raises several questions. Why did the authorities, underthe Archbishop of 5 Glasgow, unashamedlyllout the law by 3

demolition alter it had happened— therebyignoringthe required seven days’ notice? Why was a church that


God moves in mysterious ways, but not as mysterious as the Archdiocese at Glasgow. On Friday 15 March, the

Roman Catholic authorities in the city 2 gave the green light to the bulldozers

! poised beside St Benedict's church in § Drumchapel, and within the space at a 2 weekend what had been considered a I masterpiece at modern architecture

was reduced to rubble. This heavy-handed course at action

telling the District Council about the

was to be endorsed by the Secretary of State lor Scotland as a listed building the lollowing week, condemned to be destroyed? And why was demolition seen as the only solution tor a church

St Benedict's in its lormerglory

whose greatest detect was that its root leaked? To demolish a building lor having a leaky root is a little like suggesting euthanasia tor someone

i with a runny nose.

St Benedict’s was designed in 1964

by the highly regarded Glasgowtirm ot Gillespie, Kidd and Coia. The unusual ; design was the work of Isi Metzstein,

now protessor ol architecture at the University at Edinburgh. Prot Metzstein was not consulted on any problems

i with the church's root and only heard at

its demise through newspaper reports. ‘For me,‘ he says, ‘it’s a personal and architectural tragedy to see a building demolished in my own Iitetime.‘

Not only is the 600-strong

i congregation deprived at its place at t worship, Drumchapel has lost a remarkable buildingthatenlivenedthe

area with its striking (it leaky) timber

1 and copper root and pioneering

' structure. What StBenedicthimselt

I would have made of all this is a mytery: j in the 5th century he lound solace trom

the evils of the world in a cave. Perhaps the Archdiocese is suggesting that this is all that is necessary torthe parishioners ol Drumchapel. (Alan Morrison)




Starring Rebecca Storm Directed by

Anthony van Laast

Tues 7th May - Sat 25th May Book Now on 031-557 2590

imam/I: —E D l N B U R G H 18-22 Greenside Place, Edinburgh.


I MOTORWAYS: The appeal by campaign group Glasgow For People (The List 139) against the approval at the Strathclyde Motorway Plan has been relused by the High Court. The organisation had taken Strathclyde Regional Council and the Secretary of State to court over proposalsthatwould bring an estimated 60,000 extra vehicles per day into the city centre. The outcome means that a precedent has now been set whereby the Region is not legally bound to consult the public over motorway plans. However,

CouncillorCharles Gray, leaderolthe ' council, has gone on record saying that

lurther public consultation will take place.

Last week, a report issued by Greenpeace, using Department 01 Transport ligures, claimed thattrattic

pollution in Glasgow and Edinburgh . was already above World Health

3 Organisationrecommendations. l I FESTIVAL DIRECTOR: The deadline

torapplicationslorthe postotdirector l

otthe Edinburgh International Festival l

has nowpassed. An announcement concerning the successor to Frank

Dunlop is expected in May. DI the 50 candidates, only two have admitted applying— Ian Ritchie, general manager of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra, and Richard Demarco, art gallery owner.

I VISUAL ARTS AWARD: There are two Scottish candidates shortlisted torthe National Art Collections Fund 1991. The Cezanne and Poussin exhibition put together by the Scottish National Gallery tor last year's Festival and the work by three young Scottish sculptors which formed Scotland At The Venice Biennale, organised by the Scottish Sculpture Trust. Five awards 0125000 will be chosen lrom the shortlist at ten. I PAVILION THEATRE: Alter going into receivership when its parent company collapsed in March, the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow could now be saved by the tormation ot a theatre trust spearheaded by theatre manager Ian Gordon and the 25-strong statt. The

theatre is currently on the open market

and has attracted interest from several parties.

:1» rte"

a _ 3 ! Ll :_._ . .

L L J ___________ ME,

179 Buchanan St, Glasgow G] 212 041 332 2333 Spring 1991



(Themes from the Wars of the Roses) Tuesday 9 April - Saturday 13 April, 7.30pm

(only Scottish dates on a national tour)



my; J

"Shakespeare without a safety net, thrillingly exciting and dangerous . . . brave and provocative . . .The ESC's risk-taking style is both innovative and challenging." -TLMF.S EDUCATIONAL sopmamgvr Tickets £5(£2.50); schools £2.50 & £2

shared experience THEATRE SWEET SESSIONS

(a drama based round Shakespeare's sonnets)

Tuesday 16 - Saturday 20 April, 7.30pm

. . a company intent on exploring the boundaries of performance."


- please phone for details

The List 5 r~ 18 April 19915