Morrison. And no white man ever danced like Jim Morrison. I think he had a concept. that he would bring these forces into play at the concerts. that he would. so to speak. involve the tribe and heal them. take their sins on. There was a very pagan ritual about it. He wanted them to eat his body.‘

Indeed. James Douglas Morrison. singer. poet. alcoholic (and healer?) was not like other men. His influence nearly killed the awestruck Danny Sugerman. who took literally Morrison‘s motto that the road of excess leads to the palace ofwisdom. and how many others? Jerry Hopkins rejects Morrison as a role model. but nevertheless lives the philosophy.

‘Morrison believed in breaking on through to the other side. His message was to

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challenge authority. to question authority. to test the bounds of reality. find out what your absolute potentials are. and I endorse that wholeheartedly. In fact. I took my daughter aside. who‘s in University now. and last summer was her last summer at home. and said. I suppose I‘m supposed to have a fatherly talk to you. give you some advice. Really. I have only one thing to say to you. and that's take risks.‘

Hopkins and Sugerman‘s book will no doubt remain the definitive biography. just as future generations will have the face of Val Kilmer etched in their minds whenever the music ofThe Doors is played. But John Densmore‘s newly-published Riders ()n The

Morrison wasn‘t the only Door. and that

people whose lives got entwined with his tended to take a long time to get over it. Riders On The Storm is almost embarrassing in its frankness. and reading it is like hearing a man howling into empty air for answers. Densmore refused to work with a ghost writer for the reason that it would deny him the cathartic experience he felt he needed to understand his life in The Doors. his relationship (or lack of it. according to Oliver Stone) with Morrison and the long. directionless years that followed the singer‘s death. The three surviving Doors have always had a guaranteed income from those intense few years of activity. but none has had a distinguished career since. The reviewer who called Densmore's volume ‘one ofthe least interesting books about The Doors ever written‘ missed out on a lot. It‘s the reality. It‘s about the ones who get out alive trying to understand why the reaper took the other guy. why there‘s such a vacuum now he‘s gone. and what he‘s going to do with his life to fill it.

It makes you wonder why Oliver Stone. who got turned on to The Doors in a foxhole in Vietnam. and poured out a HUD-page book after his first experience ofcombat. practically wrote Densmore out of the movie.

The Doors opens in Scotland on I 0 May. No One Here Gets Out Alive by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman is reissued by Plexus at £4. 99. Riders ()n The Storm by John Densmore is published by Bloomsbury at £14. 99. The Doors: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is on [flektra Records.


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