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; could almost be an ironic overture for die, and to say 0n-u Sound's time has the ‘Pay It All Back’ tour which shortly finally come; enthuses the

takes to the road, featuring Clail and disarming” earnest Ctatt, ; Sullde esseeiales from the Oh-U 300ml There will, therefore, be no ‘Human - - I The Party: That’s Why t SVSIem in e "lie-hour "Oh-Stet) Nature’. An unassuming character at l i (Hollywood) The ? extravaganza. Clail himself admits that the best at times, clan is only happy to I misleading sleeve does not i the production amounts to ‘a circus of accept his role as 0n-U’s public tace tn 1 Intact enclose the debut 5 about 32 ON Sound musicians and orderto promote their work. ‘lt’s not i Zing? if"; gh‘fi‘css “"9633 about being a pop star or charting, it’s $113.33?" This is a Plan we've had for tell about getting a message over. I’ve got i pagnctt but {rompfhc we" § Veefs- "’8 heen Adrian SheI'WOOd'S no answers. What I’m trying to do with ? sensations that will pump 3 dream to out this Oh the toad Since he the records is to get people to question, the pockets ofAmerican 3 first started On-U Sound. It’s basically and it we all start using the power at youth now that New Kids l trying to dive somethth haeh t0 Ihe speech, things will change. Amen to 0" The 3W“ “and ! People who’ve supported us. who come that. Now let the carnival begin. (Fiona “POW is rampant ; from all walks of life and probably shepherd) . Pyrszih'acil‘; The '5 , h haven’t oota lot of money.’ Home the The Pay ltAll eacit Tourreaches the 3:? 1".“9” ""P"? w‘.‘ e o )ligatory dismal rap name of the tour, which the Sound aanowland, Glasgow on Sun 21. in the middle that one can

System are promoting themselves, with the help of some agents and local promoters. If the tour makes a loss, the buck lands well and truly on their doorstep, but it’s a sacrifice they’re prepared to make to keep ticket prices low.

The show consists of several sets involving configurations of Tackhead, Dub Syndicate, Bim Sherman and Mark Stewart And The Mania, sandwichlng Clail’s spot, which showcases the ‘Emotional Hooligan’ album and provides the sound system for a performance by the innovative French circus troupe Archaos. The emphasis

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Following the disappointing, frustrating and unfortunate

: circumstances of the special

commission which fell through for its * Iastconcert,ECATContemporary Music is no doubt breathing a sigh of

only assume they drew straws for. Young Damon Pampolina thinks his band should be in a United Colours of Benetton ad, so it must be significant that ‘Party‘ sounds alike a contracted ‘Partridge Family', ch? (AM) I The Southemaires: Love Me (Go! Discs) On his nights off. Van Morrison dons a youthful disguise. He sings a bit like Marti Fellow and gets Deacon Blue (plus a wobbly Hammond Organ) to back him on a song that even David Essex wouldn‘t touch with a barge-pole. At least. that‘s what it sounds like here. Apart from songwriting prowess. all the Southernaires‘ component parts voice, musicianship. production l have an awesome quality. but the end result is as flat as a fart. Having the bare-assed cheek to offer a live, acoustic

Edinburgh-based ECAT. ‘It’s in three movements; the first and last are fast and the middle one is full of notes, so it’s very busy.‘ lntluences have come from all kinds of sources. ‘lt’s quite jazz-influenced,’ he says, ‘with lots of


'~ -- relief to be on more tamiliarterritory j funky things and Latin American version of the patently 03”” Th°mps°n3 ""95 a 9°°d‘“"° . this time round. Being premiered by ; rhythms.’ tunelcss ‘Limbo‘ on the there are particular melodies and the Royal Northern College of Music Normally in a piano concerto, you B-sidc wins them points harmonies that are very English. and Wind Orchestra with New Zealand-born might exile“ a cademat DUI "OI new. ‘I i f‘” “Udac'ty' bl" "‘3" S a“- i don‘t think they have been properly pianist Richard Beauchamp, is a new ' don’t like piano cadenzas,’ King (PWH) , exploited. the neglect of our music Piano Concerto by Geoffrey King, one explalhst ‘80 I've done something I is my typical of the English. and of ECAT’s own triumvirate of artistic unconventional and out a tour-minute that is what I meant about the Celts directors. piano solo at the very beginning, sol earlier they had a lot more pride ‘lt’s got some conventional aspects can forget all about it afterthat.’ - - and passion about their own music. and some weird things,’ says King, Among the Other surprises is 8 English music is what I grew up with. whose new work will form part of the prepared (in non-jargon, a note that’s lSpirea x: Chlorine Dream and ill relate to anythingin cultural firstGlasgow concertforthe beentampered with in some way) Bflat (4A0)thrcupon. terms. then it has to be that.‘ which, he explains, ‘goes “donk” Surprisingly. Spirca deo Thompson is a physically big man. and I’ve made quite a feature of that.‘ fhc I?” t fihyonc Wh" d and extracts a commensurately Along with the new work and sowetan actually soon one ofthc

band’s much-touted gigs or suffered their patchy demo would be forgiven for crying ‘get tae Gourock‘ at the mere mention ofthcir first single. Yet on ‘(‘hlorine Dream' Beattie and co overcome the ego and innate lack ofsongwriting ability. A riff. a groove. a brass blast and. already. the first inkling ofthat all-pervasive 4AD house-sound all conspire to build a track that is pleasantly perturbingin its soundness. But would you have signed them? (CMCL)

Spring by King’s colleague, James MacMillan, are pieces by Diderik Wagenaar and Tristan Keuris, two leading contemporary composers from Holland, where King is currently working before returning to live in Scotland this summer. ‘Modern Dutch ! music is much lighter and takes itself l much less seriously than British i contemporary music,’ says King, ’and we feltwe’d like to give audiences in Britain a chance to hear some.‘ (Carol Main)

ECAT Contemporary Music, Fri 26 Apr,

full-bodied sound from the bass. That rich and hugely satisfying tonal quality has long been one of his greatest assets. and it is beautifully i complemented by the mixture of instrumental voices available in Whatever‘s armoury. On stage. the music tends to have a more flexible. improvised feel than on record. but reflects the leader's finely-honed ear for a beautiful melody.

‘()h. yeah. it will always be that. I do love a good tune!‘ l Danny Thompson '3 Whateverplay at the Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow on Stevenson Ha"- RSAMDr Glasgow and Tue 23 and the Queen '5; Hall, M0" 29 Al", Queen's Hall, Edinburgh. Edinburgh on Thurs 25. ECAT'S Geoffrey King See Classical listings.


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