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Not many humans are hlessed with the

talent needed to snill‘out our Gold Bier hops.

Because not many hops have the fragrant, flowery

,\\"e scoured the liuropean continent for the perfect

aroma our head hrewer’s nose demands for the recipe. \ strain of yeast.

Indeed, even a bee would have its work cut out since And not content with good quality Scottish maltlng

onl\' the ’l‘ettnanger hop fits the hill. And it grows in harlex', our llead Brewer insisted on a particulaer rare, l

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BilVilI‘lfl, over 800 mlles away as the humhle bumhle flies. old—fashioned and expensive variety. It wasn’t just the hops we had a bee in our honnet Fortunately, when it came to the mostimportant ingre-

ahout, .though. - dient, we found we had unlimited supplies on our doorstep.