I Scream Calton Studios (upstairs). 11pm—4am. From 1‘) April. Takingover where Zebedee left off. with laid back spaced out 60s sottnds. man.

I Raw The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. A second rock night for The Mish.

I Marley‘s Reggae Klub Network 2. 10.30pm—4am. £2. Still running afteran incredible thirteen years. and just as popular as it ever was. If you've never been. then you're missing out.

I Pure The Venue. 11pm—4am. Members and guests only. (‘ontinuing to go from strength to strength. with an amazing 2000 people now in possession of that little white membership card. Such is the demand. in fact. that you now have togo along for a couple of weeks to prove that you're a very. very nice person. before being allowed to join up. (Two thousand nice clubbers in Fdinburgh'.’ Que! surprise.)

I Tangerine The Mission. llpm—3am. £2. A flourishing indie club. playing a solid selection of well. indie stuff. strangely enough. Big changes on the way though. we hear - watch this space.

I Green Banana Club Potterrow. 9pm—2am. Students and guestsonly. Traditionally an 'alternative' night. with occasional live bands in the past as diverse as That Petrol 1imotion.'I‘he Proclaimers and The Bhundu Boys.

I Beatbox and Strangeways chiot Row. 9pm—2am. Students and guestsonly.


Busy. busy. busy union disco l hesitate to

use the word 'club' on two floorszchart trash upstairs. indie dance down. The best thing about this is the happy hour. which is cheap even by student standards.

I Networkt 10.30pm—4am. £3. A retrospective night. incorporating a wide range of 70s sounds.

I The Amphitheatre l0pm—4am. £2 before 11pm."£4 after.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—3.30am. £1.51) before 1 l.30pm.£3 after.

I Blue Oyster Club 10.30pm—4am.

I Chaplins at Finsbury Park. 1 1pm—4am. £2.

I The Red Hot Pepper Club 10pm—4am. £2.50before 11.30pm £3.50after.

I Madisons Rock Night 9pm—3am. £1 before 1(lpm/£2 after. DJ Dave Doubledecks partying on down with glam. thrash and The Silly Session. ()h. and a bit of rock as well.

I Millies lllpm—6am. £2 before 2.30am £3 after. Favourite late night hangout of clubbers. club runners and those who just won't go to bed. lmmensely enjoyable and always busy.


I Galaxy 9c Victoria Street. 11pm—3am. £2.50 with ticket. The inimitable Bootsy. plus friends. play you what seems like every soul record ever pressed. Something to keep everyone happy. and as a result always packed.

I Wildlife 20 April and fortnightly. A club run by Fred. Amanda and Neil of Thunderball fame. playing retrospective soul and funk in a central location; it‘s small. intimate and more like a party than any usual event; and if you don‘t know where it's at. then you shouldn’t be there anyway. ()kay'.’

9 IXS Wilkie House. 10.30pm—3.30am. £3.

27 April and monthly. Followingthe

success of their first night (which attracted a capacity crowd and sold out the bar! ). Sex Beat and Dream join together for more hardcore rave sounds. with DJs Chris. Grant. Luke and Simon pumping out the usual hardbeats. plus a guest spot from the one and only Bootsy. In the

'5 s “34% / .r‘

words of Manchester luminary Mark E. Smith. (spotted looking somewhat more cheerful than usual): ‘lt's better than the llacienda!’ 'Nuff said.

I Dynamic 3 Soul Club (.‘laremont l lotel. 7.30pm—1am. £2.50. 27 April only. Another night of northern soul. playing the best oldies and all the top sounds. With Keith Whitson. (‘olin Law. Davie Windram and Jim Tennant. plus special guest Andy Dennison. (‘heck it out.

I Bedrock Club The Venue. 9pm—4am. Live bands plus a disco make thisa popular night. See rock listings for details. I Boom Boom Club (‘alton Studios. 11pm—4am. £5. Increasingly popular upfront dance club. full of hip kidsclad head to toe in (‘hipic. ('hevignon erul. Featuring on 20 April the turntable talents of Eddie Richards. Synergy DJ. Sharnen rcmixer. and perhaps better known in days of yore as Jolly Roger(yes. remember Acid l louse'.’).

I Katch Shady Lady‘s. llpm—3am. £2. lndie. indie and yet more indie music. attracting a motley assortment of mop-top student types.

I Top Ten Club Moray House. 10pm—3am. £2. 20 April only. Too much! Simply too much! Poster of the fortnight award. and a big recommendation to this. the somethingth in a monthly series. Remember go early. it'll be busy. I Kaleidascope World Moray I louse. l0pm—3am. £2. 27 April only. A night of non-stop indie pop.

I Mambo Club Network 2 X; 3. 10.30pm—3am. £2 members £2.50 non members. Scotland's only regular world music club. which just gets busier and busier. Sir ()ssie on the wheels ofsteel mixes the best in African dance with calypso and soca around the world stylee. Go and pretend you‘re in a warm. sun-drenched paradise.

I Wheels'I‘he Mission. 11pm—3am.£1.50 before midnight'£2.50 after. A nightmare on Victoria Street'.’ Quite possibly. Alsoa rock night.

I Apocalypse (‘hambers Street Union. 9pm-2am. Students and guests only. A bustling union dance club. which needs no mention from me to get them punters rolling in.

I Network 1 10.30pm—4am. £4.

I The Amphitheatre 10pm—4am. £4.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—4am. £2 before 11.30er £4 after.

I Blue Oyster Club 10.30pm—4am.

I ChaplinSat Finsbury Park. 11pm—4am. See Fri for details.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 10pm—4am.£3 before 11.30pm £4 after.

I Millies 10pm—6am. £2 before 2.30am £3 after.

I Madisons Bock Night lllpm—4am. £1 before 11pm £2 after. DJ lan plays slightly more traditional tracks than on a Friday. but still packs the floor.


I Beats 9c Victoria Street. 1 lpm—3ani. Essential medicine for ravers. designed to cure those Sunday-night blues.

I Bliss Network 2. l0pm—3am. A worthwhile dance club. incorporating a variety ofsounds from indie to the more mainstream.

I Satisfaction Shady Lady's. 9pm— lam. £1.50. A golden oldies night. featuring60s and 70s sounds. Also a happy hour between 9.30pm and 10.30pm.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—3am. £1 .50 before 1 1.30pm £3 after.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 10am—3am. £2. A karaoke night.

I Madisons l 1pm—4am. A joint venture by Millies and the Laughing Duck. featuring the turntable talents ofluurrvely DJs Phillip and Bootsy. Guaranteed tacky disco and chart house all night long. Great stuff.

I Networkt 10pm—2am. £2.

I The Amphitheatre lllpnt—late. £3.

I Blue Oyster Club 10.30pm-4am.


I Flow The Venue. 10.30pm—2am. £2. 2‘) April and fortnightly. DJs Butch. Ben. Bax and guests spin Balearic bits 'n' bobs. Euro-house and upfront dance for the happy ofhearing.

I The Monday Club Madisons. 9.30pm—3am. Nu-beat. punk. goth and glam metal. Gosh.

I Millies 11pm-4am.£l.


I Sherbet The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. £2. 23 April and monthly. Playing a wide range of indie and dance sounds. from 808 State to James. with the added attraction of free Wham Bars. ()riginally they were giving away Sherbet Fountains. I'm told. but beer and sherbet makes just too much mess. Phew. rock 'n‘ roll!

I Somo The Venue. 9pm—3am. 23 April and fortnightly. Commercial electro. with a BIG PA and a sequencer. no less. Featuring on the opening night Mod Godhead.

I Millies l 1pm—4am. £1.


I Burn The Dragon (‘alton Studios. 10pm—3am. 1 May only. A charityevent forTibet. with Pure DJ (‘arole spinninga mixture of funk and house. A good night fora good cause check it out.

I Rubble Shady Lady's. 11pm—3am. £2.50 £2. (‘lassic rock and roll from three decades.

I Breathless Potterrow. 8pm—1am. Students 50p with matric card. guests £1.50. The best union club in Edinburgh. without a doubt. Lucozade on draught and solid dance tunes. What more could anyone want'.’

I Yard The Mission. 1 1pm--3am. Electronic and Euro sounds. l'm told. but as yet something of an unknown quantity.

j I Rhythm Club The Amphitheatre.

9pm—3am. £3 non-members £2 members. World music of all sorts. plus regular live bands.

I Millies l 1pm—4am. £1.


I |ce9e Victoria Street. 10.30pm-3am.

£3 £2. Please note change ofaddress! The ever-popular (‘ooke twins move venue. but promise to keep playing the same upfront mix of dancefloor-friendly sounds

regardless. We‘re glad.

I Chocolate City The Venue. 11pm—4am. 25 April and fortnightly. This increasingly

popular one-off starts a regular run with a live set by TKO that's the Big Payback boys and Kenny and Sean from Sugar Bullet. Plus rare groove. p-funk. dub. classic soul. 7th funk. gospel and rap. If you haven‘t been already. then do venture along and receive a musical education.

I Shag The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. £2. lt's Thursday. so it's time to go Shagging. Not that anybody needs to be told by now. into their third year. and still populated by half the students in Iidinburgh. Fun. frolics and free chocolate.

I Network1 l0pm—2am. £2.

I Blue Oyster Club. 10.30pm—43m.

I Red Hot Pepper Club lllpm—3am. £2.

I Millies l 1pm—4am. £1.


I The Amphitheatre 31 Lothian Road. 229 7671).

I Blue Oyster Club 96a Rose Street Lane North. 226 6458.

I Buster Browns 25—27 Market Street. 226 4224.

I Calton Studios (‘alton Road. 556 7066. I Chambers Street Student Union Chambers Street. 667 1011.

I 9c 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564.

I Finsbury Park 3—5 South St Andrew Street. 556 1020.

I Liberty’s Greenside Place. 557 3807.

I Madison's (ireenside Place. 557 3807. I Mission Victoria Street. 225 3326.

I Millies Niddrie Street. 5566050.

I Moray House Student Union 1 lolyrood Road. 556 8455.

I The Network West Tollcross. 228 3252. I Potterrow Student Union Bristo Square. 6670214.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 3 Semple Street. Tollcross. 22‘) 7733.

I Shady Lady's (‘owgate. 225 3326.

I Teviot Bow Student Union Bristo Square. 667 2091.

I The Venue (‘alton Road. 557 3073.

I Wilkie House (‘owgate. 225 2079.


A clubbers' guide to local radio.

I BPM Radio Scotland. Fri

11.30pm~ l 2.30am. The big boys’ one

concession to dance culture. unfortunately

on air when all clubbers are out. well . ..

clubbing. But if you ever do find yourself

with a night in. then have a listen.

I Paul Welsh (‘Iy-de ()ne FM. Sat

7.45—1 lpm. Featuring the dulcet tonesof

j this ex-(‘hampion DJ. plus regular big

name interviews. depending on who is

visiting the city. and upfront dance

sounds. ('heck it out.

I The Duke Radio Forth. Sun 7—10pm. In

between keeping a restraining hand on

Bryan Burnett and Janice Forsyth (and

let's face it. somebody has to). Allan NB

(‘ampbell plays rap. blues. house. country. rock. film music. R‘n'B. plus more. Much more. See 'l'urntable for his favourite tracks of the moment.

22 Bridge Street, Paisley


The List 19 April 2 May 199167