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the UK listing. With theiroft-trumpeted Celtic/rootsy identity. The Silencers are the type of home-grown. home-loved band the new chart is constructed to favour. ‘Who gives a fuck‘." is ()‘Neill‘s response to their top five appearance. ‘Naw. it‘s great we're now in the chart in Scotland. in France. Spain and Finland. It means you're doing something somewhere - it‘s only England we‘ve got a problem with. That's the one hassle.‘

Dance. . . consideringitstwo predecessors. displays a hitherto concealed range ofappeal. stemming in part from the all-new shining bright Silencers line-up. Compared to earlier. trad. chest-thumping rockers with a median tedium. the new stuff is adventurous in its diversity. There's a taxi engine back-beat. guitars with a sweaty raunch rather than an anthemic swirl. growling. out-of—the-mix vocals. snips ofsamples and the seedy thrill of the Gulf-nixed single ‘Bulletproof l-leart‘.

‘With the track ‘Robinson Crusoe In New York‘ (the one with the snapping pulse of the taxi engine), we really tried to make something that was a complete departure. And after having done it and everybody loving it. rather than having it as the last track we thought we might as well jump right in at the deep end and start the album with it. It‘s the sorta thing we‘d never have attempted before but we wanted to do this because we now have the musical ability to carry it off.‘

‘We‘ve always been pretty eclectic anyway.‘ says ()‘Neill. though issue could be taken with ‘always’. ‘Now we‘re just going where the imagination takes us. Rather than just a tcn-songalbum. we want to dosomething. . . more than that. lt‘sjust a matter of us having more experience. now when I think of the future the possibilities are endless.‘

The Silencers play Edinburgh Queen '5 Hall on Saturday [3 April; .‘IUlllt’rH'F/l Civic Centre Wednesday I 7. and (ilusgolt' Barrow/and Friday I 9 April.

Ticking over nicely

The Silencers have returned; all | new. brimming over with l confidence and parading. in t Scotland at least. a big hit. Craig McLean reports.

Stadium rock‘s pretty crap. isn‘t it Jimmie? ‘Well. one of the classic quotes was when we were doing one ofour first ever gigs. in the Fixx in Glasgow. There were these two guys at the bar and one guy turned to the other and said. “What do you think

l ofthts band?” And the other guy went. (cue g contemptuous .s'neering sound) “Ach. stadium j

rock".' So there tnust always have been something there that lent itselfto big stages. 1 mean. I must admit that The Silencers nowadays are the kind of _' band who could go into a small venue and play the i kind of music that‘s suitable in a small venue as Jimmie O'Neil (bottom) or The Silencer: H‘t’ll (1.8" in (1 big t't’tlltt’. ' ncycr [00de back.

With a deft snatch of reminiscence. Jimmie l The 1989 l‘olltm-up,t mum [raining/11.1. O'Nt‘tll. mitt“ “Tim VOL‘itllSt thlClidCf Ollltc litilli l continued the continental liurobean drift. doing in TM SilCliCL‘rs. Shirks IliC lSSllC Ettid rCl't’iilnS from the biz in a serious manner over the Channel and actually giving a defence for the whole spurious 'over the Forth. 'l'he arenas and the open-air genre of‘stadium rock'. It is within the murky i festivals beckoned when The Silencers were mists of that epitome of ‘big bucks for the bands. tagged on to fellow Schoolhouse Management nae luck for the fans‘ live syndrome that Jimmie’s colleagues Simple Minds' liuropean tour. band have found their niche. ()n the back ofsales Last week the new album continuing the of 100.000 worldwide that's 55.550 in Scotland. religious theme. called Dante To The Holy .llun 44.448 in France. and two in San Marino was the first release to benefit palpany from the (probably) - 0f lltCir dcltut album. A Letter I‘t'UNl new Scottish chart. gaining a Number l’ive ranking St Paul. the band toured with L'Z and Bowie. 'l‘hey I in the album charts. compared with Number 3‘) in

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