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One hundred years ago this month, one Scottish composer Thomas Wilson. amthcmic chooser to rock of Russia's greatest composers, and I Top of the bill, however, is pianist {ho {too It 3191f. Ibis

one of the mostsignificantfigures in Vladimir Ovchinikov, winnerof the SSEI'li'I‘I‘W‘. iti'illl‘:i‘:.r .. 20th century music, Sergei Prokofiev, 1987 Leeds Piano Competition and 1 WC;- mh; k L' was born. The celebrations well known now to Scottish audiences. a ' pronunciations, sonic surrounding this anniversary putthe ‘Anotherhighlight,' says Tassie, ‘is L honky mnkm‘hh theold heavily hyped blcentenary of Mozart’s the visit of the Rostov String Quartet. m Joanna and SI KK‘K! death, in April, tirmlyinto second They are very, very good and it is only < HORROR! atlas-hot place. Leading the way in presenting a through the political problems that they Shim".- “l‘l‘.”~“"""° closer look at Prokofiev’s output is are not established in the UK. There‘s a m l“,”‘”““”'°‘x “:“l‘ 3"“

, , are men ol wealth and Scotland 8 Prokollev Centenary lot more freedom for the arts now, [NC .md M show I” In. Festival- Offering performances or though. and it‘s not nearly so i elh-rdhe their hermit“... both Soviet and Scottish performers, bureaucratic. The main problem facing (csieih the Festival not only gives audiences the arts now is not political, it’s '2 I The High: More . .. the chance to hear both the familiar and finance.’ Now, somehow that has a Z" (London) Tho I Iioh more unknown areas of Prokofiev’s very familiar western ring to (carm maintain their precarious muslc, but works by otherSoviet Main) g hereh on the fence that

. . separates the hland from composers such as Slams" and Prokofiev Centenary Festival, 0’

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w here does this single lall'.’ ls the melody charming or pedestrian'.’ Is John Matthews' \‘oiL‘C fragile and entrancing or should the wimp eat more \Vceta'oix‘.’ The Railway (‘hildren have presented the same tantalising conundrum tor the whole ol their major lahel career and it hasn't done them any harm. so lor the moment let‘s plump tor the former options. and worry instead over what they'll hecorne in the years‘ time. ([58)

l Flowered Up: Take It (Heavenly) This is the record l’aris Angels aspired to produce an actual song which happens to he highly daneeworthy. not a groove masquerading as a tune. Break down the elements

Shostakovich as well as contemporary I music from the USSR. As Festival Chairman and I AdministratorGregorTassie explains, l

‘The main aim is to commemorate the birth of Prokofiev, but also to take up I the type of development that has been f happening in the last few years, the I l

Edinburgh and Glasgow, various u venues, commencing with RSNO, Friday 5 April. See Classical Listings or write to Prokofiev Centenary Festival, 8 Belmont Crescent, Glasgow G12 8EU for full information.

friendship and openness between Scotland and the USSR, which has come through perestroika and glasnost.’ Demonstrating such spirit of reciprocity are concerts, for instance, by the brilliant young Scottish pianist Murray MacLachlan, who tackles the complete cycle of piano sonatas, and a Gueen’s Hall performance by the I I cello/piano duo of Alla Vasilyeva and " . Alexei Smitov, who play the Sonata by Sergev Prokofiev to 1951

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, 'R,” “mm” 1 him of )éct‘cmim‘] surely provrded it. These awards are Over in Lochgelly, meanwhile, I release. sh when h ill .lt.\‘”w Nu“ {mm 19:7 to WI)“ 40 usually dominated by the bright young ex-Lyttelton saxman Joe Temperley I people stop regarding M‘nm time I” Chm 0“. 1“ “m \‘t‘ufl. I things of British jazz, but Carol lifted will be playing a home town gig with , mom Us a mass“ o h.‘ Poi’ hm it ix mm [0 WM (m‘. I the Best Vocalist prize thistime the File Youth Jazz Orchestra. Although !

But her before it is unit-eth 1 around, held by Cleveland Watkiss for well established on the New York I ,Iccmnwd ,md him ,1” 3“") ' r the last three years. . scene, Joe has always taken a strong r mmhrd for ccnmric: smile Duality, it seems, will out, interest in the development ofthe rioht" I mean the review-e m. Lining f regardless of style. Hertrio album ‘The music in Fife, and was a co-founder of “31¢”pr \‘mmlpcrl,i‘li\_c; * I NightWe Called ItADay' madea big the Jazz SummerSchool inlhe region. "cm they, In rcs‘wmc‘ R,1I'C"mH ; impression last year, which will _ (Kenny Mathieson) high-pitched squeak which roughly rhnaiouabéiegdlyatasn:g;aszeg51:33:28”In caro| Kidd and Humphrey Lyflelton e zt‘s~ with‘ldon't know'. p . . ' l Ed. D h ' q"! k ' ' fora ssouth are still relativel rare playme Queen 5”“ ' m "'9 ’0" l loweyer. their insatiahle fans do | y . y ' . ' - | d FYJo | I The 800 HaleYSI EVBW l Plans are currentl unfoldin fora new F"12*J°9Tempe' 9" a" 9 all know. and will continue to huoy up ' . y Loch || (3 Th 1 Th 18 Heaven EP (Rough Trade) . ge y entre ea re on urs . H I I _ . [he mndm lhcirwnc“(euphom album,which shetells me willfeature I h,de[,mhmm until some other crowd of pretenders me :iind 0' orc'hesualnsemngs She has emerge in turn to displace them. use n race" come 8' trim R-hllew lei so "l‘hc

N (1.? Atomic Duwa lay the Personally, lwould much rather hear I. . [IR .. | o i‘ I N:tieork Edinburgh air): 7:146 90nd her mm the Trio' There is a wmsDer tliiiil‘\ltltt::\e‘t:lll]l]l:t[:t::"ilk : Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow on mat a very tamous arranger may be : 4'l‘l‘s‘éllmtl "“”"“" FL“ -'

brought in to do some charts, although . “hm” an} W, HM. “I ; the name ln question is a little too their Usual the-hm; I inclined to overdose on sugarfor my ltllL‘lhll}. Ashelorc. I

taste. The album, though, will certainly. they 'i-e riding on h magic require something more imaginative I no not ot nono- Pumnmg I and punchy man Adrian Drovers I out something that could ; concert chads he psycltcdclia w ill] 3 ' l i l 'I ' ; i There should be no lack of punch (lye to "s " WU" , , 3

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Humphrey Lyttelton, a powerful I here. msn

The List 5 l8 April 1991—31