Brass in Cello, goodbye

k t Keeping up its now well-established very mllCh allied l0 Derlomlallce as lat e reputation as leading commissioners as I‘m concerned. The two are

of new music in Scotland, Paragon intertwined and one bounces off the Ensemble gives the premiere of the other.’ . new Cello Cantata by Glasgow Although not a prolific composer, composer Philip Norris on Sun 5 and Norris has written illeVlOUSlV l0!

Mon 6 with performances in Glasgow Paragon - of which he is a founder and Edinburgh. Not solely a composer, member—and. more recently, for

Norris is also a cellist and, rather Glasgow Festival Strings who

unusually, takes the solo role for the premiered his Brandenburg 90 as 3

concerts. ‘Musically, I‘m a split special contribution to Glasgow’s Year

personality,‘ he says. ‘Sometimes ol Culture. The new piece is written for

whenlgetthe composing bug I‘m solo and cello andten ; ~ obsessed with it, and alter composing I instrumentalists, string quintet and

construction,‘ he explains, ‘as it‘s in live sections but is through composed. As a composer, lorm is something which interests me and I wanted to do something special.’

Each section is titled and there is much use of motifs which reappear throughout the work, becoming quite violent in the fourth section,

' ‘Obsession’, and returning again in the

; lifth, ‘Being Haunted’, to conclude, as i

the piece started, with solo cello. ‘The

: solo cello starts and ends with material that is akin to recits, and some people

! might say that a cantata is something to be sung,’ he says, ‘but I would argue that the cello is singing too.’

need a change, when I‘m more than wind quintet. ‘lt’s rather a special happy to perlorm. But composition is

Terry Edwards 1 There are some thingsin this life that just shouldn‘t go together. Anchovies and custard, ten pintsof lager and a doner kebab. Gloria Estefan and continued existence such combinations are worrying and sickening and generally. one would hope. unlikely to be encountered on a day-to-day basis. Equally bizarre is the prospect of the squalling fuzz ofEast Kilbride‘s The Jesus And Mary Chain translated

onto vinyl via thetooting ,l ,r' -: ' I: (Carol Main)

Parpsoftr trumpet and the ' .. -, z“ a?! The Paragon Ensemble play the “WWW blast 0“? , . Philip Norris, composer/cellist with i RSAMD, Glasgow on Sun 5 and St harm"? 5“" Y“ “S ‘7‘” 3 Paragon Ensemble : Bernard’s Church, Edinburgh on Mon 6. Terry hd wards Plays 1‘ he '

Music Of Jim And William 1 Reid is real. on the streets

bloody marvellous. ‘lt‘s not a novelty l

I I .ngs of Desrre ’although to be pedantic. ; ‘cos nobody else is doing it, it is a novelty. But I just

think that there are other . I

ways of doingthingsin

music that are equally

valid.‘ The best bassist in the world? Kenny Mathieson I traces the career of Dave i

Indeed so: Terry‘s brass treatments of four Mary Chain tracks are inspirational and . rcvelatory, revealing the brothers Reid‘s mastery of a good tune and their

oft-ignorcdgraspolthc , . . - Holland, from Miles -' importance ofthe melody. , ' Paris Angels . I ; Next up for Terry . One year on from the release at their ! Jeflerson_wi|| Paris Angels’ spread at Davns t0 M-Base. ; (whose first name appears : debut Sheer Joy single, ‘Perlume', ; influences give them a longevity other a to be ‘Ex-Higson‘) is a Paris Angels are proving the cynics closed-minded also-runners will never One night, back in 1968, a young : Similar homage EDT“? 2 woefully myopic. For despite the ; have? bass Player from WOIVcrhamP“’l}~ ! increasingly weighty albatross of their ‘Well, with there being seven in the who had just begun ‘0 “law'Sh h's ; Steps To Heaven“ in a 3 home base hanging around their necks, g band, and with us all listening to reputation on the London Jazz I thrash style“ with a the seven-piece have taken the bullshit 3 different things, I would hope that’s scene, was gigging at Ronnie Scott s. I Napalm Death backing by the horns and dispensed Willi all i what’ll happen,’ playing opposrte the Blll Evans Trio. track. And I‘ve perfected remaining vestiges ol baggy ; As we speak, Paris Angels are After their set, the great drummer a great feedback sound jiggery-poltery. Not that there was t engaged in confidential discussions Philly Joe Jones approached the ; usingthc baritone Sim much there in the lirst place. As their with a mysterious major ‘label’. If they bassman and told him that Miles i f 13:35“ “Fa???” 53"} ' current ‘Oh Yes’ single conlirms, Paris & come to fruition, they could soon llnd Davis was in the house Checking out , f“ “k ' " 5‘? WM") Angels are more Detroit than ~ themselves getting on down with some his old buddy Evans, and wanted the l mm the 57mm” Manchester more techno than ki d i i th t ‘lt'd b kid to Pin his band I smouldcrmgsnog (“your . O , i n red sp r ts over e wa er. e t J D’ H u, d . averagcsaxophonc l '"d'e'dance- 1 good to get overto the States. Like you One month later. five 0 do break? ‘That’s just the way it's gone,’ says were saying about the techno thing, was In New York, taking over from

‘Ycah well. the sax can be used for other things than just the solo in "Baker Street“! There’s a lot more you can do with

guitarist Mark Atherton, ‘that's the way 5 we've been getting good reports about Ron Carter for a couple of cuts on

we’ve been writing the stuff. The album our stun being accepted by that crowd Filles de Kilimanjaroit was the start (currently being recorded in Wales and But the main thing is to travel, Tm we of a two-year aSSOCiatton With the

due in June). as it's turning out. has , played Paris last year, hall the band trumpeter whrch placed Holland

3 E :- u: a: :L

, . ~ , t t , mellowed out a bit. We’ve got 3 had never been out of England] firmly on the international jazz rnap. ' Barrington Stewart out of Loopzilla ! Maybe the world’s now ready for although it represented something of Music OfJim And William ; Singing 0" two "mills. and he's like the l Paris Angels. (Craig McLean) a Change Ofdtfecttonlm a Player Reidis out now on stint Barry White at Manchester.’ Paris Angels play the Maylair, Glasgow who had learned the instrument in Records. Barry White meets Marshall on sun12, his teens by studying records

54 The List 5:16 May—199i