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Scottish Opera’s ambitious new production is based on the play The Little Faxes. Although written by Blitzstein in 1949, the opera has never before been seen in its original version as director, John Carsen, explains to Carol Main.

When Scottish Opera appointed the American

John Mauceri as Music Director in 1988. not only

did they gain a first class conductor. but they also

landed themselves with a direct line to some

j stunning but generally neglected American

, repertoire. So far his track record has included

j Kurt Weill‘s Street Scene. Bernstein‘s Candide and

[ Gershwin‘s Girl Crazy. works that otherwise

I might never have found their way into Scottish

j Opera’s schedules. These productions have been

1 especially enriched by the knowledge and passion with which Mauceri has re—created scores as the

j composers intended.

l Latest in the line is Regina by Marc Blitzstein,

born in Philadelphia just after the turn ofthe

century and a contemporary of Aaron Copland and Virgil Thomson. The opera is based on Lillian


John Mauceri in rehearsal for Scottish Opera‘s Regina

was filmed in 1941 with Bette Davis in the leading role. Over the past ten years Mauceri, working in collaboration with Tommy Trasker. one of his students, and the late Leonard Bernstein, has painstakingly restored the opera to the version the composer originally intended. Making his Scottish Opera debut as director is the young Canadian Robert Carsen, well known in Europe and the States, but, in spite of training initially as an actor at the Old Vic, not yet familiar to British Opera audiences.

‘Blitzstein,’ says Carsen, ‘was passionately

concerned that music should have some kind of political import and he looked for subjects that dealt with the political or social issues of the day.’ Also concerned that music should communicate with as wide an audience as possible, he was attracted to Lillian Hellman’s story of a rich, white family living in Alabama in the time just before his own birth. ‘Lillian Hellman was a friend of Blitzstein’s,‘ explains Carsen, ‘and they moved in the same political, social, artistic circles in New York. The play is based on the motivating force of greed and the results, the destructive power, that such greed brings. Regina’s philosophy is that things are more important than people. It’s absolutely fascinating how it deals with the wider social issues too, most obviously the racial one of black and white.‘

Through the music, Blitzstein has expanded the role of the black people from servants to cotton pickers playing in a New Orleans style jazz band. ‘He was a passionate devotee of American music,’ says Carsen, ‘and brings in lots of different styles blues, jazz, ragtime with the blacks singing and playing. The jazz band, for instance, contrasts with the more ‘civilised’ music of the whites, who have a string trio on stage for the party scene.’ Scottish Opera promises the black band on stage too and as well as jazz, there is everything from Broadway numbers to ballads, arias and full operatic ensembles, recitative and spoken dialogue. ‘But’, Carsen goes on to explain, ‘Lillian Hellman didn’t like it and when the opera was first done she insisted that a number ofchanges and cuts were made. So this is not only the European premiere, but the first time the opera will be seen as Blitzstein wrote it.’ (Carol Main)

Regina, Theatre Royal, Glasgow. 16, 18,21, 23 May at 7.15pm. See Classical listings.

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