i Odeon. UCI. Central: Allanpark. Cannon. Regal. Strathclydc: Cannon.

Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton.

UCI Clydebank. UCI East Kilbridc.

WMR Film Centre. I Snow White and the Three Clowns(U)

(Walter Lang. US. 1961) Carol Heiss.

Moe Howard. Larry Fine. Joe dc Rita. 107 mins. Neither the Disney classic nora pornographic parody. but the old story updated to include a champion skier and her encounters with three clowns. Played

by the Three Stooges. 1A slapstick

oddball that has dated considerably. Strathclyde: WMR Film Centre.

I Splendor ( PG) (Ettore SCOla.

Italy/France. 1988) Marcello Mastroianni.

Massimo Troisi. Marina Vlady. 99 mins.

As the small. rural Splendor cinema is due for redevelopment. Scola traces the story of its various patrons and of the movies

shown there over the years. contrasting

the decline of the movie-goingspeetacle with the manager (Mastroianni)‘s equally turbulent life and relationships. Obvious similarities with Tornatore's ('inema I’aradiso abound. but the film's more historical tone also allows for echoesof Wenders‘ Kings of The Road and Bogdanovich‘s The Last Picture Show. How many of the numerous movie extracts can you spot? Edinburgh: Cameo.

' I Tatie Danielle (15) (Etienne Chatillez. France. 199(1)TsillaChelton.Catherine

Jacob. Isabelle Nanty. 110 mins. The apparently charming old dear with her dog Garde-a-vous and her beleagured housekeeper Odile proves to be far from charming. particularly after her relations decide to move her with them to Paris. ()nce there. her malicious ways grind their innate bourgeois decency to powder. until she meets her nemesis. . . It allsounds rather enjoyable. and Chelton‘s performance in the title role is ajoyous creation. but a sadly predictable and underwrought structure take the bite out ofa promising-looking satire from the director of Life Is A Long QuietRiver. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Texasville ( 15) (Peter Bogdanovich. US. 1991)) JeffBridgcs. CybillShepherd. Annie Potts. Cloris Leachman.Timothy Bottoms. Randy Ouaid. 126 mins. A melancholic sequel to 1971's Last Picture Show. which brings most of the original cast together after two decades and ages them all a further ten years. Bogdanovich‘s attempted comeback is subtle. intelligent. well acted and at times beautiful to look at. but there‘s no mistaking the absence of the spark that fired the earlier film. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I That Summer! ( 15) (Harley Cokliss. UK. 1979) Ray Winstone. Yony London. Emily Moore. Julie Shipley.Jon Morrison. Andrew Byatt. John Junkin. 93 mins. Not the punk epic we all expected it to be at the time. but a more traditional reworking of the Summer Holiday genre .

1 set in Torquay at the end of That Decade.

42 The List 3— 16 my 1991‘

For the most part. the hangings-out ofa



Tatie Danielle (15) (Etienne Chatillez, France, 1990) Tsilla Chelton,

Catherine Jacob, Isabelle Hanty.110 ; mins. Unlike the fruit oi the nation’s

vines, French iilm comedy does not on

every occasion export itseli with the

? greatest oi ease. Perhaps it’s the

; problem of subtitling vernacular

v one-liners, but Etienne Chatillez’s

previous oitering Lite Is A Long Quiet

River proved a case in point, managing to outgross many an American blockbuster on home turf but barely making an impact on these shores. It seems that, as in the instance at Coline Serrault's Trois Hommes Et Un Couttin, the Gallic orginal needs to get itseli Hollywood-ized, here transtormed into the broad iarce oi Three Men And A Baby, belore popcorn sales at your local multiplex show any appreciable upturn.

Looking at Monsieur Chatiliez's latest uttering, Tatie Danielle, however, one can’t help thinking that it would be a shame lithe likes oi Touchstone Pictures were to remake and remodel it, lorthe toughness of the wit on display would surely have to be smoothed out by the demands oi the iormula. The title character,

wondertully performed by Tsilla ' Chelton, has to go down as one oi the

screen’s most malicious oldsters since cackling Margaret Hamilton rode a bike down a Kansas lane, a true horror at an elderly aunt who seems to bear a grudge against the rest oi creation. And that’s on a good day. Needless to say, there’s a whiit oi sentimentality in the air, and she’s not all that bad at heart really, but for most at the time this exhibition at grey-rinse atrociousness

, will raise quite a smile with the, er,

more cynical movie ian. Entirely capable at driving a housemaid to an early grave, Tatie

, Danielle manages to appear a sweet

old lady to her Parisian relatives, the nicer-than-nice Billard family, who iind themselves in for something oi a shock

when auntie comes to stay. Hatetul,

pernicious, cunning, Tatie is only to

meet her match in the shape of a young

' babysitter, setting the scene tor a

titanic conllict oi wills. Although

Chatillez takes his time in arranging

the scenario it’s this fiendish


mid-section that works best beiore we inevitably have to be shown that Tatie really wants to beloved. Having seen it with a large audience, this viewer can testify that there are both many laughs to he had and an awiul lot of curmudgeons out there. (Trevor

: Johnston)

Glasgow: GFT irom Sun 5 May.

bunch of'disaffected (weren‘t we all back then?) teenagers are handled intelligently and to entertaining effect. But the music.

; shoved ineongruously into the

background. loses much of its

amphetamine punch. Glasgow: GFT. : I Three Men And A Little Lady (PG) (Emile 2 Ardolino. US. 1991)) Tom Selleck. Steve

Guttenberg. Ted Danson. Nancy Travis.

; Robin Weisman. 104 mins. Sequel tothe dispensable but hugely popular Three Men . And/1 Baby brings back our hunky trio

, and the child‘s mother Travis. together with Weisman as the horrid child. now five years of age. Family crises like which trendy primary school to attend and whether Selleck should marry Travis keep

at 4






220, Bridge Street, Paisley

the action ticking along at a reasonable

rate. and it’s actually a lot of fun. lfyou like that sort of thing. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeon. Edinburgh:

UK Avant-Garde Programme The first in

' season of international experimental

3 films. this survey ofthe diverse British

; talents working in the field includes Nick

Gordon-Smith‘s Sermon. which mixes film ' and video techniques in a visually stunning meditation on stardom and mortality.

Swamp. a Kafkaesque comedy by Simon

5 Cassel and the urban fantasy Three Paces by Alia Syned. Full details from cinema.

Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Unbelievable Truth (15) (Hal




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Hartley, US, 1989) Adrienne Shelly, Robert Burke. Christopher Cooke. Julia McNeal. 89 mins. Enigmatic and charismatically performed independent small-town romance. which looks like a cross between J armusch and early Godard. Young, impressionable Audry (Shelly) falls for shy ex-con Josh (Burke). a man whose saintly aura belies rumours of a violent past. As his dark history is unveiled. and Audry embarks on a lucrative career in modelling. Hartley explores the implications of ‘truth‘ in the multi-faceted but platitudinous context of modern American society and beyond. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Untouchables (PG) (Brian DePalma, US. 1987) Kevin Costner, Sean Connery. Robert De Niro. Charles Martin Smith. Patricia Clarkson. 119 mins. David Mamet‘s highly entertaining update ofthe old TV series. Eliot Ness learns the hard way how to deal with underworld crime and police corruption in Chicago during the Prohibition years. An Oscar-winning performance from Connery as the seasoned Irish Cop with a Scots accent. and De Niro turns in a grandiose Capone. Glasgow: GFI'.

I La Veuve Coudere ( PG) (Pierre Granier-Deferre. France. 1971 ) Simone Signoret, Alain Delon. 90 mins. An early entry to the Granier-Deferre/Georges Simenon catalogue, with an archetypal mise-en-scene— elderly. vulnerable widow shelters fugitive from justice, who brings both danger and adventure into her lonely

' life. Edinburgh: French Institute.

I West Side Story (PG) (Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins. US. 1961) Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer. RussTamblyn. Rita Moreno. 155 mins. Romeo AndJuIiet revisited against a background ofNew York gangs. Great songs of course. but the playing of the stylised dancing against a realistic background contrives to make it all look rather camp these days. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Pedro Almodovar, Spain, 1984) Carmen Maura. Luis Hostalot. 100 mins. From the camera that brought you Women On The Verge. . .. an earlier. more surreal vision of desperation. sex and bizarre familial interactions in middle-class Spain. The central role is again played by a distracted Maura. this time as a housewife coping with her depression and her ghastly family by taking a wee snort of cleaning fluid with her prescribed amphetamines. Another gem. Glasgow: GFT.

I White Hunter, Black Heart (PG) (Clint Eastwood. US. 1990) Clint Eastwood. Jeff Fahey. George Dzundza. 112 mins. Adapted from writer Peter Viertel‘s fictional chronicle of his experiences with obsessive and occasionally irresponsible director. John Huston. while preparing to shoot The African Queen on location in what‘s now Zimbabwe. Director Eastwood. provides not so much an arid exercise in cinephile archaeology as an indulgently affectionate picture ofthe

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