I Kinsey (BBCl) 9.30—10.20pm. Kinsey (Leigh Lawson) is visited by a former hellfire preacher whose personality has changed since being hit on the head by an advertising hoarding. OK. stand upthe scriptwriter responsible for this one . . . I Banned: Jo's Diclt (Channel 4) 9.45-l0pm. They couldn't show the film Dick with its ‘symphony of’1000 limp penises'. but they do the next best thing. and talk to director Jo Menell about the issues of censorship relating to the male organ.

I The Secret World Of Sex ( BBCZ) 9.50—10.20pm. Steve llumphries' series brings new light on sex before the war. and the taboos that remained intact for ' decades. See preview.

I Banned: Defence Of The Realm (Channel 4) 10—11.S()pm. David Drury's powerful political thriller asks disturbing questions about the role of the press. and their responsibility to the public. Gabriel Byrne stars as a reporter whose investigation ofa scandal involving an opposition MP uncovers more than he bargained for. With Greta Scacchi. Denholm Elliott and Ian Bannen.

I The Longest Hatred: Between Moses And Mohammed (Scottish) 10.40—11.40pm. The final part of filmmaker Rex Bloomstein's documentary series looking at historical and modern examples of anti-semitism focuses on the Middle East and anti-semitism in the Arab world.


I Excess (BBC) ) 7.35—8pm. Richard Demarco. art patron and gallery director. is profiled in the arts magazine programme. Held in high regard in Europe. in his own country he is a prophet without honour.

I Running Out (Scottish) 8— 10pm Deborah Raffin and Tony Bill are the not-so-big name stars of this insipid TV movie about a French-American woman returningto New York to attempt a reunion with her ex-husband and her daughter. Needlessto say. she causes upheaval and trauma in the lives of all three.

I Sleepers (BBCZ) 9.25—10.20pm. The buddy series with a difference continues. with Sergei and Vladimir (lligel Havers and Warren Clarke) on the run from the KGB. CIA and MIS all at once.

I Inside Story: AIDS In The Family ( BBCI) 9.30—10.20pm. An examination of how individual families cope with the effects of the HIV/AIDS virus. revealing that there may be as many as 50.000 people infected with the AIDS virus in the UK.

I The Beerhunter (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. A repeat showing for the real-ale series. presented by professional beer drinker Michael Jackson (no relation) who wanders around the world testing various brews. Nice work if you can get it.

I Banned: A Song For Europe (Channel 4) 10.35pm—12.25am. A multi-layered study of the consequences of acting out of principle stars David Suchet as an employee of a drugs company who is driven by his conscience to shop his bosses for breaches of regulations. and is forced to pay a heavy price for his actions.

I Agatha Christie's Dead Man's Folly (Scottish) 10.40pm—12. 15am. Scarlet fish galore in another one ofthose plodding whodunnits. with Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot investigating a murder at a country estate (nice twist that. Aggie).

I The Time Tunnel (Channel 4) 6—7pm. Camper than a row oftents. and why isit that whenever these boys go back in time they always land somewhere famous rather than a Darlington back kitchen in 1933 or something?

I Scottish Action For Youth (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. Reporter Bob Tomlinson talks to young Scots with AIDS and finds out what is being done to prevent the spread of tl.e virus.

I Where Eagles Fly (BBCZ) 7.30—8pm. Mountaineer l lamish Maclnnes is back in his helicopter travelling over the mountains and lochs of Wester Ross and Sutherland.

I Floyd Dn Dz: Victoria (BBCZ) 8—8.3Upm. Our intrepid cook fixes a hot salad for Madge and l {arold of iN’eig/thours fame. before padding up to face the bowlingof Frank ‘Typhoon‘ Tyson.

I Banned: Censorship By Death (Channel 4) 9.30— 10.30pm. There is no official censorship in Mexico and journalists are in theory free to report whatever they like. but in a country rife with corruption. violence and murder. act as ruthlessly efficient censors.

I 40 Minutes: Fly Me To Dunoon (BBCZ) 9.30—10. 10pm. A documentary on jazz singer Suzanne Bonner. daughter ofan American GI and a Dunoon beauty queen. that looks at her love-hate relationship with the nuclear submarine base at Holy Loch.

I NB (Scottish) 1045—1 1 .15pm. No sooner had they gone than they're back. dispensing wit and wisdom about Scotland‘s arts events.

I Scottish Books (Scottish)

ll.lS—l 1.45pm. Jenny Brown introduces the first in a new series ofthe no-expense-spared literary programme. reviewing Janice Galloway's Blood and A. L. Kennedy's .V'iglit Geometry A m! The (iarscmldt’n Trains".

F lDAY 26

I Short Stories: Night Caller (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. A look at the lives ofthe regular callers on the late-night phone-in show on London‘s LBC. for many a life-line for conversation and company. The broadcasters call it the ‘Graveyard Shift'. but it attracts over 100.000 listeners.


I The Chief (Scottish) 9—10pm. Fourth episode of the drama series. with Chief

Stafford unsure how to respond to a l lome

Office directive to stop a controversial TV documentary. Sounds like Channel 4 Banned territory to me.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Rebecea flies away from Boston in an attempt to forget she ever worked in a bar. while Frasier entertains the regulars with his readings from the classics.

I The Sharp End (BBCl )9.30—10.30pm. Gwen Taylor stars as the unlikely head of a debt recovery agency. beset by troubles in Roy Clarke's drama series. as a ruthless competitor steals her clients.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. More quick-fire invective from Roseanne and Dan as they attempt to escape the kids and celebrate their wedding anniversary in peace.

I Glitz (BBCl) The adaptation of Elmore Leonard‘s best-seller starsJimmy Smits (of LA Law fame) as tough Miamicop Vincent Mora investigating the death of his girlfriend. He soon finds himself caught up in a world ofgambling. drug dealing and violence. and realises that he is next on the killer‘s list.

I Banned: Sebastiane (Channel 4) 11.35pm—l.l0am. Derek Jarman‘s controversial homo-erotic first feature offers a modern interpretation of the life of the early Christian martyr who has become a homosexual figurehead. Usinga largely non-professional cast. Jarman depicts Sebastiane as the fallen favourite ofthe Emperor Diocletian longing for martyrdom. The only feature film ever shot in Latin. so classical scholars can spot some wry jokes in the subtitles.

LISTINGS rrtrwsron


I Sound Stuff: The Rhythm Divine (Channel

disco music. tracing its popularity from Sylvester to the Farm. with a variety of dodgy outfits in between.

I thirtysomething (Channel 4 ) 9—H)an Susannah is offered a dream job in New York . but Gary isn't too keen on the idea of becoming a worm in the Big Apple. Decisions. decisions. . .

I Camp De Thiaroye ( BBCZ)

9.55pm— l 2.25am. The African film season continues with ()usmane Sembene's powerful indictment ofcolonial attitudes. Set in 1944. it tells the true story of African soldiers returning from fighting in liurope and awaiting discharge. who are treated contemptuoust by their l-‘rcnch officers.

I Banned: Zen/The Joke (Channel 4)

10—1 l .30pm. Jaromil Jires‘ film. based on at Milan Kundera novel is a storyof revenge. showing how Stalinism morally crippled people. while providing an environment in which the manipulative and unscrupulous were able to flourish.


I The Strange Love Of Martha lvers (Channel 4) 2-—4. 10pm. Barbara Stanwyck stars in this compellitigji/m noir-meets-romantic melodrama as a tycoon haunted by the memories ofher childhood. when she clubbed her aunt to death. The crime was witnessed by two men who are still very much part ofher life.

I Women's Soccer((‘hannet 4) 5.30—6.30pm. [7nlike their male counterparts. Arsenal Ladies made the final ofthe FA Cup. where they face the formidable Doncaster Belles.

I The Darling Buds Df May ( Scottish) 7.45—8.45pm. David Jason stars as Pop Larkin in the hit TV comedy based on the li.E. Bates stories.

I Tinker. Tailor, Soldier. Spy. (BBCZ) 8.20—9.20. A repeat run for the tortuously plotted 198] espionage series. with Alec Guinness as le Carre's George Smiley. Isn't all this a bit dated nowadays?

I Tonight At 8.30: An Astonished Heart (BBC! ) 8.35 9.05pm. Joan ( 'ollins stars in another in the series of adaptationsof Noel Coward plays. with John Alderton. the romantic interest.

I Banned: Censorship: The Debate (Channel 4) 9- 10pm. Closing the Banner! season. this debate tackles the major issues raised by the programmes shown. and possibly asks why they should have been banned in the first place.

I Jeeves And Wooster ( Scottish ) 0— 10pm. More spirited Wodehouse adaptations by Clive iixton with excellent performances from Stephen Fry and l lugh Laurie.

I Film 0n Four: Hope And Glory ( ( ‘hannel 4) l0pm—12.05am. John Boorman's wonderful autobiographical wartime comedy looks at the Blitz from a child's perspective. taking in all the shifting moods of the war years and their effectson families. By turns moving and hilarious. Sebastian Rice-lidwards is excellent as the central character. the boy Bill. with Sa.ah Milesas his mother. j

The List 1‘) April ~ 2 May 199171

4) 7—8pm. A sideways look at the worldof l

i l i i

l i