I American Graffiti (15) (George Lucas. US. 1973) Richard Dreyfuss. Candy Clark. Harrison Ford. 111) mins. Where were you in '62? Superior nostalgia following a day and night in the lives of some aimless high-school graduates coming of age in a small California town. Endearing and entertaining with a cast of future luminaries displaying early promise. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Angel Heart ( 18) (Alan Parker. US. 1987) Mickey Rourke. Robert de Niro. Charlotte Rampling. 113 mins. Scruffy. unshaven private eye Harry Angel is hired by the mysterious Louis Cyphre to track down a missing Forties crooner who has reneged on a life-or-death deal. Ilis investigations lead him to a seedy New Orleans dominated by voodoo cults and extremely dead bodies in this uncomfortable mating of visceral gore and moodyfilm noir. with some ingenious if nasty twists in the plot. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I Arachnophobia (PG) (Frank Marshall. US. 1991)) Jeff Daniels. Julian Sands. IlarleyJane Kozak. John Goodman. 111) mins. In rural retreat on the California coast. the Jennings family are unpleasantly surprised when they meet their new neighbours. a particularly venomous breed of spiders. which are to terrorisc the village ofCanaima. not least through the surgery of arachnaphobic Dr Jennings (Daniels). Produced by Steven Spielberg and billed as a ‘thrillomedy'. this feast of humorous horrors is guaranteed to appeal to sick-minded punters who enjoy either nightmares or close contact with our eight-legged friends. Central: Cannon. I L'Atalante (PG) (Jean Vigo. France. 1934) Michel Simon. Jean Dastc. Dita Parlo. 89mins. The only feature tobe made by the brilliant Vigo before his tragically early death. A simple narrative follows the tangled passions of newlyweds Daste and Parlo as they spend their honeymoon on a barge trip with seedy old captain Simon. 1. 'Atalante‘s rich cavalcade of ever-changing moods and unforgettany poetic moments of sensuality make it a unique classic to be cherished. Glasgow: GF'I". I Awakenings (12) (Penny Marshall. US. 1991) Robert De Niro. Robin Williams. John Ileard. Julie Kavner. Penelope Ann Miller. Max von Sydow. 121 mins. Based on the book by psychiatrist Oliver Sacks. Awakenings tells the story of a reclusive neurologist (Williams) whose new post at Bainbridge Ilospital in New York is not the clinical experience he had anticipated. Instead. he finds himself drawn to a particular group ofstatue-like encephalitic patients. among them De Niro‘s Leonard Lowe. As his obsession with their unexpressed inner lives grows. he develops a relationship with Lowe which begins to release both Lowe‘s ability to communicate and his own repressed emotions. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.UC1 Clydebank. UCl East Kilbride. I La Balance (18) (Bob Swaim. France. 1982) Nathalie Baye. Philippe Leotard. Richard Berry. Christophe Malavoy. 102 mins. In the seedy underworld of Paris. a pimp (Leotard) turns informer (balance) when theflics give his prostitute girlfriend (Bayc) a hard time. But as the situation becomes increasingly fraught. loyalties are twisted and stretched to breaking point. and an emotionally powerful climax results. A modern classic among French thrillers. Glasgow: GF'I'. I Beetleiuice(15) (Tim Burton. US. 1988) Geena Davis. Alec Baldwin. Michael Keaton. 92 mins. Recently deceased and



very charming New England couple have difficulty in adjusting to the afterlife. Not the least of their worries is the tasteless

refurbishment of their old home by a nasty 3

New York yuppie family. and they eventually call on freelance bio-exorcist Betelgeuse (pronounced ‘Beetle-juice‘) to deal with the problem in hisown inimitable fashion. A movie of exuberantly eccentric cartoonish capers. which creates its own comic cosmos where the unexpected is the norm. Great fun it all is too. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Black Rain (18) (Ridley Scott. US. 1989) Michael Douglas. Andy Garcia. Ken Takakura. 125 mins. Not so much theland. ofthe Rising Sun as the land ofShiny Surfaces as adman extraordinaire returns to a set not unlike Blade Runner. However. some promising ideas are shunted to the sidelines by Douglas’s sour and rather uninspiring heroics as the New York cop sent to Osaka to counter a counterfeiting ring. The whole perhaps confirms Scott as a master decorator hired to tart up a very obvious formula. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Blood Oath ( 15) (Stephen Wallace. Australia. 1991)) Bryan Brown. George Takei. Terry O‘Ouinn. Deborah Unger. Jason Donovan. 108 mins. The story ofan Australian army officer seeking conviction for Japanese war criminals in the sweltering heat of the Indonesian jungle in 1946. Competent. grippingand sweaty courtroom drama from the director of The Boy Who Had [:‘verything and the caustic prison drama sun: Glasgow: Odeon.

I Bonfire 01 The Vanities ( 15) (Brian DePalma. US. 1991)) Tom Ilanks. Bruce Willis. Melanie Griffiths. Morgan Freeman. 126 mins. Tom Wolfe's celebrated New York satire is brought to the screen by veteran director DePalma. with a starry cast. but disappointing results. which failed to capture the US box office's imagination. llanks stars as ill fated yuppie Sherman McCoy. whose blossoming fortunes take a downturn after a car accident involving a young black man. Griffiths plays his mistress Maria. Willis the newspaper hack on his trail. and Freeman the black judge overriding corruption in the courts. See preview.

' page 16. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston

Road. Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Cannon. UCI. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. L'Cl Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride. I Born On The Fourth 01 July ( 18) (Oliver Stone. US. 1989) Tom Cruise. Willem Dafoe. Raymond J. Barry. Kyra Sedgwick. 144 mins. Stone's Oscar-winning second trip to ‘Nam features Cruise as disabled veteran Ron Kovic. in a biographical depiction of ambition. disillusionment and national betrayal. as the lad grows up.‘joins up. gets wounded and finds his country doesn‘t want to know him anymore. Kovic‘s plight is rendered symbolic of state-of-the-nation dismay. and Cruise brings an unprecendented degree of integrity to the part. giving easily his best performance to date. Stone's usual lack of subtlety is offset here by Kovic's own involvement in making the movie. Edinburgh Film Guild. I Boy Meets Girl ( 18) (Leos Carax. France. 1984) Denis Lavant. Mireille Perrier. Carroll Brooks. 104 mins. Moody and surreal love story. in which the focUs wanders like its main characters through an ill lit demi-monde of Paris by night. filled with incidental characters and unsettling images. Patience may be demanded. but is rewarded with a poetically charged meditation on the failure of human communication. Glasgow: GET. I Chocolat(15) (Claire Denis. France. 1988) Mireille Perrier. Isaach de Bankole. Giulia Boschi. Francois Cluzet. 1115 mins. Returning to the remote part ofthe Cameroons where she spent her


childhood. the daughter ofa colonial civil servant recalls scenes from those early years. including the attraction between her mother and their native manservant. This accomplished debut feature isa nostalgic and gentle mosaic of colonial life. offering a perceptive look at the Europeans‘ varying attitudes towards the Africans. Edinburgh: French Institute screening at Filmhouse.

I Cinema Paradiso (PG) (Giuseppe Tornatore. Italy France.1988) Phillipe Noiret. Jacques Perrin. Salvatore Cascio. 123 mins. Tornatorc's vision ofhis movie-mad childhood is a wonderful love letter to the cinema itself. Told largely in flashback. it traces the young Salvatore's infatuation with his village cinema. and his growing friendship with its projectionist (played to perfection by Noiret). Essentially. it's 'l'ornatore's lament for the joyous movie-going experience of his youth and a recognition of the price we pay for our maturity. I991) ()scar winner for Best Foreign Film. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Clockwise (PG) (Christopher Morahan. UK. 1985) John Cleese. Alison Steadman. Penelope Wilton. 97mins. A pathologically punctilious headmaster is chronically tardy for a crucial conference. Basically a one-joke farce this is an enervatcd vehicle for Cleese‘s incisive comic timing. the film‘s raison d’erre and saving grace. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Coming Attractions ( PG) (Jenni ()lson. US. 1991)) Those who enjoyed Heavy Petting should get a kick out ofthis Compilation ofenjoyably silly film trailers and promos. All centring on a gay theme. they include such classics as The Killing ()f Sister George. Can't Stop The .llusic and Boys In The Band. Glasgow: GFI'.

I The Cook. The Thief. His Wife and Her Lover( 18) (Peter Greenaway. UK. 1989) Michael Gambon. Helen Mirren. Alan Iloward. Richard Bohringer. Tim Roth. 121) mins. A superb film which nonetheless contains something to offend everybody. Beautifully photographed. directed. written. acted and art-directed (with lavish costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier). its subject matter is at once bizarre. repulsive. romantic and compelling. Centring on (ireenaw'ay’s obsessions with food. decay and infidelity. it‘san unforgettably stylish tale of forbidden love and brutal revenge. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Coup De Foudre At I’irstSiglt! Iintre Nous ( 15) (Diane Kurys. France. 1983) Miou-Miou. Isabelle llupperl. Guy .‘vlarchand. Jean-Pierre Bacri. 111 mins. Kurys' Oscar-nominated third feature is a superbly perceptive story about the intense friendship between two women. which gives both the strength to abandon unsatisfactory marriages. As in most of Kurys‘ work. there is an element of autobiography: in this case the l luppert character is based on Kurys' mother. Glasgow: (il’l‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Crimes of Passion ( 18) (Ken Russell. LS. 1984) Kathleen Turner. Anthony Perkins. John Laughlin. 11)7mins. Russell's debunking of the American way of sex is an uproariously black satire where moonlighting whore meets dildo-packing clergyman meets I Iurnan Penis. A strident and courageous piece of film-making in that it casts the men asthe oppressors. Russell's best in years.‘ Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Cyrano De Bergerac (1:) (Jean-Patti Rappeneau. France. 1991)) Gerard Depardieu. Jacques Weber. Anne Brochet. VincentPerez. 135 mins. A stirring adaptation of Rostand‘s classic. romantic tragi-comedy. Full ofgrandly mounted. bustling crowd scenes ( Ezio Frigerio and Franca Squarciapino won a Felix for their production design). it revolves around typically superb performance from Depardieu as the large-nosed hero. Although performed in rhyming verse throughout (with , somewhat dodgy subtitles by Anthony

Burgess). and a touch overlong. the film‘s dramatic and cinematic qualitiesare outstanding. Glasgow: CiI’I'. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. \ I Dances With Wolves ( 12) ( Kevin Costner. CS. 1991)) Kevin Costner. Marv McDonnell. Graham Greene. Rodney . Grant. 179 mins. Costner's debut as director and co-producer. in which he also stars. has already been widely praised for its epic scale and its sympathetic depiction of Red Indian culture in the 1861). Itwon seven ()scars including Best Film and Best Director. with no less than twelve : nominations. Set at a remote outpost ! during the American Civil War. a time of violent struggle between pioneering ' Yankees and Sioux Indians. it offers a i l

sensitive and intense analysis of both factions. and of a man caught between twc different cultures. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Grosvenor. Iidinburgh: Catmon. ITCI. Strathclyde: Kelburne. ()dcon Ayr. ()deonllamilton. 1‘C1 Clydebank.1'C1 Iiast Kilbride. I Dead Men Don‘t Wear Plaid (I’(i)(Carl Reiner.1,'S. 1982) Steve Martin. Rachel Ward and a cast of revived luminaries. 87 mins. Film noir spoof has private eye Martin involved with femntefatale Ward and fiendish Nazi scientist Reiner. Much of the humour stems from intercutting original material with original detective thrillers from the 1941)s.1idinburgh: Cameo. I Desperate Hours ( 15) ( Michael Cimino. ['S. 1991)) Mickey Rourke. Anthony Hopkins. Mimi Rogers. Lindsay Crouse. Kelly Lynch. Iilias Kotcas. 1115 mins. ()1) escaping from police custody. Michael Bosworth ( Rourke) needs a place to hole up for a few hours before hopping over the border to Mexico. \Vherc better than the haute hourgeoise home of Nora and Tim I Cornell ( Rogers and llopkitts)'.’ With the j

FBI and his wronged girlfriend (Ly nch) on ; his tail. Bosworth pitches psychological battle against his terrified hostages. but

can he hold out'.’ Tense remake of William Wyler‘s 1955 original. from the directorof The Deer Hunter and Heaven 's (fate. Edinburgh: 1,7(‘I.Stratlicly'tle:L‘CI g Clydebank. L'Cl liast Kilbridc. ; I 01811010 M8n1hePeppermintSoda(15) ' (Diane Kurys. France. 1977) Iileonore Klarwein. ()dile Michel. Anouk Ferjac. 11)] mins. Beautifully performed and highly unsentimental autobiographical look at the experiences of two teenage sisters growing up in the social and political turmoil of the l‘)(y1)s.Kttrys‘ superb debut feature is a textbook demonstration in bringing life toan overworked genre. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Digby: The Biggest Dog In The World ( ti) (Walter Sheiisoii.1'K. 1973) Jim Dale. Spike Milligan. Angela Douglas. 88mins. Regularly wheeled out to keep the kids quiet at Christmas. this concerns an ()ld Iinglish Sheepdog who accidentally eats a super-fertiliser designed to grow extra large vegetables. Instead of dyinga horrible death. like Alice he grows and grows. which leads to all sortsof adventures. Pleasant. old-fashioned family entertainment. though how much interest it holds for today'sturtle-fixated youth is questionable. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Diner( 15) (Barry Levinson. US. 1983) Mickey Rourke. Iillen Barkin. Steve Guttcnberg. 111) mins. Frein andacutely observed rites of passage story focusingon a group of adolescent friends who hangout1 together in the late 1950s. The universality of their growing pains is nicely detailed and affectionately acted by a cast offuture luminaries. Iidinburgh: Cameo. I Dirty Money (fn I-‘lii‘( I8) (Jean-Pierre Melville. France. 1972) Alain Delon. Catherine Deneuve. Richard Crenna. Simone Valerc. 98mins. Mclville'sfinal film is an archetypally pacy. ingeniousandl inspired police ‘n' thieves thriller. in which

18 The List 51'1—s—xs'niiiioqi