' "37'3" “mullle made up of seventeen any deserved to it would

performances are listed trombones, trumpets. be Frackleton. The

alphabetically. Forvenue tubas and guitars(?). proviso, ‘not suitable for

details, see Meytest Samba the night away. children‘ is apt enough but

Programme or cell 041 552 I Crenhlll Mayday The so is ‘essential for adults'.

8000- residents of Cranhill put I From The Celton to

IAtetmevu Dance music on their fusion ofcomedy. Catalonia A play based on ROY“ Scottish Academy of Music and Drama of the sublime kind from a songs and street the life of International

group oflocal musicians entertainment for the BrigaderJames Maley.

who find inspiration from second year. Headliners this production from

Jazz, Folk and World are The Humpff Family. Mean City (Unlimited)

music in addition to the I Dampnees In Elm Street takes us from a cell in

omnipresent House. They A trilogy of plays from Salamanca to Glasgow‘s T H E G O 0 D P E R S 0 N

enigmatically describe The Lone Rangers. a East End and aims to 0 f S Z E C H W A N

themselves as group which is at least one highlight Scotland‘s .

Afro-Caledonian. lasting achievement ofthc contribution tothe 1” R 'l “l l “R H'” l

I Bed and Crazy in eJern Year of Culture. This Republicans‘ cause in The r u a 4 . r RI 7 to N. 7. I s P M

Funny Farm’s harder company ofsingle parents Spanish Civil War. New “Hg NAEUM THEATRE

edges in the shape of formed after attending the I Gallowgless From the

Parrot, Fred MacAuley Dramarama workshops same authors, John and ‘|’ R 0 | L U S & C R E S S | D A and David Cosgrove on last October and are now Willy Maley, comes

display in a comedy writing and producing another play based on \V l l ' '-" M l l ‘\ k l \ "l A R playlet oftheir own their own shows. See historical fact. This time T u 5 I8 . F RI 2| ]U N , 7. I s P M making. Nice beards, preview. the subject isthetcnsc CHANDLER sruoro THEATRE shame about the I Deethtrep The Black courtroom battle over the

language, but good fun for Taxi Theatre Company is Crosshill Railway Murder D | D 0 A N D A E N E A S

the broadmindCd. based in Belfast and their of 1840. Presented by _ , _ g

. Bad Company The HAC work strongly reflects life Milton Arts and Parts. ll l'~ -\ R \ l’ l R l‘ ' 1

Theatre Company from in that turbulent city. This I The Glee: P E P l l 0

London presents what is a musical venture into Palace/Opening Night Two _ _ )H l. V B A (, H

could be the south‘s the seedy underworld of plays from The Southside _l .-\( i 3L 1 s t . .

answcrtoonc Ollast the town. Drama Group.The first MON 24 - THU 27 JUN. 7J5?"

year‘s hits, The Dorm. I The Dispossessed From features an elderly couple. NEW ATH 5 NA e um r H an a a

Three men are thrown Jules Dorey Richmond a park attendent and two

together in a prison cell and David Richmond goats. The second

for no good reason inthis comesaperformance involvesatarnished ' FREE EVENTS BROCHURE OUT NOW hard-hitting play. where the audience is very actress and ‘her cynical, Ring RSAMD BOX Office 04 | 332-505”

I Benoit“ It's becoming much an integral part. disillusioned drama critic

expected these days that a After the play, there will ex-lover‘. Oh come on.

troupe of frighteningly be a discussion and The when has a drama critic

talented SoVict musicians Dispossessed Part 2 will ever been a lover?

and dancers will grace be devised for I Glesge Green The

Mayfcst and this year is no performance in 1992‘s Brighton B’s. a local

exception. There's also a Mayfcst. company present the

chance to learn some of I Drum Kitchen latest work by local writer 1 the dances and songs with CANCELLED. Pamela Harper. The play

the group. I Fabulous Beast: What revolves around tales

I 300068“ JOhn Godbcr's came first the Arehaos or gleaned from those who

claSSiC. if now somCWhat the Ra-Ra Zoo? The live around the Green.

dated. comedy is revived debate will rage long and I Govenhlll Entertainers

by Actor‘s Lab. The loud but there's no Nostalgic entertainment

brutality ofthc piece Still denyingthat the latter ofthc after dinner variety

has the power to shock have all the talent oftheir ; in the afternoon.

even though the period illustrious French I Hippy-Crits Fresh from ,

depicted now seems counterparts with less of Carmyle. these twelve :

almOSl innocent l the pretension. ‘mature‘ ladies present i

I Brass Street As the I I Alex Freckleton another of their unique ;

name suggests, brass is to Performance poets don‘t . plays. All their own work. .

the fore with the band usually make it big, but if , as they write and produce '

s l 3MAY-1JUNE AT 7.3OPM

:l. ill Iii. ill. .lllse.‘ 4, ALL SEATS £5 ' STUDENTS £1 ' OAPS 8; UNEMPLOYED FREE

-~ Fr

1:: . .‘ a 1- -' ..~-‘»*i..e:_ » Pent Harper’s Gleeee Green I: penonned by the engton es on five date: In community venue: a: well as at the Old 3 Atheneeum Theatre on Wed 15 my. 7.30m.


The List3—16May 199129