With only two weeks left before their return to St Pereival‘s to swot for exams. the young chums were determined to cram in as much entertainment as possible. ‘Cripesl‘ exclaimed Rupert. ‘it‘s all here in The List! What are we waiting for‘?‘

I Everybody go surtin'. suriin‘ Galway Bay. .. Richard Harris(seen here in Californian beachwear) preparestotake the plunge inJim (My LettFoot) Sheridan‘snewiilm. The Field. Frankly. though. we'd say his surtboard‘s on the skimpy side. See Film preview. page 15.

I ‘You can lay oil the booze now. Tom-you won'thave to make thatacceptance i speech atterall.‘ Atter tailing to pick up so much as


a nomination torthe Best On-Set Catering Oscar. Brian DePalma's much-touted. much-slated Bonlire 0t The Vanities

reaches these shores next ; . One Man And A Lime week. See Film preview. . Goatee; Tom Seneck,

939915 clearly hoping not to be I recognised(nodanger. eh girls?)sportsanunusual l lineiniacialappendages torthetitleroleinOuigley Down Under. See Film index,page18.

l _ l ' I “Frankly. old boy. lthink you were better ott with the cryshtal chandeliersh.‘ Sean Connery otters advice on interior decoration to ChristopherLambert in Highlander II: The ' Ouickening. See Film i index. page 18.

I 0I‘ Brown Eyes isback. Yes. that master oi romantic croonery Johnny Mathis. who recently tried his hand atnobility with acollection ot Duke Ellington songs. In A Sentimental Mood. appears atthe Edinburgh Playhousethis weekend. See Music listings. page 35.

I The Washing Line Waltz

- based on a long tradition

trom the Midwestern State

otUtah-is pertormed by i the Claire Russ Ensemble

as part at the Traverse l Theatre's FeetFirstdance

I testival. See Theatre i preview. page 43.

Z'l he l.i\l 5 15' April l‘)‘)|