I Attractive, slim, lit and healthy guy (27), seeks dominant female, any age, to please as directed. Box No 146/23.

I Glasgow gay man (31 ) Natural, non-camp, professional. 5ft 10in. slim. interested in walking, cycling, theatre, films. computers. money, seeks man (23—35), non-smoker, Glasgow area, with similar or other interests. Photo and phone no. Box No 146/30.

I Glasgow gay male (25) seeks friendly, caring guy who‘s looking for friendship. romance. Interests include theatre. cinema. cosy nights in. Photo appreciated but not essential. Go on, let‘s meet up! ALA. Box No 146/33.

I Attractive Glasgow male (25) into Siouxsie, Damned. Clash. Pixies, Sisters, Docs and wearing black, seeks similar female to paint town red. llas car, will travel. I‘ll kill the dragon for you. Box No 146/34. I Honest, outgoing, musical non-smoking Glasgow guy. 33-year-old engineer.

good-looking and happy-ish but

with hungry heart for a female friend who likes listening. talking, eating, laughing and living. ALA. Box No 146/40. I Good-looking (genuinely) sincere, fun. professional. late 20$ gay male. seeks similar 25-plus male (preferably hirsute) to share travel, theatre. music, sports, interests. Non-scene, straight-acting. ALA/photo please. Box No 146/47. I Good-looking male (30) 5ft 10in, slim, athletic, good-natured. seeks female for nights out. Photo appreciated. Any nationality. Box No 147/1. I Bisexual female Do you exist? I hope so. Disenchanted Glasgow male (38) desperately seeks contact to explore the new, broaden life‘s horizon. form friendship. maybe more. Go on, please reply. Box No 147/2. I Bored? Me too! Tall. blond. straight-acting and looking, friendly, inexperienced. Glasgow male student (21) seeks similar non-smoker for friendship. Am into arts. sci-fi. films and food! Any offers? Please send mugshot! Box No 147/3. I Edinburgh bisexual male (37) quiet, gentle. humorous, good-looking. into books. theatre, cinema, music. talking. walking, restaurants and cuddles. Would like to widen his circle of friends. Box No 147/4. I Lively, humorous, unattached male (41) (with his own hair!) seeks sincere. attractive. intelligent lady (30—40) for cinema, theatre. music, eating. fun and whatever. Glasgow area. Photo and letter. please. ALA. Box No I47/5. I Female (27) original Cale ‘sensitive, kind‘, seeks Slowhand/Kershaw type for alternative gigs. subtitled films. Munros. Edinburgh newcomer. Letters with music tape (no photos) ensures same for compatibility studies. Box No 147/7.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of The List

and find out who!

I Edinburgh's only true red Scorpion female (23) seeking attractive male Scorpion counterpart for fun. passion. and a challenging dual. An artist with strong personality. intelligent, a bohemian through and through. Box No 147/8.

I Edinburgh female (30) attractive and intelligent. fun. mature, whilst young-at-heart looks. attitude. Attractive. intelligent. humorous. fun male sought to add sparkle to social life. Photo please. Box No 147/9.

I How do nice(ish) girls like me get to meet tall men (25—35) who are interested in more than beer and football? Hopefully by placing this ad! Write soon— photo appreciated. Box No 147/10.

I Interesting male (40) currently single. seeks like-minded female companion. Mayfest events, eg Mamet. Second City. various music. etc. Reply guaranteed. Box No 147’“.

I Homme (29) cherche femme (20-30). Loisirs: voyage. langues, cinema. sport et musique. Region: Glasgow. Repond en Francais. Box No 147/12.

I Attractive male young 34. professional, open-minded and solvent. seeks slim. attractive, easy-going female for passionate fling with no long-term commitment. Introduce yourself in absolute confidence. Box No 147/13.

LOOKING FOR A MATE. a job. somewhere to stay. an audience, a market place. a soap-box? Get in touch with thousands of people in Glasgow and Edinburgh by taking out a CLASSIFIED AD in The List.

I Easy-going Edinburgh guy (47) slim. smokeless. solvent. offers TLC to environment-friendly woman (30—45). seeking LTR. Interests: books. cycling. ceilidhs. gardening. music. travel. winemaking. walking. people and personal growth. Box N0147/14.

I Detached 1963 male des. res. Edinburgh, many attractive


features. good outlook with very open views. Good condition throughout. though the hearth needs some sensitive renovation. Property needs to be viewed to be fully appreciated. Prospective male buyers are asked to submit offers with recent photo: no closing date at present. First-time and foreign buyers also welcome. Box N0147/15. I Good-looking Glasgow male (25) seeks good-looking female (18+ ) for fun. frolics. wild - nights in and wild nights out. All letters answered. Box No 147’16. I Are you 25-30 gay. good-looking. friendly. sincere. intelligent. lots of interests. looking for friends. maybe Mr Right? So am 1! Glasgow area. Photo ensures reply. Box No 147.1’17. I Emotionally articulate man (308) Edinburgh. once distinguished and boyish appearance, now marred by beard. age. and hair loss. but fit. witty. truthful and no more than normally neurotic, seeks feminist ofchildbearing age. Box No 147/18. I Glasgow/Edinburgh l Ionest. good-natured. fit. literate gay man (28); professional. degree. interested in film. music. conversation. art. seeks reasonably similar (23 + ). Long. honest letter and photo will ensure response. Box No 147/19. I Unconventional, sensitive but stable man active mid-40s, in busy ‘green‘ profession. seeks caring. intelligent woman for friendship/relationship. Single parent fine. Interests: arts. travel. architecture. cycling. food. Edinburgh/Glasgow. Box No 14721). I Heroine wanted Single professional male. caring. intelligent. sincere. humorous. seeks leading lady to co-star in romantic thriller. Loves music. theatre. films. books. walking. Glasgow area. Photo appreciated. llappyending promised. Box No I47 '21. I Edinburgh gay guy seeks young (20s). sincere. honest friend. non-camp. straight-acting. for fun nights out. Non-scene. any interests. Photo willguarantee reply. Discretion assured. so please write. Box No 147/22.

I Fed up spending

days nights evenings alone? (ilasgow guy (31 ) seeks girl who thinks the Kama Sutra is obsolete? Let's indulge ourselves in a so) age of fun and discovery 3 Likes: music. pubs. cinema. day trips. bedtime stories. imaginative activities! lit)\ \0 I47 23.

I Mid-thirties male intelligent. not lonely. enjoys active life. but hasn't found right companion. seeks intelligent active female (ZS—40) for romance. fun and children. Photo please. Box No 1—17/24.

I Male (late 208) gay seeks male (20—25) for friendship and good fun. Enjoys travel. sports. music. cinema. Must be non-smoker and non-scene. Discretion assured. Photo and phone no. please. Box No 14705.

I Summerapproaches! Attractive Edinburgh male (30) seeks similar woman (ZS—34) for friendship. Evenings out at cinema. theatre. balmy summer walks. Days at Joppa beach! Photo helpful. Box No 147/26. I Attractive male (27) likes cinema. travel. photography. eating out. seeks warm. bright female with similar interests for evenings out. ALA. Box No 147127.

I Female student, Glasgow seeks.

male/female friends into having a damn good time. Must like wearing black. listening to alternative/indie music. going out. having a laugh. Write soon. Box No 147’28.

I Female, mid-203 (student) seeking to make new friendships. I'm outgoing, intelligent. chatty, humorous and enjoy pubs. clubs, gigs. theatre. eat‘ing(!!) train journeys. Share similar interests? Write soon. Glasgow area. Box No 147/29.

I Green-eyed Parisian (24) looks for coquine Glasgow girl. thinking Kama Surrais old-fashioned, and into movies. books and. above all. cuddles. Photo ensures reply with photo back. Box No 147.30.

I Glasgow doctor (30) male. friendly and presentable. recently returned to city, seeks intelligent girl (under 3()) for chat. outings. more ifit happens. Box No 147/31.

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TE


and we will forward iL


Then: Address your letter to The List Classified, Old Athenaeum Theatre

179 Buchanan Street Glasgow G1 2.12 Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the top left-hand corner.

Replies will be forwarded once a week.

If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box N 0. on each envelope.

The List will forward Box numbers up to six months after the ad has appeared.



SPECIAL OFFER John (37). Australian,

attractive. well-travelled. successful professional; houses

London/Sydney; interests. films. travelling. diving, beach. In Scotland often available but

hurry. Photo appreciated. Genuine. strictly limited offer.

Box Ho147/6.

I Mature? Responsible? Hope none ofthose! Irreverent. slightly mad male (23). seeks lady passionate about classical music and rock. Is there such a woman? Does she like pizza? Box No 147/32.

I Attractive male (30) interests include eating out, cinema, theatre, walks. seeks interesting, intelligent woman with a sense of humourfor friendship, nights out etc. Glasgow/Edinburgh. Photo appreciated. Box No 147/33. I Honest, musical, non-smoking outgoing, good-humoured, 33-year-old engineer. Good-looking and happy-ish, but with a hungry heart for a female friend who likes talking, listening, eating. laughing, living. ALA. Box No 147/34. I Slim, lively woman (25) warm and well-adjusted, likes Filmhouse, Botanics, galleries, travel, conversation and laughter. Happy, though agood man (22—32) would make all the difference. Photo appreciated. Box No 147/35.

I Edinburgh male (23) slim, good-looking. incurable romantic. non-smoker, likes restaurants, cinema. theatre. music, pubs, walking. seeks ‘identical‘ female (20—25) to share days out and nights in (or out). Photo appreciated. Box No 147/36.

I Woman, 30 going on 16 wants to meet amusing. interesting and sensible men for hours of tea-drinking. Munro-bagging and The Dashing White Sergeant in and around Glasgow. Box No 147/37.

I Edinburgh area professional male (33) quiet, considerate. Interests: eating out. wine. theatre. photography. conversation, history. Own flat/car. Seeks intelligent. sincere female for friendship. fun and possible relationship. Anyone interested? Box No 147/38.

I Male slave for hire Available . forgardening,housework. shopping,indeed anything.

Although mature, he is very fit. Will deliver for viewing. free trial. Advise address and time. Box No l47/39.

I Male (29) still a beer-drinking student at heart. seeks

non-smoking female equivalent forexploring pubs.cinema. music of Edinburgh. Sense of

humour and understandingof

Twin Peaks essential. Box No


I Ugly. boring bastard already 35 and only 5ft 9in. without Porsche or sense of humour. seeks attractive girl who likesa challenge. Chainsmoking hillwalkers. noehance! Photo and full c.v. appreciated! Box No 147/41.

The List 3— 16 May 199197