There is an a la carts and a table d’hbte menu

Personally. I prefer a more gooey. caramelly meringue to this perfect white nest. but I couldn’t fault this aesthetically.

Mitchell‘s wine list has been designed to make an amateur feel in control. It is dominated by well-known wines such as Saumur. Chablis. Muscadet. Niersteiner. COtes du Rhone and Beaujolais. and each is informatively described. There are also five house wines at £6.75 a bottle. Unfortunately. the dry white we chose. the Le Boisset.

11am—1 1pm. (midnight Friday and

j l Old Orleans 30 Grindlay Street. 229 i 1511. From mid-April you can enjoy

has undergone two weeks of classroom training. and will be ready ' to offer ‘laid-back. friendly and

restaurant is decorated New Orleans

, bowler hats and euphoniums. Not 5 surprisingly there is a strong '. emphasis on jazz and blues. and live

cater for vegetarians. old and new!)

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another time I would be wise to the fact that the meal deserved better.

Mitchell's Bar and Restaurant, 157 North Street, Charin g Cross, Glasgow. 04] 204 4312. Open Mon—Fri from 11.30am with last orders at 11 pm, and a restaurant licence until 1am. Sunday lunch

served noon—3 . 30pm.

Food news is compiled by Catherine Fellows. Please send any iniormation to her at least ten days beiore publication.


l Harry Bamsden’s 251 Paisley Road. 429 3700. The legendary North of England fish and chip restaurant has come to Glasgow. Following an official opening by Rab C. Nesbitt. the 10,000 square foot premises are ready for business. As well as the restaurant. there is a cafe-bar and a take-away each is splendidly adorned with crystal chandeliers. stained glass windows. sepia photos of 1920s Glasgow. acres of pressed table linen. and real potted Chrysanthemums. The food is equally nostalgic. Make your essential fish halibut. trout. plaice and ofcourse haddock and chips into a three course meal with tomato soup and steamed ginger pudding and custard. or have it as part of high tea with bread and butter. a pot of tea or a soft drink. High tea would be £4.45 for adults. £2.45 for kids; a family of four can eat at Ramsden's for £14. This turn-of—the-century eating experience countered by 20th century facilities. includes a

children‘s play area and parking for l day5~ 5Pm‘12-303m Mon‘WCd‘

180 cars. Open seven days a week.

i for cheering yourself up and having a

on wheelchair accessibility. Open

discussed). See next issue's

employees. I was told by their wryly smiling boss. ‘tell them you get a free i




If you want to go out to a


the cuisine of the Deep South in an all-American atmosphere. The staff

caring service.‘ The l70-seater i

style with wrought iron trellis work. and garnished with old suitcases.

call us for starters.

music is planned two or three times a week. Food is prepared in a stage kitchen. so you can watch your chicken being blackened Cajun-style on the mesquite-wood burning barbeque. or see your alligator being jointed (honest. alligator. a common dish in the Southern States. is on offer: Old Orleans does however


Other dishes typical of the Cajun and Creole menu are Seafood Gumbo and Prawn Bayou. The starting price for a three course meal would be £9. The wine list includes a selection of American wines. including a house wine; and twelve imported bottled beers are available. Manager Peter Laird describes the place as a hustle and bustle restaurant a great place

great time with a bunch of friends. He is eager to emphasise that he welcomes non-diners to the cocktail bar. Old Orleans makes a fuss of kids. who will be supplied with high chairs and colouring books. and prides itself

seven days a week. Ham—midnight (though closing times are still being

competitions page for alluring offers. I L‘Ariosto. 112 Hanover Street. 225 2022. A lavish Italian takeover for this well known venue. Now very much a restaurant. L‘Ariosto offers an extensive menu with familiar pizzas and pasta dishes and more unusual dishes such asfilet a1 caffe - steak with mustard. pepper. coffee and cream. Prices range widely. reflecting the extravagance of the dish: you can have a pizza for around £3.50. or choose a more elaborate meal with a starter such as mozarella in carmzza (£3.80). deep fried mozzarella sandwich. or zuppa pavesa (£1.95). egg poached in rich stock. followed by. for example. scalloppine messicana (£6.50). veal with mushrooms. peppers. artichokes. tomato and wine. After I had been ushered into the deeper recesses of the building and questioned by a succession of



waiter with every meal.‘ Judge for yourself! Open noon—2.30pm seven

5pm—1am Thurs—Sun.

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