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:— Council’s

Role in Theatre Epic

The recent announcement that Edinburgh District Council has bought the Empire Theatre in the city’s Nicolson Street in order to turn the bingo hall into an all-purpose theatre marks another major step in consolidating Edinburgh’s iuture at the ioretront ot pertorming arts. The city is undergoing something oi a renaissance in terms at its theatre inirastructure, and much oi this is due to the support oi the Council and the chair oi its Recreation Committee, Councillor Paolo Vestri.

‘When studying the Empire’s viability,’ says Vestri, ‘it was shown that there was more theatre activity in

Edinburgh than in any city oi equivalent '

size in Britain. People tend to iorget that because there’s so much emphasis on the Festival, but there is already a

substantial amount oi work going on at : othertimes. What we’re doing is giving '


Upgrading at Edinburgh’s Royal Lyceum: just one at the developments being

sponsored by Edinburgh District Council

that some more active support.’

The extensive renovation work required at the Empire means that it will not be in operation until at least 1993. It coincides with two other major projects which will see improvements at the Lyceum Theatre and the relocation oi the Traverse Theatre to Castle Terrace.

‘We’ve always thought that the work the Traverse does is very important,’ continues Vestri, ‘not just in terms at new writing, but also in terms at encouraging new actors and directors. In that respect it’s very much a Scottish-wide iacility, given the Traverse’s importance throughout the country. It’s also important that we don’t do too much at one end oi the spectrum. We have looked at the need ior high prolile -the Empire - but on the other hand we have to ensure that rep theatre companies like the Lyceum are able to develop and that new work at the Traverse can continue.’

Elsewhere in the capital, the Council has acted as the catalyst in the upgrading oi iacillties at the Theatre Workshop and at the Assembly Rooms. The Council is also currently considering improvements to the

lighting, sound, stage and bartacilities

at the Usher Hall. (Alan Morrison)



: I PERFORMING ARTS GRANTS: Bob ; Palmer, Glasgow's new Director oi

Pertorming Arts, has announced a package oi grants worth £166,000 ior lestivals and projects to be held in the

; city this year. Building on last year’s

success as Cultural Capital ot Europe, the City Council hopes to continue its support oi innovative projects using its £750,000 Arts Development Fund.

The iirst organisations to benefit include the Glasgow Fair Society, which plan to present a major testival on Glasgow Green during the Fair, East End Arts, Periormance Exchange and Test Department, which will bring another pertormance on the scale oi Gododdin and The Second Coming to the city Iaterthis year.

I HDMDSEXUAL RIGHTS: A relorm ot laws on homosexuality to be proposed by the Lord Advocate next month could be the iirst move towards reducing the age oi consent tor gay sex in Scotland irom 21 to 16. At the moment, sex

between homosexual men aged 16 to 20 carries a maximum jail sentence oi two years. The Home Dtiice has no plans to reiorm the law in England and Wales.

I SCIENCE FESTIVAL: Winner at the British Coal Enterprise Inventors Competition at the 1991 Edinburgh

: International Science Festival was

John Delaney oi Denny, Stirlingshire, who now receives a £1000 consultancy

x tee to allow him to develop his

Pave-Mate, a device tor preparing a

base betore laying slabs. The strong

shortlist oi twenty included a digital bus display, a one-handed shovel and a

' three-sided chess game.

I NATIONAL STADIUM: Strathclyde Park near Motherwell has emerged as the strong iavourite tor a £100 million replacement ior Hampden as the home ol Scottish lootball. The development has commitments oi tinancial backing » irom both the private sector and the Government, but at the moment lacks SFA support.

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