as well as act

I Images of Time The acclaimed Just Us Community Drama Group with a play spanninga century of Glasgow history.

I Intermezzo Afternoon singalongs with the glamorous trio whose repertoire ranges from the Glasgow music halls to Broadway. You're welcome to join in.

I Magic Bob Surely the most enduring entertainer in the history ofScotland. Most grannies can remember him at their 7th birthday party and he's still just as popular today. I A Midsummer Night’s Dream Dundec's Other Company present a jolly tale from one ofthe Midlands' finest playwrights.

I The Noise and Smokey Breath Show Liberating. unexpectedly hilarious. satire on the Yearof Culture presented through songs and poems by four of Glasgow‘s finest young performers.

I Not Walking On The CracksTheatrc Touring Tayside bring busking indoors with this black comedy musical of life on the pavement.

I One Flew OverThe Cuckoo's Nest An unheard of (these days) cast of fourteen from Rain Dog Theatre provide the adaptation of the famous story. And not aJack Nicholson in sight.

I One ForThe Road Local Theatre Company. Frontline. with one of Willy Russell‘s most acutely observed satires. I Janet Paisley An evening of poetry from Ms. Paisley who also introduces Catherine Orr. Graham McKenzie. Alsion Read and Mary McCann.

I Pals The St. Charles Players. from The St. Charles Women‘s Guild in a gentle comedy by Mary Brown.

I Parrot and Kevin Koplstein Parrot's busy this Mayfest and here is joined by the similarly brash Kopfstein for what they both do best straight stand up.

I Rag Woman Rich Woman Clyde Unity Theatre have a justified reputation for quality and no pullingof punches. Margaret Thomson Davies‘s famous book of revenge is adapted by John Binnie. I The Return Actor's Lab's first offering of Mayfest is a conversation piece set around the surreal plot ofan artist who has come to paint Christ.

I Sharks Wildcat‘s much lauded brand ofmusical theatre here deals with the sticky subject ofloan sharks. It‘s a lot more fun than it sounds though. See review in theatre section. I So You Think You're



Funny Be warned. At one time you could win this comedy talent spot with vintage Tarbuck 1962. but the quality has escalated out ofcontrol recently. For the sake ofthe audiences. only enter if very good. please.

I The Sunny Side OtThe

Theatre Company cater exclusively to the older generation and include lots ofaudience particiaption in their recreation of the forties. I The Surrogate Problems galore for Annexe both from punters giving the show a miss and theatres thinking surrogate motherhood is not a good subject for comedy and refusing to book the play. Annexe are far too good a company for this sort of treatment. Trust their judgement and go along. See review in theatre


I Thru The Fire Described by NME. no less. as ‘power pop at its best'. Thru the Fire are the continuation ofThe City of Culture Band under a new name and their music is a cross between llousc. hi-NRG and Rock.

I Tockolotoc Eastern European folk music has established itself over the

4AD's patronage. various Kate Bush albums and. finally. through exposure

Tockolotoc are from Czechoslovakia thereby

l distinguishingthemselves i from the Bulgarians who

! seem to dominate this

II particular field.

| I Tressel The life and

j times ofThe Ragged


I Philanthropists‘ author. Robert Tressel. Using

both events from his life and episodes from the

book. Popular Productions attempt to find the Tressel's true identity.

I Trouble In Paradise

Talking Pictures are a force to be reckoned with where physical. exuberant theatre is concerned and this comedy gives them the opportunity to display their collective talent.

I Hank Wangtord The man who should have been the British superstar of the eighties but probably is quite glad he wasn't.

returns to Glasgow to

i ‘i. \ i; '-



"K ‘\


j orthe groupsthemselves. I

revive some of the best song titles in history.

Street The Living Memory

last few years as a result of'


Glasgow city centre was designed for ease of navigation. Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street are the main thoroughfares and run parallel to each other. connected by Buchanan Street and Renfield Street. lfyou stick to these roads there should be no problem. Attempting short cuts through the Merchant City. north ofArgyle Street. is a dangerous business as it is peppered with dead ends. The Ticket Centre. on Candleriggs. is accessible via Argyle Street.

For those unfamiliar with the city and thinking ofgetting about by car. the simple answer is. ‘Don‘t‘. The one way system looks great in theory but when it is combined with the numerous pedestrianised walkways. the result is mind-boggling confusion and frayed tempers even from the experienced city centre drivers. The same applies to bike riding only with added danger as there are very few cycle ways.

Perhaps the best way from venue to venue isthe underground. or ‘Clockwork Orange‘. It‘s clean. efficient and relatively cheap and has stops within five minutes walk ofThe Citizens. The Mitchell and The Kings.

By far the quickest method of getting to the community venues on the outskirts of the city is via the low-level rail network from Central Station (Passenger Enquiries ()41 204 2844).

Below is a guide to Mayfest Venues. giving

addresses. box office

openingtimes and facilities. See Arts Section

for gallery details and Mayfest programme for further details ofvenues

listed. All venues offering

wheelchair spaces should be notified at time of booking if facility is required. Signing for the deafwill be available at some Mayfest events. Contact: Adult Care. 3rd Floor. Mclver House. 51 Cadogan Street for details. Tel 041 227 6004.


I Arches Theatre Midland Street (offJamaica Street). Weeks 1 and 2. Tue-Sun 6pm—11pm; Week 3 Tue—Sun 2pm-11pm. Wheelchair access. licensed bar. cafe and restaurant.


I Citizen’s Theatre Gorbals Street. 041 429 0022. Mon—Sat 10am—9.30pm (6pm when there is no evening performance). Induction loop for hard of hearing. 12 wheelchair spaces. three licensed bars.

I City Hall Candleriggs. 041 227 5511.Mon—Sat 10am—6.30pm; Phone bookings 9am—8.30pm. Lift available for wheelchair access. licensed bar.

I Glasgow Film Theatre Rose Street. ()41 332 8128. Mon—Fri5.15pm-7pm. Two wheelchair spaces. licensed bar/cafe in evening.

I Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Sauchiehall Street. ()41 332 3123. Mon—Fri 9am-9pm. Sun noon—9pm. Limited number ofwheelchair spaces. disabled parking. Buchanan’s Restaurant. bars on all levels.

I Henry Wood Hall Claremont Street. ()41 227 551 1. Induction loop. licensed bar.

I Kings Theatre Bath Street. 041 227 551 l. Mon-Sat 10am—6pm (personal booking only. no phone bookings). Induction loop. wheelchair spaces. licensed bars.

I Mitchell Theatre/Mair Hall Granville Street. 041 227 5511. Mon—Sat noon—6pm (later during Mayfest personal booking only). Ten wheelchair spaces. licensed bar/coffee bar.

I The Old Athenaeum Theatre Buchanan Street. ()41 332 2333. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm and 8pm on performance days. Wheelchair access. licensed bar.

I Pavilion Theatre Renfield Street. 041 332 1846/9107. Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. 8 wheelchair spaces. licensed bar.

I New Athenaeum Theatre Renfrew Street. 041 332 5057. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm and until 8pm on performance days. Sat—Sun noon—5pm and until 8pm on performance days. Four wheelchair spaces. ground level access, lifts and toilets on all floors. licensed bar/cafe.

I Third Eye Centre Sauchiehall Street. 041 332 0522. Mon-Sat 10am—11pm. Sun noon—5.30pm (and until end of show when there is a Sunday performance). Wheelchair access to ground floor. licensed cafe/bar serves vegetarian food.

I Tramway Albert Drive. 041227 551 1 . tickets can be purchased at box office one hour before show. Induction loop (phone front of house manager on 041 422 2023 for any special needs). licensed bar.

I Tron Theatre Trongate. 041 552 4267. Mon 10am-5pm . Tues—Sat 10am until curtain up. Sun 6pm until curtain up. Induction loop. disabled

access from Chisholm Street. two cafe/bars.



Tickets are available from the following outlets:

I The TicketCentre Candlerigg5041 227 5511. Open Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Tickets for all Mayfest performances (with the exception ofthe Pavilion Theatre shows. certain music events and community shows) can be purchased from the Ticket Centre. Check when booking whether tickets are to be collected from the ticket centre or at the

Postal bookings should be made with a cheque made payable to City of Glasgow.

Telephone bookings can be made on0412275511. Mon—Sat 9am—9pm.

Credit card bookings on the same number. tickets to be picked up from the ticket office by noon on the day ofthe performance. Access. Visa. American Express and Style cards are welcome.

I PAVILION THEATRE 121 Renfield Street. Box Office: Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Tel 041 332 1846 for phone bookings.

(Access and Visa only). By post: Cheques payable to Glasgow Pavilion Ltd. please enclose sac.

I MUSIC The Mayfest Circuit Grassroots Music Programme tickets available from .lustThe Ticket. Virgin Records. Union Street. Teenage Fan Club tickets available from King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut.

I TICKETLINK There are Tickctlink offices at: Citizen‘s Theatre 041429 0022. Glasgow Film Theatre 041 332 6535. Glasgow Royal Concert llalltl41332 3123, Old Athenaeum Theatre 041 332 2333. RSAMD041 332 5057. Theatre Royal ()41 332 9000, Third Eye Centre 041 332 0522 and The Tron Theatre 041552 4267.

I COMMUNITY VENUES Tickets are available for community events from the community venues concerned priced 50p (25p concession and occasionally a donatable entry fee). Workshops. morning. afternoon and children‘s events are free.





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