heavilv (ills—influenced sotiiid. Retro. htit m . only in as much as The Stone Rosesare. [\‘lhl"r"'|5‘(rf|“li “P 351‘“ U “HTW‘W- I ' - , .. . - .. :t erea . e tic sounc s. somew iere int ie IElla and Friendsmacktnars. BcHStrcct. _ 553 563i 9.36pm. [:rcc. region of( lannad. :

i could alw a}‘s go along and find out. 1 their acoustic sound. hut We Free Kings thrilfh balm ‘0 Sign 3‘ miflmdcfll- . I l i [Baby's GotAGun (‘hisholm's.Shuttlc are as frenetic a rock hand as you'llfind i Inghlshlfl Shpiucase (alton Studios. l . Strum WNW. 331) 6367 10pm. £2. u"thcrc this fortnight. 1 alton Road. 566 7066. 7.30pm—2.30am. : t Scotland's favourite dumh rawk hand are I Summerlield Blues Negociants. Lothian ; ’14 (13). A big night for the i t i on the look-out for new inztniigcmt‘nl imd Street. 225 6313.").30pm. Free. Fife-based (irangemouth-hasedindependent lahel. I Julian cope King Tu“ Wa'h “.ah I lut- i record deals after they initiated a spill hlues hand. playing original material and ninth has been huilding up its roster , St Vinccm Sm“. 231 527.). 9pm so”) I 3 from mc Du“. Rm,“an stable. 1n the covers. largely unnoticed. l laying tonightare . OUT. Scmnd MN” mth Sccprcvicw I 'i meantimethey‘ve heen writing material IBIuelinger Platform ()ne. Rutland ! thIrlOIingt-serving signinglowlife. f _ ' l for the next alhum. some ofwhich will street, 225 3433. Free. See Fri 1‘). . along with The Matter Bahies. [he i i surer get an airingtonight. I Red Hot And Blue Preservation l lall. Ollihm’kss BTCL‘d. Th6 SilndmCIL GM“ 5 .J D And The w-Id t V. l I I The Vindicators ()nion (‘luh. RAFA Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after9pm. Ulllmiilt‘ NUISC. If) FOFCVCF and BIUC 0“ l [ t'h,’ S. H ,lficazs; tggu‘mh‘. Huh ASMCVSUCC‘ (Oi-{meilumis Ruck‘nhfli Shock. Profitsare goingtoShelter.and ; “L. "m‘ R“: T“ (k 1;“ )-- “121113- l'rCC- ! Road). 10pm. £2.50. Fast Kilhride's'l‘hc ILive music(‘hesterfield‘s. Royal Sightshift want to remindcvcrymwthut "Ye mus'“ “"““”'( "“'~L’““‘--“5“3- ' Vindicators fuse all the hest heat Terrace. 5566918. Free. See Fri 1‘). it san Izdinhurgh holiday ru- ! influences and spew out an infectious. Wu “Cull” f‘“”." “hm” Stilymgmll li'lc- l I Maya's Vaice Preservation l lall. : !

IScreaming Through December(‘hristie‘s. .Junan Cope King’Im-swah wimnm. Live musm Pelican. ( ovvgate. 225 >413. . IThe Amazing Jimmy Brock Experience 5 Main Street. Alexandria. (138‘) 5779‘). St Vinccm Strcct‘ 2315271).t)pnl.8()111) Free. . V . . I Brcwcrvvjhp‘ Sauchichun Strcct‘S-w q'fiupm‘ Ha" ()L'T. First oftwo nights. Seepreview. 3.32:":Inguzlcxacgogiants. 1.othian Street. 8866, 9pm. [-‘rec. Sec '16ch . Edinburgh I Green On Bed. Rain and The Real fchoy ~~~ ’- ~- -~ Pm- m.

Mayfair. Sauchichall Street. 332 3872.

I Botanys ('alton Studios. (‘alton Road. 7pm. £6.40plus hooking fee. Tickets from

556 7066. See (‘luhs preview. Just the Ticket. Virgin. L'nion Street.226 '

I MOiO Pep Preservation Hall. Victoria 4679. Well-respected countrified . FLYiNG MUSlC I.

Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9pm. American rockers. whose reputation and : pRESENT * * . I The Cactus Club Negociants. Lothian influence sadly,- far outweigh their record * $233115 5 Street. 225 6313. 9.30pm. Free. sales. It feels like they've been around for i I,

I Live music Chesterfield's. Royal almost as long as those Georgian , ’J i 2 Tcrrace.5566918. Free. ' dinosaurs REM. with\~'homthc>'shurca : J

ISTE signal!"

‘1 l .9" mmon attitude and musical style. so - They must have paidtheirduesahoutten : times over.

. ITheWolllonesMayfair.Sauchichall ’LOST IN MUSIC’ Street. 332 3872. 7pm. £8.50 plus booking 'WE ARE FAMILY'

fee. Tickets from Just the Ticket. Virgin. IFRANKIE,’ L'nion Street. 226 4679. Irish folk rock band. hugely popular round these parts. Less frantic and not as inehriated as The

Pogues. theirs is a very traditional sound. lfyou can't make it this time. a return visit

, tothe Mayfairisalreadyplanned. : ITadand Mass \'entie.Sziticliiehzill ThurSday’ 2 May, at . Street.332 3872.7.30pm.£5.Ticketsfrt)ni Tel: Concert Box Office

Just the Ticket. Virgin. L'nion Street.226 467‘). 23rd Precinct. Bath Street. 332-1806. and Ripping Records. South Bridge.

lidinhurgh. 031 226 7010. Tad Doyle's music is fast hecoming a sideshow. while



| his excess hluhher provides the main Atom Seed attraction these davs. (‘lose your eyes i instead. and you could he listening toany .The Alum seed and Skalope'a'lilmc l of his Suh Pop lahclmatcs ~- and that W3er R0“ (‘IUP' Th“ \vcnuc'wu should he good enough for anyone. SiiUCth-l‘i‘“ SIWCt- 333 3873- 7.3“Pm- Lil IThe Catherine Wheel and Moni King Sec 5007-

Tut's \Vah \Vah llut. St Viticcnt Street. . ' i :21 5:79. 9pm. £3.51). Faithful Edinburgh

(ilaswegian pop crew. currently forced to .

fight against the recognition afforded to an I M' 8'9 and The Thmbs Mal-mm”

anlish hand of the same name. A hitter Thwm- ‘(irSC'l‘l‘lC mac“ 557 259“-

piii [0 walk,“- .. mmng mng eclipsed h}. 7.30pm. £8.20. Rock hand formed hy- hass

a mnd “0m Norwich (,f a” places-gt virIUoso Billy Sheeman. featuring vocalist

I Eiecmc Daisies (‘hrislic3. Mum 3”ch F.ric .‘vlartin(descrihedhy13oz Scaggs asa

Aicmmirm‘ “339 57799. 9.30pm. [:rcc. cross hetween (iladys Knight and Paul

This funk rock hand ~ a ('umhernauld R“dgcr5! )- Pmm‘“c “1'5” "9“

version of Faith No More are continually Atlantic Ea“ We“ album I‘m" I’ll“ I"

upping their profile with a stream of I The Beyond and Slammer MMPP'L

“Ciprccciud mus. Venue. L alton R.oad.'.‘§7 3073. A douhle i I Siam Drth gcqucncc. Ronfmpx dose of raging guitars in the thrashy vein. i Sauchicliall Street. 332 5883. 10.30pm. Slammer “CW "m." ‘hc “mnd lil'rl’PW“ £2.56. 4

I The Parallelograms Halt Bar.

Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free. See Tues 23.

I Jacob‘s Ladder Blackfriars. Bell Street. 552 592-1. 9.30pm. Free.

1 Edinburgh

I Julian Cope Calton Studios. Calton Road. 556 7066. See preview.

I The Atom Seed and Scat Opera Bedrock

Club. Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. The Atom Seed are heavily touted as Britain's answer to Faith .\'o More (or is that Red

May extL

CALL 041 305 5500 FOR

Hot Chilli Peppers?) hut isn't everyone (6 g ,

ofa vague funk rock persuasion'?Support T H E C G U l D E D l R E C R Y Skat Opera are well known back home in

the States for making a similar noise with


more ofa thrash leaning.

I We Free Kings and The Spark Basin ?

Street.llaymarketTerrace.3371006. I 8 N M l N G L'nfairly decried as riding on The Pogues

bandwagon when they started. hecause of

The Li; 1‘) April 2 May 199i 37