I ‘See. I normally wearsa Stetson and chaps. love. ' “é: butthese baatlroom conversions requires a lotta 4* " special equipment. know won I mean?‘ The less salubrious end otthe x building trade comes under

the microscope in Ken

. Loach‘s new political ' _. comedy drama. Bill-Raft. _ See Film Index. page 18. y _ I‘Gerslansreactto

Graeme Souness‘ shock decision to leave lbrox: Bill Murray begs himto

Two weeks or not two 6

. . , . . - . ,, . g .. 5 reconsider, Geena Davisis ‘1“th [his Vi ‘35 {ht f . ' 5 closeto hysteria;while question: whether twas ' RandyDuaidlookssetto . . ' if turn green and burstthe nohlcr in the mind to go L bumnsoflhisshm.

and stab uncle Claudius. or to take a copy of The List and see what else there was to do. Still undecided. Hamlet sheathed his blade and began to leal‘ through the magazine. . .

Luckily. they have the & chance to venttheiranguish in Murray's new comedy Quick Change. See Film Index. page 18.

I Get Real dept. Justwho is Kevin Dillon trying to kid with those ridiculous stripes on hislace? Decidedly pink-skinned Dillon playsathree-eigths (sic) Red Indian lad in War Party. but we leel awee dod ottace putty mighthave given a more convincing ettect. Alec Guinness where are you now? See Film ': lndex,page18.

I Awelcome return to our page two pin-up spotzthe ever-growing Tad (remember, it meansa small quantity). seen here preparing their mid-morning snack. have increased not merely in girth butalso in number. Scary. ain't it? Tad playThe Venue. Glasgow on Sat27. See Rock and Blues Listings. page 35.

I “Yes. your correspondence with Tante Mireille is most absorbing, Griselda, but when I said French letters. . .' Stanley Spencer enjoys an oldjoke at Kelvingrove Gallery. See Art Preview. page 54.

I 0 Lucky Man! Kevin Anderson gets to make out with Hollywood's hottest propertyJulia Robertsin herlatest movie Sleeping With The Enemy. You can tell he‘s the good guy by his tlowing locks . . .can‘tyou? See Film Preview. page 17.

I Parrp! Horn a-plenty at the Beltane Fire - an annual pagan celebration at Spring, held on Mayday. beginning at 11pm on Tue 30. at Edinburgh‘s Calton Hill. For details. orto participate. call Test Department on 041357 5299. l

l I ‘And here's one Imade earlier. . .' FatAnd Frantic.

in a doomed bid tor

television stardom. employ

a Blue Peter washboard on stage. Catch their rendition otthat hompipe in Glasgow. Tue 23 or Edinburgh. Wed

24. See Rock 8. Blues 9 listings. page 53. i

2'] he List 1‘) April -- 3 May 1991