I Ugly, lat pervert (35. but can pass for older) wishes to meet uncritical bimbo with no sense (ofsmcll!) for episodes of toe-curling bouncy-bouncy! Really. really genuine (Glasgow). Box No 147/42.

I Warm, outgoing, thoughttul female academic (37). in Edinburgh for summer. seeks new friends to share fine arts.

I good food. conversation, opera,

theatre and exploring Scotland. Box No 147/43.

I Ladies have a male do your housework, cleaning, washing.

; ironing, anything carried out to

. 1 I PLEASE ENSURE FORM IS FULLY COMPLETED THISISA ' SECTIONS | WITH CORRECT PAYMENT ENCLOSED. DISPLAY PERSONAL Lineage: E7 per30 | E, I 1m THURS 9 MAY ADVERTISEMENT PRICE INCLUDES eox NO Words (mm £7)- I CLASSIFIED DEADLIN or ssue S . hhasabordcramhc way Semi_msplaY: £5 per I Print in and send to, round and we canlinclude 10 words (min £10). ' ourcom an' o o. I CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, 14 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 ITE n ' y £4 p I) I g I I or CLASSIFIED ADS, The List, The Old Athenaeum Theatre, . :zglomflgzrezsfggfimn 179 Buchanan St, Glasgow, G1 212 Minimum size 4cm. RECRUITMENT Lineage: £3 per 30 , I BOOKING FORM (not for publication) . SERVICES Words (min £3) E I Name TNIsIs SEMIDISPLAY INTRODUCTION SERVICES Incl I I Address “3:35,;yyggggg'fggj333$ ACCOMMODATION Semi-Display: £2 g I The mtmmum I520 ANNOUNCEMENTS Per .10 Words (mm . Tc]. costs £4. Personal advertsinthis lnCI L I ADVERT human. GROUPS/MEETINGS Q'SI‘IIaV- f4 P“ 5 Print message one word per box (NB Telephone 1103.00qu as one word) {EXOTCm I I I This is a lineage advert A VOLUNTARY WORK £5 EXTRA FOR BOX N0

your satisfaction. Also your shopping done. Terms by arrangement. Box No 147/44. I Male (30) attractive. intelligent, warm. witty etc, etc. would love to meet similar female for genuine friendship/relationship. Varied interests. Glasgow or Edinburgh area. Will answer all replies. Photo appreciated. Box No 147/45.

I Gay guy, Edinburgh (32) Interests include music (especially opera). fitness training. travel. good food.

politics. Seeks friends (21-35) with similar interests/outlook, with view to romance. Photo if poss. Box No 147/46.

I Tall, darlt, damned attractive Glaswegian laddie (28). seeks professional. educated, gallus besom (24—30) for fun. romance, the movies. and a large slice of heaven. Photo please. Box no 147/47.

I Tell, darlt, handsome professional, gay male. Edinburgh, early thirties. just coming out. totally straight-acting. all sports, travel. cinema. good fun, seeks similar non-scene guy (21—35). Photo appreciated. Box No 147/48.

I Attractive, slim woman (34) disillusioned in love, good sense of humour. social conscience, looking for caring man. Likes music. reading. socialising, etc. Box No 147/49.

I Interesting. attractive single woman (41) seeks unattached man. Essential attributes:

intelligence. vitality, awareness.

communicativeness and openness to the future. Box No 147/50.

I Which Section?

How many issues?

I Tired OI what you've got? Try me! Crazy redheaded Edinburgh male (20, 6ft 2in. size 12 feet), seeks warm relationship with girl ofmy dreams (fun. charismatic. sensitive). Photo ensures reply. Box No 147/51.

I Attractive, slim. intelligent professional woman (30), seeks similar type man for genuine friendship/relationship. Likes cinema, music, theatre. good conversation and humour. Photo appreciated. Box No 147/52.

I Stop procrastinating, guys Do you, like me. read the Classified every week and don't bother replying? This Glasgow female (20) seeks intelligent, friendly guy. Make this the one. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 147/53.

I lnexperienced Glasgow male (30) seeks woman (25—45) for discreet evening relationship. Photo appreciated. Box No 147/54.

I Small, Iivelytemale graduate (28) who enjoys cinema, theatre, poetry and a good laugh. seeks unattached male

maximum of 30 words will cost £3 only. Personal adverts in this style. including Box Numbers. are £7 for 30 words.


6 consecutive insertions for the price ofS.

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Lineage/Semi Display

who must have measure of sensitivity. Photo appreciated. Glasgow. Box No 147/55.

I Romantic Glasgow guy (25) into ODS/indie music, GFT. spicy food. sitting on hills in the sun, seeks woman (20—30) to share even one similar interest. Photo appreciated, not essential. Box No 147/56.

I Lesbian (26) recently moved into Glasgow closet, desperately seeks arty, interesting dykes to share films/theatre/music/ conversation/food. Sense of humour and own video of Desert Hearts (almost) essential. Box No 14757.

I Male (25) looking to make new friends. both male and female non-gay scene. Interests include Green issues, ballet, theatre. opera. cinema, pubs, travel. ALA. Risk it. Humour, personality essential. Box No 147/58.

I Are you an intelligent attractive. romantic female with a good sense ofhumour? Independent Edinburgh male (28), non-smoking, would like to make contact. Photo please. Box No 147/59.



The List Ltd.


lorwarding OI mail.

1. All ads must be pro-paid. Cheques and P.0. made payable to 2. Advertisers must supply lull name and address (NOT Ior

3. The List reserves the right to reluse or withdraw any advertise- ment at our discretion and without explanation. 4. No liability can be accepted tor non receipt Ol copy, errors or

5. With series bookings, alterations cannot be made and no relunds allowed on cancellations alter the lirst Insertion.

6. In compliance with current legislation, ads trom gay men can only be accepted it both advertiser and person sought are over 21. 7. Addresses and telephone numbers are not acceptable Ior

THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals for 1: 1

relationships. We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation. Circulars, promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write, enclosing the material, to: Classified Ads Dept at The List.

I Venus Flytrap (33, attractive in rockeries. beds. tubs and Borders). seeks Dandy Lion (hardy, outdoor specimen) for sunny down—to-earth relationship. Tender nurturing rewarded but pests weeded out. Box No 147/60.

I Tell, dark, handsome professional male (40ish) of caring disposition, seeks similar sweet. sexy woman for passionate. loving, hopefully long-term relationship. Photo essential. Reply to Box No 147/61.

| style. including Box Numbers.

I Money endosed E 4consecutive insertions 5% “wean” I" “mna' 3""

You want a semi-display ad I: I 8consecutive insertions 10% ' you want a box no (obligatory In persona” D 12 consecutive insertions 15% WE WELCOME CALLERS 8114 HIOII SI. (ODD. JOI'III KITOX'S I I 25 consecutivcinscrtions 20% House), Edinburgh, during business hours. .



98 The List 3- 16 May 1991