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Require a full-time Publicity Distributor to service a variety of display outlets throughout Edinburgh. Job involves continuous driving and some supervision of staff. Applicant must be physically fit with a sound working knowledge of Edinburgh district.

Clean driving licence essential.

Salary £7900 pa. plus use of company vehicle. Please apply in writing enclosing your CV to; 11, Pirrie Street, Leith

I Crystal ball. Tarotand Numerology Crystal ball with Tarot readings: general. 12-month plus any questions answered (one price) for guidance and answers. Numerology personally taped (post/collect). Tel: 031 557 0586.

I Psychotherapy/counselling for personal problems and for individual growth and change. For appointment call 041 339 2645.

I Word processing and desktop publishing. Need a cv designed. essays typed. posters and leaflets designed'?Cali031667 3288. Amazingly cheap rates. I Joineriti. Duggan. Reliable tradesman. All types of

Looking for customers? Advertise in our Buy 84 Sell or Services sections from only £3 for 30 words.


David Fraser Samueis A Fitted Wardrobe? A Replacement Window? A New Kitchen? A Grand Staircase? All types of new or reproduction work undertaken by professional woodworker at very reasonable rates Phone 041 420 1772



I Wanted 2-bedroomed.

unfurnished flat in the l lillhead area. for long lease. good

referencesavailable. Please call 041204 3842.

I Bright room in great West [ind flat sharing with one male and one female. available to non-smoking male with good references. Telephone 041 946 3927. £ 180 pcm plus share of bills.

I Large room for non-smoker in

v lovely relaxed Shettleston flat.

Washing machine etc. £173 pcm. plus deposit and share of bills. Phone 041 778 5735.

I Are there any non-smoking housetrained. environmentally friendly vegetarians out there. looking for a sunny room in

Edinburgh j“’l"c’“"”k undcr‘akcn in IReflexomgy“Numihwhh i Kelvingrove'.’(‘ll WM. recentlv . Central Scotland. [)hone therapy helps many ailments. I d UH; ‘d ' .1“ ‘t £17“ . by Friday 3 Penicuik 76565. For furtherinformation and 3 Lf in“: l L "n‘ appointmentscontact Dilvs QUUPIUSP'HS' ICU)“ 337 lYouno guys wanted for v n t I Beaumont. (‘st ossa on 5 ~68". ,

g _ _ I ersal e ema eguitarist DRIVE INTO SUMMER 0,12,94586 | IOne workinglemaleneededm harmOTEmgalndiosaClypcila ruinier for successml With 7 ' i share spacious flat withone gmup' aw .00 .S‘gOO vmcc {DIR/bluegrass band- Gigglng . male anti one female.in and)mortcy to an'CSt.' What you regularly throughout Scotland. I)Cnnist0unl 1 pcn] plus gm' Wmc With dual” Vocals and anmhcr lmtmmcm Quality Tuition ' 3 Ten minutes walk frotn (ieorge

Preferably Glasgow based: fame awaits. Box No l46/R/l. I Blues is my middle name I‘m

would be an advantage. Must be available. Te1031 6610254.

Efficiently Delivered

Intensive Courses Available

For appointment telephone

031 229 7924.

I Shiatsu Japanese massage

Square. Phone 041 551 9577.


l(;::$§if:lrf;)tll;:r_‘;r:mftcur: "I" . LOOKING FOR AJOB? l l E therapy. individual sessions by I Room avai|ab|e m bright‘

guiiars‘mcbusticseldettiiic) Watch this space! DOT ‘EPP"‘”"“°”‘."."”‘ regismrw “trawl/C Gemini!" “in in ['Cith' , 2 _. " I The best mean .i .S a .. r~n Shiatsu practitioner. C (intact Sharing with one other. £140per

harp. ind sing badly. The 11;. pp“ 1 Colin Roxburgh M.R.S.S. on month, Must bu able [()[r)lcfa[c

Edinburgh. Box No l46/R/2.

041 946 3999.


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Yes, I want to take advantage of the special offer and book two ads for the price of one.

dogs. Phone 031 554 6707.


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