I Early to bed Anyone waiting expectantly for info on the Slam all-nighter at the Barrowlands we warned you about a few issues back . . . well, sorry- there ain‘t gonna be one. Venue management has decided, in its infinite wisdom, that it doesn‘t want anything that continues past bedtime. So tough.

I Starr delay Starting as always with the bad news, Gang Starr‘s much-anticipated date at The Tunnel this fortnight has, unfortunately. had to be postponed. With a bit of luck though, you will be able to catch the jazz warriors some time soon. Also off is A Tribe Called Quest‘s Tunnel show. No news as yet of rescheduling, but we‘re promised that they will appear eventually. Fingers crossed . . .

i I Rave on Word is out about another two massive productions by the Ayr posse. Streetravc Part III is an all-nighter which happens on Sat 8 June at The Forum, Livingston. Acts promised include The Orange Grove, and there’s a big line-up of DJs among them Frankie Bones and Eddie Richards guaranteed to get even a dour East coast crowd throwing their arms in the air. Ca110292 61 1676 ( 10am—6pm) for details. We can also exclusively reveal (honest!) that Streetravc are currently planning Scotland‘s biggest ever all-day dance extravaganza. scheduled to take place on Sun 7 July at Ayr Racecourse. 10.000 tickets will be on sale for the event, which will feature a wide selection of big-name acts and prove a northern alternative to Milton Keynes big bash. Watch this space for further details as we get them. I TV chance BuddingTV stars listen up. Anyone who fancies their drunken dancefloor antics being relayed to thousands of livingrooms across the country need do no more than venture down to Edinburgh‘s Calton Road on Friday 3 May. BBC Scotland are bringing their cameras first to the Calton Studios to film short sets by three ofthe city's finest dance acts— The Orange Grove, Zulu Syndicate and TKO then are moving up to Pure at The Venue where the action continues. The (hopefully) edited version will hit Scottish screens in the near future in the form of a programme about the capital‘s nightlife. Don‘t say we didn‘t warn you. . .

I Club Mandela at Maryhill Community Central Halls. 10pm-1am. £2 (£1.50). 4 May only. Anti—apartheid benefit by the Unity Reggae disco, with rap, lovers rock,

_ african rhythms, salsa and a mellow atmosphere.

I Detect at Fury Murray‘s. llpm—latc. £3.50. Dance music and 80s pop for the medium hip student types.

I Divine at the Art School. llpm—2am. £2. Deee-groovy 605 pop and indie faves of a psychedelic persuasion clothes and complexions spotty, but music coherently good.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets lounge). 10.30pm—2.30am. £2. A good selection of indie dance faves in congenial atmosphere could fill a sorely needed gap on a Saturday night.

3 I Heller Skelter at the Mayfair.

10pm—2.30am. £2. Sixties rock. mod

: sounds, psychedelic trips: that‘s that

Heller Skelter feeling.

' I Time Warp Rock Club at The Venue.

10pm-late. £2.50. More Sixties and Seventies rock along the lines of Friday


I IThe Tunnel llpm~late. £6. Bigupfront

dance night. It’s LOUD, apparently.

I I Wild at the Cotton Club. llpm—3.30am.

£4 (£3 with flyer). Radio Clyde‘s George Bowie plays dance music and good time party music which sounds precty

ominous to me with the occasional

company of fire-eaters or singing tramps, so I‘m told. lfyou‘rc the sort ofperson who describes themselves as ‘wacky' or ‘bubbly‘. then you‘ll probably go overboard for this.

: IYoYo at Rain. 11pm—3.30am. £4.

Graham Wilson, late ofthe ill-fated Champion. bounces back to team up with DJs Larz and Nick Peacock for a new night playing hip-hop. ragamuffin, soul and funk. Drinks promotions.

I The Alhambra 8pm—midnight. Free.

I Bennet's 11pm-3.30am.£3.

I Cathouse at Hollywood Studios.

1 1pm—3.30am. £2.50 (£1.50 with ticket). I Cleopatra's 10.30pm—2.30am. £3.50.

I Desire at Mardi Gras. 10.30pm—3.30am. £3.50.

I Follies 10.30pm—3.30am. £5.

I Glam Rock at The Venue. 10pm until late. £3.50.

I Hollywood Studios 1 1pm—latc. £4. Under-18$ disco 7.30pm—10.30pm. £1 .50. I Joe Paparazzi's 11pm—3.30am. £5.

I Libra at Hollywood Studios. £3.50. Over-25$ disco.

a I Mardi Gras 11pm—late. £4.50.

I Raffles 10.30pm—3am. £3.

I Savoy l lpm—3am. £4. Over~21s night. I Strathclyde University Union 9pm—2am. £2.50. Students and guests only.

I The Tunnel Under-18s club.

7.30pm—l 1pm.


I llegro Blanco at Rain. 11pm—3.30am. £2. Nigel llayes DJs this mellow night. with soul and garage from the 605 to the 905, which seems to be filling up quite nicely. I Romp at the Cotton Club. 11pm—3.30am. £2 (£1 with flier or student card). New night replacing Brag, aimed at the Crash crowd and students.

I The Tunnel 10.30pm—late. £3. Karaoke night.

I Yellow at the Sub Club. 11pm-3.30am. £1 . All drinks £1 . Rap, house. funk and club classics; extremely annoying posters they blithely cover everything else with.

T I Bennel’s 11pm—3.30am. 75p.


82The List 3— 16 May 1991

I Bele Noir at SW1. 11.45pm until late. £1 . I Boy at Club Xchange. llpm—late. 75p. I Follies 1 lpm—3am. £3.

I Fuddrultlters at Cleopatra‘s. 10.30pm—2.30am. £1 .

I Rallies 10.30pm~2am. £2.50.

I Savoy 11pm—3am.£2.50.

I Stralhclyde University Union The Sunday Shimmy. 9pm—1am. Free.

I Time Warp Rock Club at The Venue. 7.30pm-2am. £3—£4. depanding on band. £1 all drinks. 5 May only. Sweet Addiction

and FM play live; 12 May it's Baby‘s Got A Gun (TBC). See Rock for more details. I Videodrome Rock Night at the Videodrome. 8pm—late. £2.50.


I The Alhambra 8pm—midnight. Free.

I Jeans and T-shirt Night at Cleopatra‘s. 10.30pm-3am. £2 (£1 with ticket).

I Savoy 1 lpm—3am. £2. Over-25$ night. I Second Heaven at Club Xchange. 11.30pm-late. £1 admission and £1 all drinks.

I The Tunnel 11pm—3.30am. £2. Gay Mondays.

3 Tuesdays

i I

I The Alhambra 8pm—midnight. Free.

I Jo Jo's at Tin Pan Alley. 10.30pm—3.30am. £1.50. Gay night with cheap drinks.

I Shimmy Club at Bennet‘s. 10.30pm—3am. £1.50.

I The Tunnel 11pm—3.30am. £2.


I Alhambra 8pm—midnight. Free.

I Bennet’s 11pm—3am.

I Go West at Cleopatra’s. 10.30pm—2.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket).

I Jeans and T-shirt night at the Cotton Club. llpm—3.30am. £3.50.

I Libra at Hollywood Studios. 11pm—3am. £2.50. Over-25$ disco.

I 60: and 70s Night at Mardi Gras. 10.30pm-3.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket).

I Revolution Tuxedo Princess (Cruise Bar). 9pm—latc. £3. From 1 May. All aboard the love boat for a new gay one-off. Edinburgh‘s finest DJs, the renowned Bootsy and ex-Fire Island Stuart, play non-stop commercial dance and chart house all night long. Guaranteed to make waves!

I Spank at Club Xchange. 11pm—late. £1 admission and £1 all drinks.


I Alphabet at the Sui) Club.

'1 lpm—3.30am. £2 (£1 .50 with matric card). Oh great. Just what Glasgow needs. Another student night . . .well.that‘s what Graham and Graeme who are behind it say, but I‘ve got asncaking suspicion that this one could be a cut above the rest, seeing as it‘s run by wacky student types themselves who know what the kids want: Abba. Kylie, Betty'Boo. Dinky adverts too.

I Fat at The Talk Of The Town. 10pm—3am. £3. Raw funk. swing‘bcat. rare groove, jazz rap and salsa - no. not a revival tour by Modern Romance. but a new club.

I Kopyltat Club at Rain, 375 Sauchiehall Street. 11pm—late. £2. Upfront dance from the ever-busy Slam crew, Orde. Stuart and Harri. Promo drinks.

I Marmalade Skies at the Mayfair (Cameo Suite). 11pm—2.30am. £1. Those Psychotic Reaction boys finally get their own night to knock out good wholesome psychedelia and indie from the likes of Hendrix, Spacemen 3. Chocolate Watch Band. James Brown, The Charlatans. Led Zeppelin, The Pixies and so on. There could be live music too at some stage.

I Tankin' at Tin Pan Alley. 10.30pm—3.30am. £1 .50 with matric card or leaflet. I‘ve always thought that the term ‘indie kid‘ was one of affection, but the Tankies have taken a little offence. so I‘ll just say this is a club run by students who got fed up with the often predictable fodder at the unions and decided to setup their own alternative alternative.

I The Tunnel 1 1pm—3.30am. £ 1 .50 with matriculation card. £3.50 without. Student-orientated music from indie to funk. I The Alhambra 8pm—midnight. Free. I Bloomers at Cleopatra‘s. 10.30pm—2.30am. £2 (£1 student). I 808 Night at Mardi Gras. 10.30pm—3.30am. £2 (£1 with ticket).

I Genes and T-Shirt at Club Xchange. lme—late. 75p.

I Kilt at Fury Murray‘s. 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2 with matric card). Ceilidh from a live band for an hour or so, then disco. 50p Tequila slammers until 12.30am.

I Frealtscene at Raffles. 10.30pm—3am. I Karaoke Kapers at Hollywood

Studios. 10pm—3am. £2 (£1 with ticket). I Paradise Loop at The 147 Club.

1 1pm—latc. £2 before 12.30. £2.50 after. I Savoy llpm—3am. £2. Over-25$ disco. I Stralhclyde University Union 9pm-2am. Free.


I Shall Moray House. 10pm—3am. £2.50. 3 May only. ‘Slcaze out in the smoke-hazed. hip-twitching motion of

bubbles to a platform-stacked sound

system delightfully spiralling as colour gels with the vibrant cool funkadelic groovy sounds making you hit the 705, letting you thrust in a wild, wild sense of one family under a groove‘. Yes, quite. Time to get funky? See News. I BoomTown Wilkie House. 10pm-3am. £3. From 26 April. DJ 5 Scott from Phase 1 and Gareth from Tribe Vibe play heavy tunes that‘s techno, hip hop and house to you and me. Also resurrecting the famous upstairs food bar— shake a leg, then stuff yourface. they suggest. What a good idea. I Glider 9c Victoria Street. 10pm—3am. £2.50. A Floral Riot reincarnation, which will undoubtedly prove just as worthy as its predecessor. With, for the first time, a playlist venturing cautiously towards dance territory. Well, Gary Clail and The Shamen, anyway. I The New Schmoo 10 May and fortnightly. Peter, Fred. Amanda and posse (too numerous to mention here, but you know who you are) fill their intimate venue with an upfront older crowd, and hard-edged contemporary dance sounds. Not such an instant fave as Saturday‘s Wildlife, but catching on. I Calton Studios (downstairs). 3 May only. A short show by Edinburgh‘s own Zulu Syndicate. TKO and Orange Grove. being televised for a future programme about the city's nightlife. Queue up now for your Warholian 15 mins of fame albeit only on BBC Scotland. See News. I Scream Calton Studios (upstairs). 11pm-4am. Taking over where Zcbedee left off, with laid-back spaced-out 60$ sounds. man. I Brain Club Calton Studios. 10 May only. London‘s finest return. with upfront dance cuts and a (TBC) performance by Italian disco diva Katherine E, whose storming track ‘I'm Alright‘ has been filling dancefloors across the country for the past few months. I Ravi The Mission. 10.30pm—3am. A second rock night for The Mish. I Marley's Reggae Klub Network 2. 10.30pm—4am. £2. A reggae night (surprise, surprise) still running after an incredible thirteen years, and just as popular as it ever was. If you‘ve never been. then you‘re missing out. Featuring an African Fashion Show on 10 May—see News. I Pure The Venue. 11pm—4am. Members and guests only. Continuing to go from strength to strength, with an amazing 2000 people now in possession of that little white membership card. Such is the demand, in fact, that you now have togo along for a couple of weeks to prove that you‘re a very, very nice person, before being allowed to join up. (Twothousand nice clubbers in Edinburgh? Quelle surprise). Being filmed for TV on 3 May- sce News. Also featuring a live set by Canadian ‘industrial noise terrorists‘ Frontline Assembly on 10 May, band on stage at around 11pm. See Rock listings. I Green Banana Club Potterrow. 9pm—2am. Students and guests only. Traditionally an ‘alternative‘ night, with