liatiri :\lllt‘l‘l(‘u solidarity eaiiipaigii


Latin American dance is back!

The first Saturday of every month



£3.00 (£2.00 cone.)

64 The List 22 March 4 Abra i991“

danee elub. w liieli has. as an added attraetion. those S‘HS State boy s showing oll their turntable talents on 3“ .‘ylareh.

I Katch Shady lady 's. llprii .‘yam. LI. lndie. indie and yet more indie riitisie. attraeting a motley assortment ol mop-top student types.

I Mambo Club Network 3 tk 3.

lllfillpm 3am. £2 members £25“ non members Seotland‘s orin regular world mUsie elub. w liieli itist gets busier and busier. Sir ( )ssie on the w heels ol steel mixes the best in Alriean danee with ealypsoantl soea around the worldstylee. (lo and pretend you‘re in a w arm. sun—drenelied paradise.

IWheels'l‘lie Mission. llprii 3am. Ll 5H belore riiidnight £2.51) alter. :\ nightmare on Vietoria Street'.’ Quite possibly. Also a roek night.

I Nelworkl lllfillpm 4am. L4.

IThe Amphitheatre lllpm 4am. H.

I BusterBrowns ll)..‘illprii Jam. {lbelore l l .3llpiii L4 alter.

I Blue Oyster Club lllfillpm 4am.

I ChaplinSat l‘insbury l’ark. llpm slam. See l‘l'l ltu' tle‘lalls,

I Red Hot PepperClub lllpm 4am. £3 belore l l ..‘~llprn U alter.

I Millies lllpm oam. £2 belore 2.3llaiii; Halter.

I Madisons Rock Night lllpm ~1lllll.il belore l lprii £2 alter, 1).] [art playsslightly more traditional traeks than on a today. but still paeks the lloor.


I Student Night Network 3.1llpni 3am l‘rom 24 l‘eb. See prey iew,

I Buster Browns lllfillpm 3am. L15“ belore11.3llririiL3;ille‘r‘.

I Red Hot PepperClub lllam farm. {3. A karaoke night.

I Madisons 1 lpm 4am. .-\ ioirit yenture by .‘ylillies and the laughing l)uek. leatur‘ing the turntable talents ol luuriyely l).ls Phillip and liootsy (iuaranteed taeky diseo and ehart house all night long (ireat stull.

I Networkl lllpm 2am. LI.

IThe Amphitheatre lllpm late. {3.

I Blue OysterClub lti._‘\tiprii 4am,


IThe Monday Club .‘ytatlisons.

‘)..‘~llpm 3am, \u—beat. punk. goth and glam metal. (iosh.

I Millies l lpm 4am. l9Rlzlz.


I F' 'k ll Network 1.: ek .‘i. :b .‘ylarehoiily. l5ollow ing the outstanding sueeess ol their last one—till. w hieli attraeted a erowd til Milli. the eharmingly -titled l‘ K lts return lor more student—or ientated ltiri. You hay e to be lllele.

I Millies 1 1pm 4am. l‘Rl‘li.


I Chlorine Dream Network 3.

lll..‘~llpm 4am. LC. liidie. noise. popand danee. \iee posters. too.

I Yard The Mission. 1 1pm 3am. l‘ronl 3 April, lileetronie and liurosounds.

I Rhythm Club llte Amphitheatre.

l)pm 3am. £3 non—riieriibers £2 members, World musie ol all sorts. plus regular liy e bands.

I Zappa We \‘ietoria Street. llprii 3am. £25“ £2. Baek in lzdinburgli onee more. with the usual seleetion ol (wits and Cl is traeks. plus reggae. ori—u arid ska. ()h. and their old membership seheme is still y alid.

by the way

IMilliesllpm 4am lRlzl-f


I Echo Muse(’alton Studios. lllpm slam. L3 t3. .-\ new weekly eltibwitlian

enormously y at ied play list streteliinglrori‘,

l’ublie l'nemy to l)ayidl ee Roth. with [ours .lordan and the Bunny men

soniew here in between l’lus. liy e aets in the luture l eleelieoi what"

I Matrix We \ietoria Street. llpiii 3am. £l with iiiatrie eard l'rom 3S l-eb .»\ speeilieally student night. playingan aeross the board seleetion lroiii the past three tleeatles ('liai t. diseo. house.

alter riatiy e you want it . they 'll play it,

I Shag 'l he \lission. lllfillpm 3am. £2. lt's 'l'hursday . so it's tiriie to goSliaggirig Not that any body needs to be told by now. liito their tliiid year . and still populated by halt the students 111 l'tliriburgh. l‘un. lltllle‘Salltl lle‘t‘ e‘lltit'ttltllk‘

INetworkl lllpm lam Li

I Blue OysterCIUD. 10.30pm—4am.

I Red Hot PepperClub lupin Ram. Li.

I Millies l lpiii -1aiii. Ll


IThe Amphitheatre 31 l othiaii Ro;itl.22‘) "hall

I Blue Oyster Club ‘lba Rost- s'ii eel l ane .‘s‘orili. lltmdfis

I Buster Browns 35 3" Market Street. I]: «1324.

I Calton Studios ( ‘aliori Rtiatl. 55o "Hob. I Chambers StreetStudentUnion (‘liambeis Street. no“ lllll

I 90 “e \ietor ia Street. .25 Err-l

I Finsbury Park .‘~ 3 .s'otiili St Andrew Street. 55!» lltlll,

I Liberty's ( ilL‘L‘llSItlL‘ l’laee. 550 SSH"

I Madison‘s ( ire-ensitle l’laee. Si" Rsii" I Mission \‘reioria Street. 2353.131.

I Millies \itldr ie Street. 55ootl5ll.

I Moray House Student Union l lolt r-otitl Rtitltl. ssh siss. '

I The NBlWOI'k \Vesl l‘llllL'ltlSS. 3253252. I Potterrow Student Union llristo Stiuare. (illnllzl-l.

I Red HolPepperClubR Seiiiplesii-eei.

'l olleross. 22‘) “"33. I Shady Lady's ( ‘t I“ gate. 335 1330. ITeviol Row StudentUnion llrisiostiuare. on" join,

I The Venue ( alton Road. 550 3H0}.

I Wilkie HOUSE ( ~ow gate. :35 Ill“).


A clubber‘s guide to local radio. See Backlist lormoreradiolun.

I 8PM Radio Seotlantl. l'll

ll illpni 13.3Hani I lie big boys‘one eoneessioii to tlariee eulture, untortunalely on air when all eltibbers are out. well eltibbing l)oes somebody get [it/rd towoik out their piogiariiriie selietlule .’ .»\riyway. ll you do taney a night lll. tliisleatures

soul. liouse. hip hop and l ap

I PaulWelsht‘lytle ( int-l .\1. Sat

0-1" llprii l'eaturirig tlie duleet tonesol this e\-( 'liampion l).l. plus regular big name inter y iews. depending on w ho is

y isitirig tlie eity . and big danee sounds.

l le's an alright lad. is l’aul.

IThe Duke Radio l~ortli. Sun lllpm. In between keepinga restrainingliaridori liryari Burnett and lariiee l'orsytliland let‘s taee ll. somebody has tol. Allan .Vl)’ ('ampbell plays a lew elub traeks. speaks to a lew pop stars you know the sortol tliiiig .-\lliriatlay'swork