French Resistance fighter‘s escape from imprisonment by the Gestapo. Recently re-released. Bresson‘s account is both austerely straightforward in its depiction '= of the story, and sublimcly metaphysical in its implications of Providence at work. A riveting experience. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I A Man In Love Un HommeAmoureux (18) (Diane Kurys. France. 1987)Peter ' Coyote. Greta Scacchi. Jamie Lee Curtis. Peter Riegert. Vincent Lindon. 111mins. Adulterous shenanigans on a film set in Rome. as the leading man (Coyote) and

his co-star (Scacchi) embark on an affair whose repercussions are hard to control. An uneasy mixture of bedroom farce and earnest love story, Kurys' only film in English is flawed. but has its blessings. notably the excellent performances of Reigert as Coyote‘s collaborator in crime. . and Jean Pigozzi as the increasingly irate director. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Manon Des Sources (PG) (Claude Berri. France/Italy. 1986) Yves Montand. Daniel Auteuil. Emmanuellc Beart. 114 mins. Ten years after the demise ofJean de Florctte. the Soubeyrans run a prosperous carnation farm. Jean‘s daughter has grown into an alluring young I woman and sets out to wreak her revenge. I Steering this epic rural saga towards the realms of Greek tragedy. this is a full and satisfying second halfthat exploresthe a suffering of the guilty as they pay a , crippling penance for man‘s greed and envy. The production values are as high as ever and Auteuil assumes Depardieu‘s mantle in his development from glaikit : idiot to broken-hearted suitor. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Metropolitan (15) (Whit Stillman. US. 1989) Carolyn Farina. Edward Clements. Christopcr Eigeman. Taylor Nichols. 98 mins. Reworking ofJane Austen in modern New York. where a collection of ‘ths‘ (Urban Haute Bourgeoisie)

exchange urbane. ironic banter on the three Ls life. love and literature. Intelligent. meditative satire from precocious newcomer. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Miller's Crossing (18) (Joel Coen. US. 1990) Gabriel Byrnc. Albert Finney. Marcia Gay Harden. John Turturro. Jon Polito. J.E. Freeman. 115 mins. The Coen Brothers‘ latest opus is a predictably quirky-but-stylish reworking of genre material in this case the gangster flick. Set in an unnamed East-coast city in the 19305. it centres on the falling-out between mob-leader Finney and his right-hand man Byrnc when both take a shine to the same broad (l larden). It‘s all carried out with the Coen‘s customary aplomb. and even features a fleeting appearance by Evil Dead and Darkman director Sam Raimi. Glasgow: GFT.

I Mister Frost ( 15) (Philip Setbon. US. 1990) Jeff Goldblum. Alan Bates. Kathy Baker. Francois Negret. 103 mins. Goldblum's Mister Frost is a sinister figure whose British estate is littered with tortured corpses. and who initially maintains a stony silence about his motives for their murder. Gradually. Bates‘ police inspector and Baker‘s psychiatrist are drawn into a web of intrigue as to Mister Frost's real identity— which transpires to be more dangerous than anyone could imagine. and forces Baker towards a crucial decision. Despite an excellent performance from Goldblum. the remaining cast founder on improbable scripting and poor pacing. and the result never fulfils its chill potential. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I no Better Blues (18) (Spike Lee. Us. 1990) Denzel Washington. Spike Lee. Joie Lee. Cynda Williams. 130mins. Exuberantly shot. enterprisingly designed and evocatively scored. Lee‘s jazz flick scores on the incidentals but neglects the basics with a central storyline that moves

at a snail's pace and was never that interesting in the first place. Denzel Washington is the self-absorbed trumpet star Bleek Gilliam. involved with both teacher Joie Lee and aspiring singer Williams while failing to notice manager Spike‘s gambling habit and the discord in his band. Worth seeing all the same. but patience is required. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Neverendlng Story 2: The Next Chapter (U) (George Miller. US. 1990) Jonathan Brandis. Kenny Morrison. Clarissa Burt. John Wesley Shipp. 90 mins. Returning to the mysterious land of Fantasia via the magic book preserved in Mr Coreander‘s bookshOp. Bastian Balthazar Bux (Brandis) meets up with friends old and new. and when imagination comes under threat. he once again participates in the struggle between good and evil. Lots ofspecial effects and philosophical intricacies make this an entertaining and absorbing follow-up to the 1984 original. Strathclyde: Odcon Ayr.

I Nikita ( 18) (Luc Besson. France. 1990) Anne Parillaud. Tchcky Karyo. Jean-Hughes Angladc. Jeanne Moreau. 114 mins. The latest exercise in stylish tosh from Gallic maestro Besson. Parillaud stars as a junkie waif resurrected from her dreary existence by the enigmatic Karyo. an agent for the government‘s most secretive undercover organistaion. and pretty soon she‘s a topnotch assassin. But does this make her any more fulfilled? Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Nocturne (15) (Joy Chamberlain. UK. 1990) Lisa Eichhorn. Caroline Paterson. Karen Jones. 58 mins. Made for television. Chamberlain‘s parable of liberation from sexual repression follows a middle-aged woman‘s return to her childhood home after her mother‘s death. When two young women burst in from the street. she suddenly finds her lesbian nature expressing itself more forcefully

than she had ever anticipated. Touching but unsentimental psychological drama. Showing with three lesbian shorts: Khush; Forever and Can 'r You Take A Joke?. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Michael Palin And Frlends An event to promote Friends Of F ilmhousc (of which Palin is this year‘s Patron). All members of the organisation are invited (annual membership is £20). and the evening will include screenings ofsomc of Palin‘s favourite clips from his films. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Point Blank ( 18) (John Boorman. US. 1967) Lee Marvin. Angie Dickinson. Keenan Wynn. 92 mins. Revenge-ridden Marvin is bent on justifying hisdreamlike existence and turning the tables on the mysterious criminal Organisation which employed him in this tense. well crafted thriller that boasts an imaginitive and influential treatment of time. Boorman's impressive first American feature is made memorable by Marvin‘s brilliant portrayal of an outmoded gunman confusedly taking on a world overrun by technology. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Postcards From The Edge (15) (Mike Nichols. US. 1990) Meryl Streep. Shirley MacLaine. Dennis Quaid. Gene ilackman. Richard Dreyfuss. 101 mins. Glossy but honest adaptation ofCarric Fisher‘s largely autobiographical novel of Hollywood hell: cocaine addiction. waking up with strangers. a plummeting reputation and the degradation ofthe detox clinic. In this case. the young star. played with gusto by Streep. faces the additional tribulation of an alcoholic mum (MacLaine). but can country ’n‘ western save the day? Sensitively assembled with an admirable lightness of touch. this isa reasonably honest and generally charming movie. Central: Caledonian. Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon.

I Quick Change (15) (Howard Franklin & Bill Murray. US. 1990) Bill Murray.






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