I Hooked On Scotland ( BBCI) | ll). ill—lil-ltlpm. Actor and fisherntan Pau? Young starts a new series for anglers ofall levels ofexpertise. In tlte first progratttnte he sets off in search ofsalnton.

I Great Expectations: Women With X Appeal (BBC! ) lll.4()-l l.ltlpm, Presenterartd ' campaigner Lesley Abdela fottitded the

300 grottp to lobby for tttore women MPs.

lit tltis progratttttte slte speaks to wontett who cottld become the next generation of MPs.

I Breadline BrilalMScottishl

l l .4tlpm-~ 12. lllant. An update on an award-winning 1983 series focusing on families experiencing extreme poverty

and hardship.

I Banned: Brazil - Cinema. Sex And The Generalstt‘hanncH) I115 1.05am. Another that didn‘t tttake it past the lBA. this docttmentary looks at Brazilian filntntakers‘ use of eroticism as a ttteansof subverting the ntilitary government.

Sounds a bit dubious to the. bttt don’t

knock it till you've tried it.


I Same Difference ((hannel 4)S..‘~tl-opm. Tlte programme which takes a topical look at life for Britain's 5 million disabled people. presented by Libby ('ross.

I The Munro Show ( Scottish ) b.3(L 7pm. Mttriel (iray clambers all overScottislt mountains. this week attempting l.iathach iit Torridon. and the Big Yin itself. Bett Nevis.

IThe Black Bangdoption ((‘hannel4) l 8-8.3tlpttt. Tlte investigative series asks whetlter the policy of ‘same racc' adoptiott ltas more to do with political ideology than l serving the tteeds of the children.

I Twin Peaks ( BBCZ ) 9—9.5tlpm. ‘Who the hell was Windom fiarle'." asks Sheriff Truman. voicing the thoughts of a million viewers. Agent (‘ooper washes down the last doughnut. attd tells all . . . well. some. . . ()K. a tiny bit.

I Kinsey ( BB(‘l ) ‘).3tl~ 10.20pm. Secottd part of the legal thriller. with Kinsey (Leigh Lawson) itt big trouble at the office when Tricia Mabbott (Serena (iordon) is appointed to oversee his practice.

I The Advocates (Scottish) 9- lllpm. Second part in the other legal thriller. with young gun (ireg McDowall tryittg to establislt a link between Milligan and the campaign to discredit the health clinic.

I Banned: Secret Society—Cabinet ((‘hanncl4) llL 10.15pm. A reconstruction of the unscrcencd programme front 1%‘(1 w lticlt caused the police to raid the BB(‘ l l0 iit ( ilasgow. Duncan (‘ampbell investigates governments' increasing use ot'secrct cabinet committees.

I The Last Detail ((‘hanncl 4)

10.15pm— 12.45am. .lack Nicltolsott eartted art ()scar nomination for his part itt a comic drama about two Navy officers l assigned to escort a young recruit ( Randy Quaid) frottt Virginia to New l latttpsltire to serve a jail term. Dismayed by ()uaid's ' naively. the officers determine toshow

him a good time along the way.

I The Longest Hatred: From The CrossTo The Swastika (Scottish) ll).4()—l 1.40pm. In a new three-part series. documentary maker Rex Bloomstein investigatesthe history of anti-semitism frottt ancient titttes to the present day.


I Excess ( BBC] )7.35—b’pm. Richard Jobsott follows the fortunes ofthree classical music groups as they set offto perform in music club concerts. and explores the network of independent music clubs rtttt by volunteers throughout Scotland.

I John Ie Carré‘s A Murder Of Quality (Scottish) S— lllpm. Sntilcy is no longer a spyntaster. bttt instead is cracking crintes at a public school. (ieorgeously filmed at Slterbortte School in Dorset. you know the sort oftltittg. ..

I Sleepers ( BBCZ) 9.25- lo.3tlpm. The very wonderful Warrett (‘larke stars with Nigel llavcrs itt this four-part comedy thriller about a pair of Soviet agents settt to Britain itt the bits who ltave becorttc completely anglicised. The KGB ltave forgotten about them. until one day they open tip a secret vault in the Kremlin. . . I Inside Story: Ape Trade ( 138(4)

9.3% lll.2()pm. Nothing todowitlt (iraeme Souness's transfer dealings. this is an expose of the cruel world of primate smuggling. a thriving business with little regard for the comfort or safety oftlte animals.

I Vic Heeves' Big Night Out ((‘hannel 4) ll). 3(L-l lpttt. The Living (‘arpets ditte in's Lunch Club. Judge Nutmeg spinsthe wltecl of justice. artd Tlte Man WithThe Stick continues to search for his kids.

I Hopscotch (Scottislt) 10.45—12.45pm. Walter Matthatt is Miles Kendig. a (‘IA spy tttade redundant. attd looking for revenge by sending ottt his memoirs cltapterbycltapter. lt'sa quirkilyeffective tale. with (ilenda Jackson itt a relatively minor role.

I Banned: Dark Circle ((‘hattnel 4)

l lpm—-12.35ant. A documentary investigation of the adverse health effects on workers involved itt constructing nuclear weapons itt Rocky Flats. (’olorado. Tltis took six years of legal battles before it could be shown on l'S TV.


I The Time Tunnel ((‘hannel 4) 6-7pm. Blake's Seven eat your hearts out. this is es en camper. The classic ()(lS sci-fi series follows the adventures of a team of scientists who construct a time tunnel under the (ireat Western Desert.

I Scottish Action For Youth ( Scottish)

(v30 7pm. Reporter Bob'l‘omlinsontalks to young Scots who are addicted to drtigs. I Where Eagles Fly (138(2) 7.3(l—-8pm. Mountaineer l lamish Maclnnes is back in his helicopter travelling over the mountains front (‘arrbridge to Deeside. providing a stunning aerial portrait oftlte (‘airngorms. while Moira Kerr singsher heart out. i

I Floyd 0n Oz: New South Wales(BB(‘2) 8—8.3(lpm. Return of the galloping dipso. with his peculiarly appealing attitude to the culinary art. For this series he’s Down Under. and finding the Aussies to be mostly kindred spirits.

I Up Pompeii (BBCZ) 9—9.3(lpm. Spare tts. spare tts. Frankie llowerd gets involved itt espionage with the ltilariously-named Jamtts Bondus and Pussia (ialoria.

I 40 Minutes: Heart OtThe Angel (BBC‘Z) 9.30— it). ltlpm. Last week. Molly Dineert was filming holes in the road. this week she's down the Angel tube station. one of the nastiest places on Earth. A wonderful film that captures the sheer bloody misery of tttbe travel.

I Banned: Juvenile Liaison 2 (Channel 4) 9.3(lpnt—l lam. A film rttade in 1976 showed Lancashire Police officers interviewing children accused oftruancy or stealing. The film was banned. but the filmmakers returned last year to find the

original subjects affected irt different ways by the experience.

I Banned: V ((‘hannel 4) 12—12.4Sam. Richard Eyre’s controversial film ofTony Harrison‘s powerful poem. that caused a huge fuss when first broadcast in 1987. dtte to the strong language employed.


I The Young Ones (BBQ) (+—7.45pm. The original 'hey kids. let's do the show rigltt here‘ movie with ('Iiff playing the son of millionaire Robert Morley. Witlt ('arole Gray. the lads. the Sltads artd the frankly appalling Melvyn llayes.

el4) 8.3(l—9pm. The sad story of Bandit. a pitbull terrier sentenced to death forbiting his owner and a neighbour.

I Bory BremnertBB(‘2) 9—9.3(lpm. More topical intpressionisnt front the Edinburgh lad.

I Cheers (Channel 4) ‘)-- ltlpm. Rebecea goes otit on a bender to summon up sontc Dutch courage. while the rest oftlte regulars try to wean Frasier offtlte karaoke machine. i

IThe Sharp End (8130 )9.3n—ltl.2t)pm. Lock up your valuables. the debt-collectors are in town. (‘twen Taylor stars as the unlikely head of a debt recovery agency. beset by troubles itt Roy Clarke's new eight-part drama series.

I Arena: Elmore Leonard (1313(2)

9.30— 10.30pm. A profile of the author described as ‘the hottest thriller writer lit the US. The crew accompany Leonard to Florida to investigate the inspiration for his characters.

I Hoseanne (Channel 4) lo— lll._‘sllpm, Becky becomes a school hero by tttakittg an obscene gesture itt the class photograph. bttt it's Roseanne wltoettds up doing detention.

I The Beechgrove Garden ( BB(‘l) Milli—10.50pm. Return ofthe green-fingered Bill Torrance and (‘arole Baxter for a new series. tonight joined by Sid Robertson to review the gardens progress over the winter months.

I Banned: Only Joking ((‘hanncl 4) llpm—lZam. The right-wing racist rhetoric of American cotttics like Andrew Dice ('lay ltas raised the profile oftlte so-called ‘comedy of hate'. This documentary questions how far the limits of public taste cart be pushed in the quest for a laugh.

I Soft Beds. Hard Battles B B(‘1

ll.5()pnt— 1 .25am. A rather weak xii/U. Alla-type farce with Peter Sellers playing seven roles. bttt failing to inject much humour into a flagging plot. The (iermans invade Paris and begin to close down all the brothels. except one. popular with (iestapo and British lntelligettcc alike.

I Banned: Sexual Intercourse Began In 1963 ((‘hannel 4) Midnight— 1 ant A Philip I.arkin lirte gives the title to this repeated documentary that includes a drantatic reconstruction of the Lady (‘ltuttcr/ey 's [.m'ertrial.


I Banned: Frontline: In Search Of The Truth In WarTime ((‘hannel 4)8.ll5- 9pm. Award-winning jottrttalist Joltn Pilger ntade this film sltortly after the Falklands War. It looks at the ways govcritmcntstry to affect and censor journalistic coverage of war. attd includes a postscript drawing on the examples of the ( illll War.

I AJP Taylor ( BBCZ) 7.4(l-S 15pm. The historian who died last Septentber givesatt impromptu attd unrehearscd series of lectures on ‘l low Wars Begitt.'

I thirtysomething ((‘hannel 4 ) s)» ltlpm. Nancy struggles to conte to terms with life after a hysterectottty. ()K so it ain't Bobby Davro.

I 4-Play: Seduction (( ‘hannel 4)

10—1 1.15pm. Four original short plays by leading novelists on the subject of seduction. shown in one block.

I Banned: The Ear((‘hannel 4)

11.15pm— l . Want. A (‘zech film ntade in the ‘Prague Spring' of Nos by director Karel Kachyna. Who describes it as ‘a film about fear'. it tells the story of a high-ranking communist functionary. arrested during the Stalinist trials.

I The April Fools (Scottish)

11.55pm— l .4()am. Despite an impressive cast (Jack Lentmon. (‘atherine Dencuvc. Peter Lawford) this flimsy romantic comedy fails to live up to itsarty aspirations aitd is left as a bare tale ofan Anterican businessman attd his l‘rench mistress.


IWomen'sSoccer((‘hunncl4) 5.3()~o.3()pm. The semi-finals of the liA. (‘up iii the female branch of the People‘s (iame. I Banned: The Liberal Conspiracy((‘hanncl 4) 8—8.3llpm. A 'gcnuinely rigltt-wing‘ progratttnte is prontised. exantining the accusation that Britislt television is run by a liberal conspiracy that tttargtnalisesand j censors right-wing opinion. How doyou l explain Jim Davidson tltett lads‘.’


'l'hewlist 5— lh’April Nut 73