I Banned: Jubilee (Channel-1) Midnight—1.55am. Derek Jarman's apocalyptic view of punk London. as seen through the eyes of a time-travelling Elizabeth I. has dated rather badly. but at the time managed to capture the blackly comic spirit of punk. and offend more than a few ofour self-appointed arbiters of

taste. Look out for appearances by Toyah

l MONDAY 22 _l

I The Cosby Show (Channel 4) 6-6.3(lpm. Repeated sugary comedy at the lluxtable household. with Theo's grandparents giving him some insights into Civil Rights struggles (was it that long ago?)

I Horizon: Inside Chernobyl Sarcophagus (BBCZ) 8. l()—9pm. Horizon become the




I Murphy's Romance (BBCl ) 3—5pm. James Garner got an Oscar nomination for his part in this lightweight comedy. He plays a middle-aged pharmacist who is attracted to divorcee Sally Field. ‘Nice‘ is the operative word here.

I Viv On Sunday (Scottish) 3—4pm. Viv Lumsden presents a compilation ofthe best moments from the chatshow

4.25—5.25pm. A trio of long-banned Czech animations featuring allegories ofthe totalitarian regime.

I Women’s Soccer (Channel 4) 6—6.30. Scotland take on the Auld Enemy

and lancmrlcson' p’.°g't“mmc Sfigcs' Andthcy gm“) first Western broadcast team to filminside l

. minueswort. hm], ,’.d U.“ h H. , 'nd'l‘k l

Ar hbi h i _ , i . a u. } :alggrgfltrczoggmgmfiogrj Mtipms opO t:BanfledThe Handghe CollinFactory/The whcmcmSwmduccidcmisjustwmtmg I Remarkablesceneslive fromCanterbury. lsound SlumaeaulilulMUSl°(ChiinnCI4l ass amomca((' Mme”) t"happen- : I

I Birds Of A Feather ( BBt‘l ) 8.3ti—9pm. A welcome repeat run for the sarcy siblings A sitcom with Pauline Quirke and Linda

7—8pm. Radio producer John Walters

investigates the phenomenon ofMuzak and interviews the demons responsible. from the Muzak Corporation ofSeattlc.

as young contender George ‘charismatic‘ Carey gets the top job. Highlights later. if you miss the action as it happens.

I Woman In A Dressing Gown (Channel 4) Robson.

IThe Dealers (Scottish)9—lllpm. i

> 8‘ ,

130—4. 15pm. A distinctly pre-feminist movie starring Yvonne Mitchell asa slatternly housewife who drives her husband into an affair with a younger

England in an international at Wycombe. and the programme has highlights. as well as a retrospective on the history of

10.40—11.3(lpm. Euston Films eschew the rhyming slangand dodgy East [ind villains for the high-pressure world ofCity finance

in this madc-for-cinema film. When a

' previous internationals. and a look trader shoots himself after losingSltltl

' forward to this year's World Cup to be Played in China- million (understandable I suppose). brash i I scoms" Inlemallona' (SCOlliSh) . young Daniel Pascoe (Paul McGann) i 6‘6-30Pm- Margo Macoonald ‘9”5 US huw i assumes he will get the job. I le reckons i inwmall‘mal Pomical events are 80mg“) without the attractive American dealer ' all“! things in SCOlland- Anna Schuman (Rebecca De Mornay) f . "man's Opens: The "anlage 0' Figaro however. All this is very late 80s ofcoursc. (BBC2)7.15—8.20pm. Peter Sellars‘ but worm a glance. I production shifts the work‘s setting from a . i . country house near Naples to the glamorous Trump Tower in New York. ' but the plays stays as convoluted as ever. ; I The Darling Buds Di May (Scottish) ! " 7.45—8.45pm. Mariette has accepted Tax ' Inspector Charley‘s proposal and a lavish

wedding is planned in the HE. Bates I thirtysomething (Channel 4)9—1()pm.


I The Clive James interview ( BBCZ) )

More low-key thrills for the caring sharing 5 ' chums. as Melissa gets a job and a date at f

8—8.35pm. The Antipodean one speaks to professional obnoxious creep P]. the san1ctimc_ Steady on old girl. O‘Rourke. the writer who is occasionally I Taggart—The Movie: Hostile Witness amusing amidst his reactionary 5 (Scottish) 9.3(l-—l 1pm. Taggart tells l (’Ulp‘mrlngs- l sidekick Jardine that there‘s no such thing i I "am Hews (Channel 4) 8-(l5—8-35Pm' i as a clever murderer. but is soon obliged to reassess his opinion.

David Jessel presents the seriesthat i promises to ‘expose the unacceptable side I The McCalmans (1313(‘1 ) 9.40— 1(). 10pm. The Scottish folk group perform theirown

l ofour newspapers'.

l ITonightAtB.30: Bed Peppers(BBC1) distinctive arrangementsofsongs old and 8-35‘9-05Pm-103”Cnlllnssmrsmanmhcr new. and are joined by Fife-born singer Janet Russell.

Noel Coward adaptation. this time appearing opposite ex-husband Anthony IYam Daabo(BB(‘2) Ill—11.15pm. Idrissa ()uedraogodirectsanotherintheAfrican

Newley as the ropy old variety double act of the title. film series. a story of a village family in . Banned: 3” And The censors (Channel northern Burkina Faso who strike out for i 4) 9'10Pm' A" Off'bcal IOOR at the film a newlife away from poverty and misery. Censors‘altimdc ‘0 SCXO" Screen fromth I Recirle (BBCI ) ll).2(lpm—12.15am. l 20810 the present day- Interviewees ()of. bill. urgh. yes it's Sly in the second of { inClUdC Kc" Russellt Michael Winncmnd the never-ending story of an inarticulate Derek Janna” and the limits“ Italian playinga rags-to-riches boxer i acceptabililyarc “Claim” l" Willy proving he could be a contendah against tableaux ‘0 Supplement the film Clips and all the odds and cliches thrown at him. lmCercws- The BritiSh 802"“ (“Film I The Eagle Has Landed ( BBC” Classification secretary James Ferman 1(l.(l5pm—12.2llam. Rather superior to the - PCTSODalIY introduces a fairly raunChy Clip usual ‘They Flew To Bruges-style {mm 1’ Nlcm’las R098 mowe- pot-boiler. this adaptation ofaJack l Inn“ And woosmqscomsm I liggins story concerns a (ierman plot to 9‘05—10~05Pm- Hugh Lawn“ 3‘5 Bertie capture Winston Churchill. and stars Michael Caine. Donald Sutherland.

Wooster gets into rather a fix at the Bassetts' Fancy Dress Ball. This is acase Donald Pleasence. Anthony Quayle and Jenny Agutter.

for Jeeves (Stephen Fry).

I Film Dn Four: AWorld Apart (Channel4) I Banned; Music |n Exile (Channel 4) lllpm—12.(l5am. The first in a new seriesof ]1_1()pm_12.4()um_ A look a) thc movies is Chris Mcnges‘ debut feature community ofclecd musicians living in about the imprisonment of South African New York who have fled oppressive anti-apartheid campaigner Ruth First. regimes in South Africa. Chile and Cuba. Angry and PowerfUlv 1‘le" Slighlly including South African star I lugh Span-Ml in PlaCCS~ Masekela and Cuban Conga player Daniel ; Ponce. I Twin PeakS(BBC2)9.Ill—10pm. Strange Facts You Never Knew About Twin Peaks .\'o (i. This episode. repeated from last Tuesday. is directed by Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton.


I Banned: Inherit The Wind (Channel 4) 2--4.25pm. Stanley Kramer's liberal courtroom drama stars Spencer Tracv as a law yer opposing a fundamentalist intent on prosecuting a young teacher for teaching Darwin‘s theory ofevolution. It is based on real-life ‘monkey trials‘ in Tennessee in the Ztls.

I Short Stories: Kurdistan To Green Lane (Channel 4) 8.3li-9pm. A topical film telling the story ofa Kurdish refugee living in London and coming to terms with being exiled from home. family and culture.

I The Chief (Scottish) 9— 10pm. More police drama viewed from the top rank. as Stafford negotiates to save a hostage's life in a siege situation.

I Cheers (Channel 4)9—9.3()pm. Robin hires one ofthc Righteous Brothers tosing at his wedding. but Sam makes Rebecca reconsider her commitment to the

marriage. /

i I Banned: The Front (Channel 4)

10-] 1.50pm. A pointed and occasionally very funny satire of McCarthyism stars Woody Allen as a restaurant cashier and

small-time bookmaker who agrees to act

as a 'front‘ submitting scripts for his

blacklisted writer friend Michael Murphy. Z Screenplay writer Walter Bernstein drew i

i I Dig (Channel 4) 9.3li-lllpm. A new

9 seriesofChannel4'soffbeatgardening

show begins with Ralph Steadman

spreading compost. and Vi: deputy editor

(iraham Dury talking about his collection of rancid-smelling plants.

I The Sharp End (BBCl )9.3()—1(l.2tipm.

I. Debt-collecting boss Celia Forrest ((iwen 'l‘aylor) sends her sidekick Carmichael (James Cosmo) out to explore the wicked

world of easy credit and its victims.

:_ I Arena: The Human Face ( BBCZ)

9.3(l— 10.30pm. American artist. poet and

musician Laurie Anderson presents an

investigation into the prejudices attached

to individual appearance. and looks at

historical attitudes to appearance. such as the Nazi experiments to create the perfect Aryan face.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) iii—10.3opm. Dan (John (ioodman) is in big trouble when he confesses that he has been having erotic dreams about a mysterious woman. I Banned: Dancing With The Devil (ChanneH) l l—lme. NMIi's Steven Wells talks to young people who have attempted suicide because of music. and a man who is serving a life sentence for murder which he claims was committed under the influence of music. I blameThc Doors myself.

I Patter Merchants (Scottish)

ll.llL 11.40pm. More .s'ui-disunlcomedy from the likes of professional baldie Mick Miller and I lilary ()‘Ncil.

on personal experience of being

blacklisted in the 50s.

I DrinltTallting ( BBCl) lti—ll).3(lpm. First of a two-part series on alcohol and alcoholics. with director Damian (iorman talking about his own drinking. Probably not a good idea to get a carry-out in for this one. I Hooked On Scotland t BBCl)

ll). lil— lll.4(lpm. Actor and fisherman Paul Young seeks some expert advice on tracking down lugworms before goingin search of bass. the most prized catch ofall. it says here. I Breadline Britain: No Way Out ( Scottish) 1 l .3llpm—12am. An investigation ofhow changes in the labour market have I affected the poor. and the decline in opportunities for the poor to escape by developing skills or gaining qualifications.


I Same Difference (Channel 4) 5.3(i—hpm. The programme which takes a topical look at life for Britain's five million disabled people. presented by Libby Cross.

I The Munro Show ( Scottish ) 6.30—7pm. Muriel (iray clarnbers all over Scottish mountains. this week attempting Ben More and (ilencoe's Buachaille litive Mor (hopefully easier to climb than it is to spell).

I Chancer (Scottish) 9-— lllpm. The start of a new series with Stephen Crane deciding to give himself tip and admit that he was eonman Derek Love

70 The List 19 April 2 May 1991