fire Delon pursues a gang of armed robbers across a shadowy cityscape. lidinburgh: Cameo.

I Dreamsl l5) (Akira Kurosawa.Japan. 1990) Akira 'l'erao. Martin Scorsese. 12” mins. After some -7 features dating back to the tttid l9-llls. this is supposedly Kurosawa‘s most personal filrn to date altd makes an interesting hybrid ofJapanese culture and the latest in American film-making technology . Composed of eight separate dream sequences torn from the imagination of the old maestro

himself. each otte with itsown individual narrative and moral. the end result betrays the occasional spot of self-indulgence but remains a visually stunning and emotionally uplifting csperience. Look out for Scorsese as \'an (iogh in a breathtaking sequence that has the artist moving through the worlds created by his own paintings. ludrnburgh Film (iuild.

I Drowning By Numbers ( ls) ( l’eter (ir'cenaway. I'K. 198M Joan l’low right. Bernard Hill. .loely Richardson. llSmins. Ina narrativ e as straiglitforw aid and complicated as the title. three generations of women. all of them called ( ‘issie Colpitts. dispose of their husbands in a series of aquatic murders. whilst the numbers I to Hill run through the filmin the backgrounds. full of ( ireenaway's ravishing visual symmetries and with a highly developed sense oftlie

incongruous. the movie sports a number of polished. sympathetic performances. Besides the enjoyable pastime of number spotting. this is among his most accessible and pleasurable films. lidinburgh: Cameo. I DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp l C) (Bob llatehcock. CS. 1990) With the \oiees ot Alan Young. Terence Mc( iovern. Russi Taylor. Christopher Lloyd. 90 mins. The first release on Disney ‘s 'Movietoons' subsidiary is a feature-length dey elopment of the “trek Til/es cartoon series seen on ['5 television. It stars Scrooge McDuck. who. with his nephews l luey. Dewey and I.ouie. foils the evil Merlock and gairisthe long-lost booty of Collie Baba. One for the kiddies. (ilasgow: Cannon The Forge. ()deon. lidinburgh: ()deon. l'Cl. Strathclyde: l'( 'l Clydebank. L'Cl Fast I Kilbride. ) I Dune ( l’(i) (David Lynch. CS. 1985) Kyle Mcl.achlan. Sting. Kenneth McMillan. 133 mins. lricomprehensible atterupt by an unsuitable film-makerto come to terms with Frank I lerbert's sprawling sci-fi bestseller. Spectacular production design and a few momentsof characteristic perversity only do so much to distract the attention from story-telling of numbing ineptitude. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. I Easy Rider( 18) (Dennis Hopper. CS. 1909) Peter Fonda. Dennis J lopper. Jack Nicholson. 94 mins. A rtless. archetypal road movie in which twodope-loving bikers travel the highways and by-waysof America. Dated eult attraction with Nicholson stealing the show as a boon lawyer persuaded to join tip for the trip. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Exorcist ( is) (William Fricdkin. L's. 1973) Linda Blair. lillen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. llll mins. liarnest priest \'on Sydow steps iii to save poor little obsessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scarey. dead priest. lidinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. I Exorcist 2: The Heretic ( 18) (John Boorman. CS. 1977) Richard Burton. Louise Fletcher. Linda Blair. lllimins. The horror film that turned heads receives an unworthy sequel in this silly mumbo-jumbo about priest Burton trying to understand the demons still lurking within the hapless Ms Blair. lidinburgh: Cameo. I Fatal Attraction( 18) (Adrian I.yne. vs. 1987) (ilenn Close. Michael Douglas. Anne Archer. l 19mins. Happily married

lawyer Douglas discovers the high price of infidelity when his casual one-night-stand turns out to be a dangerously psychotic woman who will stop at nothing to gain her man's affection. (ilossy and well acted if misogynistic l litcheock-style thriller. Edinburgh: Cameo. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. I The Field ( 12) (Jim Sheridan. Eire. 1990) Richard Harris. John llurt.Tom Berenger. Brenda Fricker. llllmins. Based on John B. Keane's stage play. Sheridan‘s follow-up to the immensely successful My Left FM)! is a rural tragedy set in I939. llarris stars asThe Irish farmer in competition with an American for the purchase of the field he's worked for years. As their struggle intensifies. so violence and revelations are unleashed which draw him inexorabl,V to an awful fate. Sec preview. page 15. (ilasgow : ()deon. lidinburgh: ()deon. l I Flash Gordon 2f18)(lloward'l'.Ziehm. | CS. 199(1) \"incent Murdocco. Robyn l Kelly. 'l'ony Travis. William Dennis l lunt. l 1113 mins. In the early l97lls. you could get

away with sexploitation comedies like Hush (ion/on. with hordes of naked women fleeing giant. phallic spaceships. gay robots and names like Master Bator. 'I‘oday'.’ Maybe it's the Safe Sex backlash: maybe it's capitalist decadence. Or maybe » just maybe -- there‘s still a market for schoolboy humour. Roger and out. as the publicity puts it. (ilasgow: (irosvenor. I Ghostr12)((ierry~zueker.lis.1990) Patrick Swayze. Demi Moore. Whoopi Croldberg.'l‘ony(ioldwyn. 126 mins. Death doth part happy couple Swayze and Moore when the former falls victim toa late—night mugging. .\'ot content rnerelyto pass on. however. he returns to try andget back in touch with his wife via medium (ioldberg (who won an Oscar for her supporting role). in an attempt to warn her about financial and other dangers. Amiable supernatural comedy-drama. which spawned a few inferior imitations. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. WMR Film Centre. I The Godfather lll ( 15) (Francis Ford Coppola. CS. 1990) Al Pacino. Andy (iarcia. Diane Keaton. Talia Shire. 160 mins. The final instalment. we're assured. of the Coppola l’uzo saga has Pacino‘s Michael Corleone struggling to keepthe peace both within the family and throughout his Mafia contacts. In an bid for peace of mind and stability. he turnsto the Church and away from organised crime. but the demons of his past are not so easily left behind. Painted on the same broad canvas as its two prequels. this is a lavish and beautifully played gangster drama with a true note of tragedy. But there's a faint odour of formulaic remake. (ilasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Fdinburgh: Cannon. lfCl. Central: Cannon. Regal. Strathclyde: La Scala. llCl Clydebank. [SCI Fast Kilbride. WM R Film Centre. I Golden Braid ( 15) (Paul Cox. Australia. 1990) Chris I laywood. (iosia Dobrowolska. Paul Chubb. 91 mins. Romantic tragi-comedy. in which I laywood's antique-collector discovers a braid of golden hair in an 18th-century cabinet. llis developing obession with it leads to alienation and worse. but luckily his lover ( Dobrowolska) is on hand to restore his delicate soul to health. A dated-looking but intelligent and life-affirming tnovie from the land that brought you Crocodile Dundee. See preview. page lb. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. I Green Card ( 12) (Peter Weir. L's. 1991) Crerard Depardieu. Andie MacDowell. Bebe Neuwirth. (iregg lidelman. 107 mins. The hugely amiable figure of Depardieu dominates this. his Hollywood debut. He plays a French eomposerliving illegally in New York and in desperate need of a work permit. MacDowell's horticulturalist is in love with a conservatory apartment. but needsa husband to get the lease. A marriage of

triumphantly with his material, balancing irony with sympathy,

iii-s r ".y( Kill )'. RAMS) \lu‘ "5 RI( HARD R088?“ Em -(' “wt. ROBE RI MA: MI Saw: m RL Ill PRMHIR IIIABVAIA

"Constantly delights, surprises, even touches the heart. Ivory mingles

comedy with pathos" CliOl’I’ BROWN - Tlll’. TIM ES "Newman and Woodward touch our feelings to a depth 1 have rarely encountered in the cinema."

:\l.I{X.-\.‘vl)liR \l'.-\l.l'<lils‘ -Tlll; STANDARD



"breathtakingly beautiful"

"The film has grace, gravity, tenderness and wit. It also has the benefit of two wonderful central performances."

HUGO DAVENPORT - THE DAILY TELEGRAPH . \thUH‘slI\()R\,ll'\1\tl:’w:~-e .- 'le .s sills BR:K)(.E‘ at“: 'le BRIIXLE‘ m'leS 8Rll)(;E‘ m EHN‘S (()\\Ills-y-1PM.I \le \H‘s KH‘sNI \\()(){)\\ AR!) 8'.) llli CM\\ER Sl\t()\( Alll)“ KIRK SRXM‘K K ROBERT SE-\\ ll()\ARl) MARC-WEI \XilSH SM \flk’A \t(( '. A1\ I)!A\E H(.'\\ Al Sll‘s Pf\l)lfl()\ (All (LAR’sETI RENMK RAMSM Warm-m as r I)“ II) (.R()P\H\ 5:; 'u: Hl \ll’llREi l)!\( )\ 9w ream: .‘n ION) P|{R( EROSIRIS ( (slaw

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