Banks revisits the universe of the Culture,

Howard Brenton

In a scuence fiCtIDl‘l tour Diving for Pearls de force Of awesome ’Prorlaims the some robust creative personality that informs the imagination _ i g 1 iprLouySéSD/emonicol and dream-haunted, it is replete with resonant THE Lrs'r‘raxr-R £4.99

Iain Sinclair


’A great, strange, possibly definitive piece of fiction about London a iourney of terror, surprise and wonder.’



White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings ’Astonishing a sane, darkly brilliant report from the backstreets of knowledge and power.’

New S'I‘A'I‘Esxi.~\.\‘


Edited by Eliot Weinbergcr

Octavio Paz

The Collected Poems 1957 - 1987

’The 1990 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature’s gift is to provicle us, time and time again, with a sense of magic.’

Tm. Ixorar‘rzxorax'r‘


lanct Frame

T0 the Is-Land

An Ange] at My Table

The Envoy from Mirror City

. - - -V'5ionan_-lv c'ever ’One of the greatest autobiographies written this century.’ and WiCkEd. Hi5 SDECiBIitQ Mm r-xrr, Hornmo is his sense of scale and £3.99, £3.99, £3.99 r. significance” FAY WELDDN b our Now IN ORBIT PAPERBACK g some books 3 r- , > you Iust can't {5 AND IN URBITHARDBACK: 9 live without -. THE STATE OF THE ART 2 - . - . l970-l99l I . v - . Grafton Books menses ormxwm momma PERGAIION Huntsman coavommou .-i Dim-m (if i Iii-putxtiltrr\/>;rrbi’.-,wims -'


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