I ‘You are nicked my son. i can tell you the magistrates do not take kindlyto strangers in town doing gratuitous Alex Salmond impersonations in public places. Frightens the kids.‘ Lyric Theatre Beliast bring their production Over The Bridge to Glasgow King's Theatre tor Maytest. See Maytest Preview, page 16.

I ‘Waddaya mean? You are seriouslytelling me you booked Stu Who? lora

summer season. I’ve got two bullets. One each. . . or

HIT usr

: ‘Sear ye the wound, for it ! Mayfester my lord’

, . maybelcouldstakeouthis warned the bardm , dressingroom.'Friends0l - ' z TheFamousaremixing R1chardlI,forseeing, ; humourandmmina Nostradamus-like, varietyolsituationsal Edinburgh'sCounting G'?‘Sgow ,SénnualArtS ' Houseon3and4May.See ' Fest1val.A1ntthereowt fTheatrelistings. else on though? Well, ? maybe.-- E—

f I ‘Keep eating the eight

, pounds oi rice and lard a

: day, my love. One dayyou’ll

be a Sumo wrestler,l

e promise.’Anotherlouching

scene from Al No Corrida,

aka in The Realm OtThe

; Senses, a rathersaucy little piece that remained

3 uncerlilicated lor years, but is on general release irom

, this week. See Film review,

, page 38.

I ‘A bit part in thelilm version oi American Psycho? Which bit wouldl play?’ asks a nervous Katherine Terrell, in between rehearsals ior Scottish Opera’s Regina, opening at Glasgow's Theatre Royal on 16 May. See Music preview, page 48.

I Steve 'Still alive' Harley strums the chords oi those I timeless hits like Come Up 5 And See Me (Make Me Smile) and, er, that's it. lie rocks Mayiest (or at least ' gently agitales it) atthe Glasgow Pavilion on 5 May. See Maylest listings, page 27.

I The exclusive picture ol the new Yes line-up. ‘We want to emphasise the keyboard sound,‘ says lead singer/Hammond organist Jon Anderson. Actually it's Piano Circus, lickllno the I ‘Listen. Lenny, chill out ivories in an idiosyncratic man. u is “nous” lashion at Glasoow's Third uniridge-like to badmouth Eve Contra over Naviesl- another mother's threads.’ See Mam“ “SllnllS. 9899 70s hipsters are invited to 18. dig out those dangerous clacker things they tried to ban and get down to Shall (so to speak) at Edinburgh Moray House on 3 May, where everybody will be stacking their plationns and thrusting into a iunkadellc 2 groove. See Clubs listings, i

I ‘That dude on the other page is seriously uncooool. lie looks a real dork in all that 70s gear' claims sombrely-attired Lenny liravitz, bringing seriously silly trousers to Glasgow Barrowland on Tue 7 May. See Music listings page 50.

i L -_ 2The List3-16May1991

page 82.