Ii I L

I Blue Oyster Club 10.30pm—4am.

I Chapllnsat Finsbury Park. llpm-4am. I See Fri for details. I I Red Hot Pepper Club 10pm—4am. £3 before 11.30pm/£4 after.

I Millies 10pm-6am. £2 before 2am:£3

fortnightly. Commercial electro, with a BIG PA and a sequencer, no less. [like the sound of this one. See News.

I Some The Venue. 9pm—3am. 7 May and

after‘ T I Asylum Calton Studios. 9pm—4am. l4

. "who": no“ mom 10pm—4am' £1 May only. Yet more techno. house and hip before 11pm/£2 after. ' hop.

Sundays IMilliesllpm—4am. £1.

I Boom Boom All-nighter Calton Studios. Wed n BSdayS

6pm—6am. 5 May. You know the score here. Techno, house and hip hop: plus a large line-up of promised acts Awesome 3. West Bam, Shades of Rhythm, C2C. and guest DJs. Impressive.

I Bliss Network 2. 10pm—3am. A worthwhile dance club.

I Satistaction Shady Lady‘s. 9pm-1am. £1.50. A golden oldies night, featuring60s and 705 sounds. Also a happy hour between 9.30pm and 10.30pm.

I Buster Browns 10.30pm—3am. £1.50 before 11.30pm/£3 after.

I lied Hot Pepper Club 10am-3am. £2. A karaoke night.

I Madisons 11pm—4am. A jointventure by Millies and the Laughing Duck. featuring the turntable talents ofluurrvely DJs Stuart and Bootsy.

I Networtt1 10pm-2am. £2. I The Amphitheatre 10pm-late. £3. I Blue Oyster Club 10.30pm—4am.


I Flow The Venue. 10.30pm-Zam. £2. 13 May and fortnightly. DJs Butch. Ben, Baz and guests spin Balearic bits ‘n‘ bobs, euro-house and upfront dance for the happy of hearing. See News.

I The Monday Club Madisons. 9.30pm—3am. Nu-beat, punk, goth and glam metal. Gosh.

I Millies 11pm—4am. £1.

Is there a Spirea X fan in the house? You

Dream team move from Network down town, for more indie bop.

I Rubble Shady Lady‘s. 11pm—3am. £2.50/£2. Classic rock and roll from three decades.

I Breathless Potterrow. 8pm-1am. Students 50p with matric card, guests £1.50.

I Yard The Mission. 11pm—3am.

I Rhythm Club The Amphitheatre.

I Millies llpm—4am. £1.


The only Scottish date by Canadas finest, involving a full two and a half hour live show with the bqu oftheir Beat Factory labelmates— Skad, Krush, LA Luv, Split Personality, Rupert Gale. Michie Mce. MC Rumble, and probably more.

I Ice 9c Victoria Street. 10.30pm—3am. £3/£2. The ever-popular Cooke twins move venue.

dub, classic soul, 70$ funk, house and rap.

I Chlorine Dream 9c Victoria Street. Hey!

should be ashamed. Seriously though. the

Electronic and Euro sounds. l‘m told, but as yet something of an unknown quantity.

9pm—3am. £3 non-members/£2 members.

I Chocolate City The Venue. 11pm—4am. 9 May and fortnightly. Rare groove, p-funk,

I Dream Warriors Calton Studios. 16 May.

Absolutely unmissable. See Rock listings.

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“The List 3— 16 May 1991

I Shag The Mission. 10.30pm-3am. £2. I Network 1 10pm—2am. £2.

I Blue Oyster Club. 10.30pm—4am.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 10pm—3am. £2. I Millies llpm—4am. £1.


lollowlng venues. which can be contacted for turttter details.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street, 221 3260.

I Bennet's 80—90 Glassford Street. 552 5761.

I Cleopatra’s. 508 Great Western Road, Kelvinbridge, 334 0560.

I Club Xchange 23 Royal Exchange Square, 204 4599.

I Cotton Club 5 Scott Street. 3320712.

I Follies 193 Pitt Street, 332 7322/7522. I Fury Murry’s 96 Maxwell Street. 221 651 l.

I The Cap 261 Hope Street.

I Glasgow College 70 Cowcaddens Road. 332 0681.

I Glasgow School 01 Art 167 Renfrew Street. 332 9797.

I Hollywood Studios 9 Brown Street. 248 6606.

I Joe Paparazzi 520 Sauchiehall Street. 331 21 l 1.

I Mardi tires 73 Dunlop Street. 2213623. I Mayfair 490 Sauchiehall Street, 332 3872.

I Nico’s 375 Sauchiehall Street.

I 147 Club Chea’pside Street (next tothe Daily Record building).

I The Onion Club 27 Ashley Street, off

LAMB PASANDA Tender pieces 01 lamb rnarinaled with spices cooked with cream and herbs A very mild dish BADAMI GOSHT Tender pieces 01 lamb cooked with garlic. yoghurt. cream and almonds to a medium llavour Mild MIRCH BHUNA A not and moist Classic curry with dragon chillies

PUNJABI MURGH MASALLA Chicken cubes with sweet peppers and spices. served in a special pot

Open noon-2.30pm and 5.30pm—midnlght

129a Rose Street Precinct, Edinburgh (opp Kenilworth Bar) Telephone: 031 226 2862J225 3649

Woodlands Road.

I Battles 15 Benaldcr Street, Partick Cross. 334 5321.

I Rooftops 92 Sauchiehall Street. 332 5883.

I Savoy Savoy Centre , Sauchiehall Street, 332 0751.

I Scalin151 West Regent Street. 331 1980. I The Shelter 7 Renfrew Court. 332 6231. I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Street, 2484600.

I Talk Of The Town 46 West George Street. 332 3000.

I Tln Pan Alley 39 Mitchell Street, 221 5275.

I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street, 204 1000. I Venue 474 Sauchiehall Street, 332 3872. I Vertigo Dunlop Street, 248 7810.


I The Amphitheatre 31 Lothian Road, 229 7670. I Blue Oyster Club 96a Rose Street Lane North, 226 6458.

I Buster Browns 25—27 Market Street, 226 4224.

I Calton Studios Calton Road, 556 7066. I Chambers Street Student Union Chambers Street, 667 101 1.

I 91: 9c Victoria Street, 225 2564.

I Flnsbury Pant 3—5 South St Andrew Street, 556 1020.

I Liberty’s Greenside Place, 557 3807.

I Madison's Greenside Place, 557 3807. I Mission Victoria Street, 225 3326.

I Millies Niddrie Street, 5566050.

I Moray House Student Union Holyrood Road. 556 8455.

I The Network West Tollcross, 228 3252. I Potterrow Student Union Bristo Square, 667 0214.

I Red Hot Pepper Club 3 Semple Street, Tollcross. 229 7733.

I Shady Lady’s Cowgate, 225 3326.

I Tevlot Row Student Union Bristo Square, 667 2091.

I The Venue Calton Road, 557 3073.

I Wilkie House Cowgate, 225 2079.

For all your LPs, CDs, tapes and concert tickets

91 South Bridge , Edinburgh. 031 226 7010