l Edinburgh: Odeon.

I Hardware ( 18) (Richard Stanley. US. 1990) Dylan McDermott. Stacey Travis.

John Lynch. William Hootkins. 95 mins.

When Mo (McDermott) takes a broken robot home as a present for his girlfriend Jill (Travis). he little suspects that it will rebuild itself from their electrical appliances and declare war on humanity. Stanley's debut is a massively over-the-top. plagiaristic fantasy of machine versus man. but no less enjoyable or imaginative for it. Mental metal madness. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I Henry And June ( 18) (Philip Kaufman. US. 1990) Fred Ward. UmaThurman. Maria de Maderios. Richard E. Grant. 137 mins. The triangular relationship between the erotic writers Henry Miller and Anais Nin and Miller's wife June isthe backbone of this well mounted biopic. which suffers from the slightly incongruous explicitness of Kaufman‘s previous Unbearable Lighmess ()flieing and the same uncomfortably slow pace. Glasgow: GF'l‘.

I The Hidden ( 18) (Jack Sholden. US. 1987) Michael Nouri. Kyle Maclachlan. Claudia Christian. 96 mins. L.A. cop Nouri tackles the unappealing task of tracking down a nasty alien entity possessed of the alarming capacity to implant itself into the bodies ofvictims. whereupon they commit vicious crimes. MaeLaehlan gets another wierdo role as a rather more benevolent alien who lends Nouri a helping hand. Ambitious combination of high-concept horror and the city-as-jungle movie genres that becomes increasingly implausible and only marginally entertaining. Glasgow: GET.

I Highlander 2: The 0uickening(15) (Russell Mulcahy. US. 1991)Christopher Lambert. Sean Connery. Virginia Madsen. Michael lronside. 95 mins. 1n the year 2024. Connor MacLeod (Lambert) is

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20 The List 19 April 2 May 1991

a very old man who has saved humanity by replacing the ozone layer with a protective shield. But his future is threatened when

his enemy Katana (Ironside) returns from '

planet Zeist to kill him. His youthful energy and his decaptitated mentor (Connery) restored to him. MacLeod sets

out to defend himself and all he stands for.

Silly and illogical remake of an already somewhat fanciful original. which nonetheless scores a few points for lavish visuals and ridiculous one-liners. Glasgow: Cannon Clarkston Road. Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCI. Central: Allanpark. Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. La Scala. UCl Clydebank. UCI East Kilbride.

I Home Alone (PG) (Chris Columbus. US. 1990) Macaulay Culkin. Joe Pesci. Daniel Stern. John Heard. Catherine O'Hara. 103 mins. Peter and Kate McCallister (Heard and 0‘} lara) have an eight-year-old brat and wisely albeit accidentally ~ leave him behind in Chicago when they go on holiday to Paris. Leftto

his own devices young Kevin (Culkin) has 3

to deal with two bungling burglars (Pesci and Stern) who threaten to invade his peaceful haven. Jolly. ifsadistic. scare-comedy antics produced by teenflick veteran John Hughes. Edinburgh: Odeon. L'Cl. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. UCl Clydebank.UC1 East Kilbride.

I Home From The Hill (15) (Vincente Minelli. US. 1959) Robert Mitchum.

Eleanor Parker. George Peppard. George

Hamilton. 150 mins. A superbly mounted family drama. in which Texan patriarch Mitchum's flawed relationship with his wife (Parker) and headstrong son (Hamilton) is disrupted and brought to breaking point by the appearance ofan illegitimate son (Peppard). The genius of the film is in Minelli's presentation ofa tangle ofembittered relationships. all of whose protagonists retain the audience's sympathies. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Honey I Shrunk The Kids (U) (Joe Johnston. US. 1989) Rick Moranis. Matt Frewer. Thomas Brown. Amy O‘Neill. Robert Oliveri. Jared Rushton. 92 mins. Hapless father and would-be inventor (Moranis) does just what the title suggests. The kids find themselves cut down to size (a quarter ofan inch) and swept out with the trash. Their mission: to escape from the garbage bag and somehow attract their father's attention to their height problem. Well. we might think it‘s old hat but Walt Disnae. Showing with the excellent new Roger Rabbit short. Tummy Trouble. Glasgow: GET.

I The Hot Spot ( 18) (Dennis Hopper. US. 1990) Don Johnson. Virginia Madsen. Jennifer Connelly. l30mins. Hopper's homage tofilm noir is set in small—town Texas. where Johnson‘s amoral drifter sweet-talks his way into a job as acar salesman. and soon finds himselftorn between two women. one ofwhom happens to be married to his employer. As tensions begin to rise. it transpires that everyone has a few secrets they‘d rather not share. Suspenseful and astute. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I How To Get Ahead In Advertising ( 15) (Bruce Robinson. UK. 1989) Richard E. Grant. Rachel Ward. Richard Wilson. 94 mins. The Wirhnail team ofwriter/director Robinson and goggle-eyed actor Grant

return with an even blacker exercise in

comedic frenzy. Though the early scenes provide a vicious parody of the adman's world there soon begins a slide into screaming incredulity as Grant’s boil metamorphoses into a yuppie bastard second head. But the film‘s inarticulate anger does tackle the immediate problems oftoday‘s society: precisely what‘slacking in any number of white-suited efforts decorously fretting about our colonial

past. Glasgow: GFT.

I The Icicle Thief (PG) (Maurizio Nichetti. Italy. 1989) Maurizio Nichetti. Caterina

i l l i

Sylos Labini. Heidi Komarek. Claudio Fulva. 98 mins. Noted young film and television director Nichetti returns to movies after a seven-year absence to wreak his revenge on the awful glossiness of television. The Icicle Thief is a multi-layered satire in which Nichetti plays both himself— appearing on television to present his new black and white film. The Icicle Thief— and Antonio. the main character within the film. A ‘typical’ Italian family watch the film at home. switching channels and making ‘phone calls. and every eleven minutes the elegant monochrome is interrupted by crass. full-colour commercials. while the director descends into despair. Very funny and brilliantly structured. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Jetsons: The Movie (U) (William Hanna & Joseph Barbera. US. 1991) With the voices of George O‘Hanlon. Mel Blanc. Penny Singleton. Tiffany. Patric Zimmerman. 83 mins. America‘s favourite family of the future (it says here). as animated by the celebrated duo. move to a new home in outer space when George Jetson gets promotion at Spacer Sprockets. His new job is jeopardised by a sabotage campaign . however. which leads to a struggle between the astral green movement and the technocrats from the stratosphere. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I Jimi Hendrix At The Isle 01Wight(15) (Murray Lerner. UK. 1990) The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 55 mins. Filmedjust two weeks before Jimi's death in 1970. this unique footage reveals evidence ofthe great man in decline: confused. irritable and struggling to keep a grip on himself. A depressing testimony to the destructive effect of rock 'n‘ roll excesses. Glasgow: GF'I'. Edinburgh: Cameo. Filmhouse.

I Jimi Hendrix Plays Monterey ( 15) (D. A. Pennebaker. US. 1967)The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 49 mins. The concert which really put Jimi into the big time. faithfully recorded to show the man at the peak of his powers: sexual charisma. technical brilliance. wild aggression and that unique inventiveness that for the few years until his untimely demise made him indisputed king of rock ‘n‘ roll. Glasgow: GF'T. Edinburgh: Cameo. Filmhouse.

I Kes (PG) (Ken Loach. UK. 1969) David Bradley. Lynne Perrie. Colin Welland, Brian Glover. 109 mins. 1n the run-down industrial north, a young boy learns some harsh lessons about life from the fate ofhis pct bird. Classic piece of British realism which showed that Loach‘s television work could transfer to the big screen. A very humane sense of humour leavens what is in effect a tale of some desolation. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Kindergarten Cop ( 12) (Ivan Reitman. US. 1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Penelope Ann Miller. Pamela Reed. Richard Tyson. 111 mins. The large fellow is the polls in question. taking up the reins in a nursery class when he goes undercover to track down the wife and child ofa murder suspect. This is a sleazy. exploitative mishmash ofgenre-blending. family comedy spliced clumsily with bloodthirsty thriller. and a spot ofchild abuse thrown in for cheap pathos and a veneer of social concern. Since Twins. we‘ve known Arnold has a sense of humour. but can he play the new man? On this evidence. no. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: WMR Film Centre.

I King Ralph (PG) (David S. Ward. US. 1991 ) John Goodman. Peter O‘Toole. John Hurt. Camille Coduri. Julian

Glover. 96 mins. When the entire Royal Family is unluckily wiped out. Las Vegas pianist Ralph Jones (Goodman) becomes heirto the throne ofBritain. lnthe struggle to adjust to his elevated lifestyle. King Ralph offends other monarchs. disrupts British industry. delights the tabloid press and falls in love with a

l i

commoner. But complications arise when l Lord Graves (Hurt) begins plotting his , downfall. Unreverential comedy with an i enjoyably robust central performance . a pinch of satire on the British ‘Royals' cult. and a good few laughs. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. UCl. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank. UCl East Kilbride. I Life Is Sweet (15) (Mike Leigh. UK. 1991 ) Alison Steadman. Jim Broadbent. Jane Horrocks. Claire Skinner.Timothy Spall. David Thewlis. 102 mins. Domestic cringe-drama again in Leigh‘s latest offering. which centres on a family with mismatched twin daughters (Horrocks and Skinner) an inefficient caterer dad (Broadbent) and a generous-spirited mum (Steadman). The drama laced. like all Leigh's work. with a bleak. almost cruel humour centres on the sisters‘ relationship. the father‘s ill conceived business venture and the new restaurant opened by a friend (Spall). Enjoyable. truthful and surprisingly optimistic. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Little Mermaid (U) (John Musker and Ron Clements. US. 1990) With the voices of Rene Auberjonois. Buddy Hackett. Kenneth Mars. 83 mins. Based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale. the latest Disney animated feature may not quite rank with the glories ofWalt’s distant past but displays an impressive attention to detail. bags of humour and a set oftruly tacky songs. Our bikini-clad heroine might be a little too eager tofulfil her Barbie-doll destiny. but by and large it‘s embarrassingly enjoyable stuff. Strathclyde10deon Ayr. I Little Shop Oi Honors (PG) (Frank 02. US. 1986) Rick Moranis. Ellen Greene. Steve Martin. 94 mins. Deep in the florist something is stirring. as meek green-fingered type discovers that his favourite plant. Audrey. is actuallya , flesh-craving alien from outer space. Daft. enjoyable screen version of the stage musical. with funny foliage effects. and a bcezcr cameo from Martin as a biker dentist. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I Look Who's Talking Too ( 12) (Amy Heckerling. US. 1990) .lohnTravolta. Kirstie Alley. Elias Koteas. with the voices of Bruce Willis. Roseanne Barr. Damon Wayans. 80mins. Dire follow-up to the surprisingly successful original. with only one new idea (hey. let's have two talking babies!) and a great deal ofgrave embarrassment for its hapless stars. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. ()deon. Edinburgh: Odeon. UCl. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank. UCl East Kilbride. I The Mad Monkey ( 18) (Fernando Trieda. UK/Spain. 1990) Jeff Goldblum. Miranda Richardson. Daniel Ceccaldi. Dexter Fletcher. Liza Walker. 108 mins. Disturbing psychodrama develops when Fletcher‘s tyro film director hires nervy Goldblum to write the screenplay fora bizarre project based (ever so loosely) on Peter Pan. The initial atmosphere of sexual intrigue builds gradually to a gripping sensual tension. centring on the director‘s alarmingly alluring teenage sister (Walker). who draws all the main characters into a tightening webof obsession. fed by bad dreams and fantasies. Edinburgh: Cameo. _ I The Magic Flute (U) (Ingmar Bergman. Sweden. 1974) JosefKostlinger. Irma Urrila. Hakan Hagegard. 135 mins. Originally made for Swedish TV. Bergman‘s version of Mozart is set in an actual theatre where a modern audience watch an 18th century performance. The result is sympathetically attuned to the talents of his performers but still a fairly frothy addition to the Swede‘s canon of faithless anguish. Edinburgh: Filmhouse I A Man Escaped Uri Condamne A Mort S'est Echappe (PG) (Robert Bresson . France. 1956) Francois Leterrier.Charlcs Le Clainche. Maurice Beerblock. Jacquj

. l l

Ertaud. 102 mins. The true story ofa