l Paris Angelszt

Understand (Oh Yes Dance Mix) (SheerJoy) After releasing two of last year's most memorable and infectious Mancunian

gems. Paris Angels lose

the place almost

completely witlt this limp New Order pastiche. (‘ertainly they've

assembled all the right ingredients to cook tip

sortie delicious Instant

Indie Dance Mix ~

tonkling piano. juddering keyboards and sub-aqua vocal effects btit World of'l‘wis‘t appear to has e stolen the recipe. Let's

hope there's sortie yestige oIa song on the 7-inch y'ersion. (FS)

lThe Waterboys: The

Whole OtThe Moon

(Ensign) Re-released to

cash in on the success of

last year‘s dance version. still a triumphant moment and still some olthe

biggest music made in the 80s. The selling point. though. is the four tracks

on the B-side grouped together under the title

‘The Golden Age

Medley". all totally unrelated except that

three ofthem are unreleased tracks from

the Fisherman '3 Blues sessions. By no means essential. except for the completist. but good to have. (AM)

I The Jeremy Days: Sylvia Suddenly (Polydor) Some very sure-footed German popticians indeed they singin English and sound y'ery' English. except that . the drummer has the guts to use ershes. which the drummer in a comparable indie band over here would probably consider l tantamount to skipping around kissing flowers or something. Dirk. the singer. sounds uncony'incittglydistraught

the one before) that put the last 5 single ‘I lappy" well up the chart alter only negligible exposure.

I 3 . . . . . . . . 0! their potential heirs. .\ed s ; Brazenly admitting that chart 3 .t\tomic Dustbin always looked the positions matter to the group. Rat

i m ; crown wentup lorgrabswhilethey i ; experienced their most torpid year to


likeliest. Something lll their whole gushes oyer the singles success. 'When it went in at In. imagine our ioy‘. We were sitting in the little , ('het'at the titne on the way to Hall and we just floated in to town singing

make-tip has helped them stand out

3 I l'rom the morass ot' \lega Sand . 'l‘hings- hard-gigging combos to be

lotind trailing tltc length and breadth

on one track. but other than that. nice indeed. (AM)

IThe Lemonheads: Gonna


Gillmom Wl‘l‘°‘{‘_"9" Now ot' the country iii gloril‘ied bath ttibs. merrily to out'sely-es.‘ .-\ tleset'y'etl (“Vlhzlt‘l‘lfgul3:32:31“' . . threatening at any moment to turn triumph lot' a group who were once demolimm r‘cwmtmctmn (cg Rat for companv‘ your l|\ iiig ilooiln lltlitllt'llllylttll elgttttt‘tgstttlcc lll'tlllil lollts lot. i JoblikePetShopBoys z ' 3 ) . a Impromptu ‘LL ant tica last. lcltoyei records ant w towere dnmg.thrc-I-hc Sufi.“ _ 10nd Shepherd DUI I‘OWS ()tiil/ing the band on their VlCllltlS ol the near-collapse ol Have No .‘s'ame' or Sisters 5 deep into the glowing transcendent appeal is liowey er a Rough 'l'rade‘s distribution fizlg‘lcrcl(lol'ltl‘il’lync'- l :' dctrituS thqt “‘08, In th‘c lruitless task. ‘I honestly don‘t mechanism late last year. ")v‘§‘--- c c .c -.. ,.' y -. .~_ Thcdfli}; “htfi‘l‘. Nguiyw I .V I. y y . know . .PtttlcSIS guitarist Rat“. It I lloweyet . it snot all pillsand thrills _ y P‘ V. ‘1. 3 jUIIUIII Ul . L L S Atomic knc w l d be a lot happier because I at the top tor Rat. Mat. I at. .\at and ! Dustbin. wouldn‘t be scared the bottom’s Splat (or something like that ). Except Mthc wrwick. m y . going to dropout ol it all.‘ I Illusions are created to be shattered. _ (AM) ' i - lhc "PT “l Ill“ ‘l'l'l‘f—‘i'lk‘ l‘i'ml " HHS l‘s‘giltlts‘l' \ [Nil‘zilitilii I\ as the group tllSCtiyc‘l'L‘tl w hile lilnting 5 . lThe Love-lnzeooGoo > “W” I" ‘\ “ms l‘s‘” L‘Ht‘I'é'lbl”? “'1 Ulilnunslcsl- lhc \s‘sb are built to ; their epoch-making 'l‘ti/m/t/te I’Ul" I ; Bambajagai (Scfeam) a ready -ntade audience is becoming last. 'I‘heir songs may rise the same appearance. "I'he worst day ol my l l Another Donosan coy'er. m @I lélllsldl‘ls' l‘lkls'lls‘s'. lid} . ti \ L‘I‘ilal‘le cheesy . thraslty arrangements as i lil'e.‘ declares Rat. "It's a larch it says l with more than themercst t 2 art lorm. No sooner do the Item ies their closest riy'als ( \"know . that ' nothing about music. 'l‘hcrc's l'iltecit l‘hllll‘” h‘mdm'gm' f-‘t‘ “til I” llllts‘ll. llititt \Hltic \ Hun: crow d ’l'lte Senselcss ( in Kings) but kids int here for hall an hour and lunll‘mtlillml” 'l- SW“ Q w hippet'snappers leap Ill and snaltlc their tnelodies are that bit more they uet pushed around something i day.tlteonlysongsleltto . . - r . . r phvmdcr “(H-n DUMHH their audience. last year. lhc memorable. their \ocals that bit rotten. I hey’re not asked to mow M” haw WWW ml“. ( ltai'lataiis cl lectiy ely supplanch inore accomplished and their gigs when a camera comes by . they're andthc Bun/o l)o_‘-ll)oo ll“ lk‘fldll.‘ s'llllls'dls'tl “WNW me «Is that bit more animated. like ey‘et‘y' dragged out ol'the way. l)ah Band rental will Ills |“‘l‘l‘ls“l l‘4'?—'.‘-"s" ill Ilts‘ block. worthwhile liyc battd. they procure ‘\\'e were there all day arid the only , WU”) .L'Nllts'rdrs'ltflll‘. R'tls lW‘ls llls‘ W ‘N‘ “lN'NHH Ul more tans with ey’cry outing and person that spoke to its was Jimmy especially in idea-tree then mentors \ly lllootly \‘alentine lttiyyc‘Vct' rapid their rise has been. it Say'ille. and he was just doing his l’t't {tint-mike lhc [Nye-In -. :liili‘tl l\k\'l tii Ill-e-Ikl it i' ll tlllkyi k’-\ii_‘and was still an {manhunt-h L. Prom.“ 115mm. (hymn lhc “find”?- SHH‘I e ttllt LI Sititt sdog . .tlctl pop twtilteaeh recordsellingmore than think we titted in nicely withllale

L__ . 30'I he List 5 18 April l‘)‘)l