George Mackie Until 2 Jun. One ofthe leading graphic artists ofthis century. Mackie believes passionately in the I - importance of good book design. at the same time realising that. the betterthe design the more ‘invisible’ it becomesto the reader. Here he attempts toexplain this ‘invisible art' and the emotional and intellectual considerations underlying it.

Book Arts Art Books: The Book as Art Form

I Leszek Muszynski: Images from Travels How's this for an incredible past Muszy'nski fled Poland after the German invasion. was interned in France. escaped

to Africa. joined the Foreign Legion and

eventually ended up studying Art in

Edinburgh under (iillies. Maxwell and

Mac'I'aggai‘t. His new works present

images collected from his recent and less

f You have to put on surgical gloves to

examine Geoffrey MacEwan’s book of

21 dry-point etchings based on Dante‘s

.14" ' ‘Inferno' - an act which concentrates

' the mind and makes the experience slightly sinister. Each etching relates

i U .1” B” d. H uh ‘k n .r--. . to one ortwo of the original Cantos and , hazardousjourneys— to Spain. Mexico. . . nti ._ i'te asa‘vci' h-b‘ . ' is overlaid with a "ansIucem page on - France. England and Australia. though Juxtuposition with the 1 ac IL LX I IIIOD. , which some of Dame's vetse is not necessarily in that order.

this is a collection of works examiningthe frontier where Art means Book. Produced by the French community in Belgium at the turn of the century and within the last fifteen years. the works include modern poems illustrated by Dali. Ernst and Giacometti.

I OPEN EYE GALLERY 75 (‘umberland Street. 557 1020. Mon-Fri 1(Iam—6pm.Sat 10am—4pm.

Allexhibitionsuntil ISApr:

Neil Glendinning: Ceramics.

David Evans ARSA RSW: Paintings. Japanese Woodblocks.

Jack Cunningham: Jewellery.

I PORTFOLIO GALLERY «I3 (‘andlemaker Row. 22(I 1911.Tue—Satnoon—5.30pm. Anna Fox: In Pursuit Fri 5—27 Apr.

Nicola Henley: Textiles Embroidered. collaged and painted calico hangings inspired by the study of birds and their flight patterns.

Suzanne Bergne: Light. Colour. Form Simple porcelain vessels which act as ‘a 3D canvas for an extraordinary and vigorous range of decoration . . . light and landscape being two acknowledged interests.‘

I STILLS GALLERY 105 1 liin Street. 557 114i). Tue~ Sat 1 lam—5.30pm.

reproduced and translated, along with MacEwan‘s own comments on the text and relevant thoughts from philosophers, such as Schoenberg. The whole is complex, but mesmeric. (Miranda France)

‘Followers of fashion‘ from Inferno by Geoffrey MacEwan at Edinburgh Printmakers

writer. Merton struck up a correspondence with (iardiner after signing a full-page condemnation of the Vietnam war which was placed by her in T/IU Times. This exhibition takes their correspondence as a starting-point fora i celebration of anti-war protest and Q includes a collection of posters by the

Portrait in Focus: ‘DrAIexander Monro' by Allan Ramsay One of the famous ‘Monro dynasty" of physicians. Alexander Monro was instrumental in setting tip the Royal lnfirrnary and thanks to his work. Edinburgh took over from Leyden as the world centre of medical teaching. Lunchtime talk: Wed 10 Apr. 12.45pm.

Large-scale colour photographs focusing on the serious business of leisure: theme parks. marinas. war games. ‘murder‘ weekc nds how relaxing is relaxation these days‘.’

I PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 556 8921. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Francis Frith's Egypt Until 14 Apr. Victorian photographs of Egypt.

One of the great travel photographers of the last century. Frith was the second European to explore the Nile beyond the sixth Cataract. Determined to provide as faithful a representation as possible of what he saw for the folks back home. he braved near impossible conditions and endless rounds of crocodile chops. 'fried and boiled and curried'.

Scottish Photographers Abroad 'l‘liurs Is Apr—23June.

I QUEEN'S HALL (‘lerk Street. Box Office 668 201‘). Mon—Sat 1(Iam—5pm. (‘afe. Flags forthe Land ofthe Prisonerof Conscience L'ntil 5 May. A collection of bold and colourful banners featuring the faces ofprisoners ofconscience as well as some paperworks on the theme of flags— all the creation of tapestry-maker. Joanne Soroka.

I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blackfriars Street (off High Street). 557 (I707. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Margaret Gardiner— Thomas Menon: A Correspondence Until 14 Apr. An American (‘istercian monk and acclaimed




2 March - 27 April 1991 (Closed 29 March - 1 April)

Mon-Fri: 9.305.00 Soturdoy:9.30-l .00

041 330 5431

Subsidised by the ScortishAris COUDCII


"FOUR TEXTILE ARTISTS" Lorraine Davin Gail Fleming Sandi Kiehlmann Helen McCoig


Sat 13 - Mon 29 April 1991 (Closed Monday 15) Mon-Fri 10.30-6; Sat 104 22A DUNDAS ST. EDINBURGH TELEPHONE 031 556 2181

5 April - 5 May

Furnished by the Imagination- Contemporary Scottish Furniture

Helen Flockhart -

C RAWFOR D Paintings A R T C E N T R

S Douglas Davies - E Ceramics

Mon - Sat loam - 5pm

93 North Street,

Sun 2pm - 5pm

St. Andrews, I—IF—E Admission free

KY169AL Tel(0334)74610


photomontagist. Peter Keiinard.

Man in the Universe Until 14 Apr. Entries from the Science Festival competition in which artists were asked to consider the theme of ‘The Human Body in the lightof Leonardo da Vinci's thoughts on the subject.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS lnverleith Row. 552 7171. Mon—Sat 9am—sunset ; Stilt llam~sunset.('afe.[1)].

Living in a Rainforest Until 13 Dec. A Borneo-style forest house. containing many south-east Asian artefacts. reconstructed in the Botanics' Exhibition Hall.

Vanishing Paradise Until 13 Dec. Stunning photographs taken in the Venezuelan rainforest by (ieorge Bernard and Stephen Dalton.

I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 225 7534. Mon—Sat 1(Iam—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year Until 14 Apr. Straight from the Natural History Museum in London. these SI) winning. runner-up and commended photographs are from an annual worldwide Competition open to amateurs and professionals. Entries include a polar bear scavenging for food in Alaska and some ethereal yellow butterflies. Instruments of Science Some ofthe most beautiful and ingenious instruments ever made. including an astrolabe made by an Islamic craftsman. in Spain. in 1026 as well as medical and navigational equipment. House Proud: 60 Years of Conversation Until 18 May. Models. prints and plans which feature the work of the many notable architects employed by the National Trust for Scotland over the years. including detailed description of four major conservation projects. ()ne of a seriesof events marking the NTS Diamond Jubflee.

Taking Shape: The Structure of Clothes ()pens Sat 6 Apr. A new permanent exhibition tracing the development of Western clothes from shapeless shifts to tailored suits.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 George Street. 225 5955. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 1(Iam—lpm.

All exhibitions Mon 8 Apr—1 May (closed Mon 15 Apr).

Louise Turmine. Mary Bourne and Susan Porteous whose ‘Interactive Earth‘ is atthe Fruitmarket Gallery

Art A.' . . ~ Claire Collison‘s ‘SelIishness‘ Gallery

Silent Health: Women, Health and Representation Sat 13 Apr— 18 May. Four female photographers examine women‘s complex attitudes towards their bodies and their health and suggest. through various photographic means. that for many women. health and ill-health are not biological givens.

I 359 GALLERY 233 (‘owgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat l(I.3(Iam—5.3(Ipm.

.\'o exhibitions at the moment. but the spirit of 36‘) lives on in their classes: Life. Drawing and Painting and children's Art Class. Ring for details.

ITRAVERSE THEATRE 1 l2 (irassmarket. 226 2633. Tue—Sat llam— 1(Ipm; Sun 6—1(Ipm.

The Female Image Until 28 Apr. From medieval lady to earth mother and via countless nudes »- the depiction ofwomen in art has always been influenced by their image in society. Dean explores woman‘s various artistic manifestations with humour and some irony. The stereotyped blonde bimbo. for example. becomes a latter-day Aphrodite.


I CRAWFORD ARTS CENTRE 93 North Street. (I334 7461(I. Mon-Sat 1(Iam—5pm‘. Sun 2—5pm.

All exhibitions Fri 5 Apr—5 May. Furnished by the Imagination (‘ontemporary Scottish furniture.

Helen Flockhart: Paintings

Douglas Davies: Ceramics


I ALLAN PARK 23 Allan Park. 078671-11 1. Mon—Sat l(Iam--5pm; Wed 10am—1pm. Interiors & Architecture Until (I May. Prominent Scottish artists add their voices to the controversial debate.

I SMITH ART GALLERY AND MUSEUM Dumbarton Road. (I786 71917. Tue—Fri noon—5pm; Sat 1(I.3(Iam—5pm; Sun 2—5pm.

Henry Moore: Sketch Models and Working Models Until 21 Apr. Some fortysmall scale studies for Moore‘s sculptures. including some recurring themes: the reclining figure. mother and child and the family group.

Jam. Socks and Television Until 21 Apr. Quite apart from inventing the television. John Logic Baird devised newchutnies and jams in Trinidad and thermal undersocks for Scots. This exhibition of bits and pieces will not. we hope. include the original chutnies.


.60 The List 5 18 April 1991